Juggalos playing with feces harassing the poor- poop dollar

theres tons of videos showing Juggalos playing with feces harassing the poor- poop dollar
wheres the loyalty or juggalo family ??? 2 non existant ideals for juggalos here wiping their asses on money and having other juggalos probably drugged out pick up the money then laugh at then.

One response to “Juggalos playing with feces harassing the poor- poop dollar

  1. I just want to say the whole drama between everybody is quite frankly childish. Juggalos may be classified as a gang and hipocrits but if you truly look into the situation wont JH be doing the same thing? On this website i found that Jh are “law abiding” citizens if that was the case why would you have a massive group of people starting drama with another large group of people who happen to be classified as a gang? Correct me if I am wrong but would that not be gang war? And you talk about hipocrisy. On top of the not all of them happen to look for family for assisstance, i happen to be a juggalo and in my high school we had a extremely large group of jh and i got my ass beat from them but i stood by myself and fought and never ran to my friends or family or the authorities to solve my problems for me i fought got my ass kicked sucked it up and continued with my life so honestly ladies and gentlemen you need look more in depth rather than jumping to the media for anwsers. Also on your behalf i agree with you juggalos are making themselves out to be complete dumbasses. So yes in a way i do agree with your beliefs and thank you for sharing them. Also remember Ill always love you.

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