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whoop whoop is so played out make new word up please

one of the tags on death of an indie label part 6 where esham destroys psychopathic records and insane clown posse was – whoop whoop is so played out make new word up please
do you agree??

Horndog Comix Isaac Baranoff Juggalo Troll claims he hates icp and uses them to get views


Isaac Baranoff juggalo troll hates icp

Horndog Comix Isaac Baranoff Juggalo Troll claims he hates icp and uses them to get views

Esham – Destroys Psychopathic Records death of an indie label part 6

Esham has destroyed psy , he talks about how they treated him badly after giving them so many priceless blessings and how icp denied him visits from his own brother and his band mates mastamind and tnt , he talks about how violent j got scared when esham drove up to him in a suv , how violent j got esham involved in a beef with eminem and talks about a 12 year old ….
the second part which talks about rapper lavel and how esham left the label for the last time will be discussed later this week…..

This is just a brief glimpse into the psychopathic records cult and one of many reasons we could never get along let me be clear for years I made more money over the years on my own without the fake support of the devil ( joe Bruce ) and he could never get along with god (Esham) it is a sad end to a chapter in my life that I am glad to see gone turn the page if you will I was only over there for 2 and a half years and they tried to destroy my character it’s so funny because when I got there they couldn’t wait to say yeah we do the wicket shit but all the love was fake in and attempt to gain further secret knowledge from my teachings….this is not all the story I just felt it was time for me to start healing myself so i’m letting the pain go…. this is all based on a true story…you never have to agree with me just understand that I always had they back even thou the ran out on me in the mist of the mental war that is this business…..Bill Yen

i’m not taking it back i’m saying how it all begun I verbally abuse Em… I admit but i just told you who made me do it the devil…… joe bruce
gothominc 2 hours ago

First of all these ain’t comments this is a true story you have to put it all together to even get the propanganda against me…. I’m not complaining but if I don’t tell you in my own words you might believe his-story and yeah there are doing something but have they gave something back……Bill Yen
gothominc 3 hours ago