J-10 – The Reason – ICP Diss and Juggalo Death Threats

Here is j-10s response to icp and twiztid after the lies and false allegations of snitching , hilarious how the brain dead juggalo army is still making death threats to this guy after it the police report been proved icp and twiztid are liars.

“the juggalos arent gunna take too kindly to your snitchin”

“when we find you look out cuz the hatchet is going to split those snitchin ass lips”


4 responses to “J-10 – The Reason – ICP Diss and Juggalo Death Threats

  1. OK I’ve been following this. I’m not taking sides. I wasn’t there so I don’t know. I don’t care what the police reports say. What I have a problem with is the shit talkin on juggalos. Not all lo’s and lette’s are stupid and or crazy…there are some that give us a bad name. Everyone I know, my husband myself and our best friend included, are the most down to earth, intelligent and loving parents you could meet. We don’t bother anyone, so why bother us? I mean, the crazies need to be weeded out, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And don’t just read the first chapter, cause sometimes, that’s the worst part.

  2. Its actually not a diss song of ICP or of the situation. It was his song he wrote back in April about getting fired and is basically only about Violent J.

  3. Yeah I dont like when people use tracks out of context. Such as Esham n Lavels The New Dude of the podcast of unreleased soopa villains against Tyler the creator. But all in all police reports say it all ive found my snitch many times by checking official reports an in their case there was none. J-10 is fresh he aint no snitch

  4. I still love psychopathic, but, i do believe what J-10 is saying.

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