Police Reports in Twiztid and Blaze Drug Bust Prove rapper J-10 Not a Snitch

for all the evidence needed .
Icp and twiztid are having a field day today attacking rapper J-10 as the alleged snitch in the twiztid and blaze drug bust.
They have said about 20 tweets between them all alluding to and attacking J-10 saying stuff about a bad rapper etc. The Truth is out there with the police reports , note to all artists working with psy or dreaming about opening for them … this is how they treat you twiztid drug bust
twiztid dope bust
twiztid drug bust
blaze drug
drug bust insane clown posse

Come on icp and twiztid why not just appologize for trying to hurt J-10s Career with your lies and bullshit .

3 responses to “Police Reports in Twiztid and Blaze Drug Bust Prove rapper J-10 Not a Snitch

  1. Fuck the Juggalo Holocaust. J-10 is a punk ass snitch. He set fam up and of course the police report isn’t gonna tell everybody that J-10 was piggin for the PD. Witness Protection! But like my dead homie Blaze said, “There will never be a witness so they’ll never have a case.” So believe J-10 is gonna meet Karma. Whoop whoop Juggalos!!!


  2. Cassandra Ann Luv

    Quit hating on them…Paul, Jamie, and Chris are not bad guys just because of a marijuana charge. You say the term “Druggalo”, but they were caught for Marijuana…it is not like it’s heroin, which they were not caught with. I can personally vouch for the guys, as I know for a fact they do nothing of the sort. Marijuana is on its way to being legalized, and is legal in select states with a liscense…I cannot say anything on the J 10 issue, however, I can tell you that the guys are not bad people. Take this for what you will, it is of no matter to me, I simply wanted to let you know a different standpoint on the issue. Thanks for your time. -…

  3. k so jaden dident snitch soo fucking what. you really have nothing better to do with your lives then hate on us for likeing a certin style of music. get a life, get outta your moms basement and go outside. better yet go kill your self why I fuck your mom…fuckers.

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