Dayton Family Off Hatchet House ???? Hatchet House Disbanded???

If Rumors are true dayton family and hatchet house have been disbanded from psychopathic records.

Looks like the juggalo family dont give a damn about you if your not icp or twiztid.

How many artists have been screwed by psycopathics bad business , including J-10 this past month ???

4 responses to “Dayton Family Off Hatchet House ???? Hatchet House Disbanded???

  1. fuk u dumb ass dont even know wat bein a juggalos about it aint hippy shit and it aint dumb ass emo shit its family how the hell r u gonna judge somethin you know nothin about and i know about 500 juggalos that went out last night and had a fukin blast and i know even more that dont give a fuk wat chu got to say about em Fuk A Hater!!!!!

  2. lol its funny that you actually take time out of your day to talk shit on juggalos! LMAO you’re like the Uber hater! Wanna know where I live?

  3. yeah not true, ICP announced a New year’s show with Dayton Family

  4. fuckin dumb ass juggalo holocaust. you’re spendin all this time to
    make websites and videos to hate on juggalos? the most hated group of real people in the world? well you obviously have no life. common, we’re juggalos
    and we’re supposed to
    be all lazy and shit according to you bitches. but most of my juggalo fam all works and have their own homes and kids. obviously the juggalo holocaust is jealous of juggalos, juggalettes, and psychopathic records, cause i dont see any other reason why they would spend all their time sitting in front of a computer screen most of their lives, making websites and videos talking shit on us. well you fuckin juggalo holocaust mother fuckers, a few of your kind jumped my homie, and you shoulda been and should be careful cause we aint afraid of nothin. my homie shanked one of those juggalo holocaust fools and we’re gonna be shankin a lot

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