Insane clown posses lyrics and juggalo logic him to go to jail for facebook threat

A threat in cyberspace is still a threat, Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office officials said, after they arrested a New Iberia man Wednesday for allegedly using his Facebook page to threaten to go on a killing spree.

Deputies arrested 26-year-old Del Richard on charges of “terrorizing.” He was booked into Iberia Parish Jail on $1 million bond.

Investigators received an anonymous tip alleging Richard had posted a Facebook message detailing Richard’s plans, Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal said.

Deputies said Richard’s Facebook post indicated his killing spree would be held throughout New Iberia. Deputies said he also threatened to kill any law-enforcement officers responding to the spree.

On Saturday, a 10:34 p.m. post on Richard’s Facebook page read, “im going on a killin spree.”

Other posts included:

» “im killing evry mc and end with me”

» “if i take a few down im a join with the clowns”

» “murder daily gettin paper spread around”

Another Facebook user responded to Richard’s posts by writing, “So you planning on going down in a blazing glory?”

Richard simply responded, “yes].”

Richard and the user then proceed to have Facebook conversation, over a 29-minute period, with Richard being asked why he wanted to commit mass murder.

“What im destyin to do,” Richard said.

Richard, who is white, goes on to say his goal is to kill people he feels are beneath him, including drug addicts and people of other races. He also said he wanted to kill a few innocent bystanders and police officers, as well.

At the beginning of the posts, Richard said his first statement is quoting lyrics from Insane Clown Posse, but, as the conversation continues, he reveals he not only wants to kill bystanders but also that he wants to be killed by police officers after the spree. He told the user he would wear body armor to prevent himself from being killed right away.


“Yea im to (expletive) to pull it off but wouldnt it be sweet,” Richard wrote.

Even though it was not mentioned in the sheriff’s office release, Richard’s mental state also came into question throughout the conversation.

The user asked Richard if he was taking any antipsychotics or antidepressants, and Richard said he was taking a drug called “kylonpins.” The user responds by listing the possible side effects of the medication.

“Confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior; unusual risk-taking behavior, no fear of danger,” the user writes.

According to, Klonopin affects chemicals in the brain that become unbalanced and cause anxiety. The website said the drug is used to treat seizure disorders or panic disorder.

The user asked Richard if his condition and the side effects of his alleged drug use could be causing him to have suicidal thoughts, and, again, Richard said he did not want to kill himself but would rather die at the hands of the police.

“Nah the cops are gunna have to take me out i aint killin my self,” Richard wrote.

The user finally asked where Richard was planning to commit the assault, Richard lists what appeared to be roads and locations in New Iberia.

“i wanna wride a 10speed down hopkins with the AR staped to my back,” Richard wrote, “hit and intersection unload 1/2 a clip there peadle my (expletive) off till i see a big crowd and unload peddle flip the clip and fire 30 while im riding to pennywize on hopkin by then the cops show up as long as i can take out at t least 3 ill die a happyman the accomlised summin.”

According to deputies, Richard was questioned about his Facebook posts and arrested shortly thereafter.

Throughout the conversation, the user repeatedly asks Richard if he was serious about his plans. Richard tells the user he has made plans, including escape routes, but Richard said he probably would not go through with his plans because he did not have the courage.

2 responses to “Insane clown posses lyrics and juggalo logic him to go to jail for facebook threat

  1. Dude, the killin spree shit is Esham lyrics. How the fuck do you nutt hugers not know that?

  2. Link is dead, the article is no longer then, and the article does not really suggest the kid was even going the threats based on ICP, he just happened to have posted ICP lyrics, and way more then likely saying this to save his own tail.

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