Violent J and 12 Year old Girls on his lap ????? WTF

Addres the issues violent j

9 responses to “Violent J and 12 Year old Girls on his lap ????? WTF

  1. Your Journalism is horrid dude, you take everything the #fam does out of context! Your just pissed off Esham and his idioits left Psychopathic and are playing a game of follow the retard! have a HALLOWICKED DAY! FTW VMFWPSKCL

  2. Oh yeah, and like I said, you guys just follow the cocksuckers that dropped Psychopathic even though it was psychopathic that made them famous. Esham was a fucking dick nugget until violent J and shaggy fucking helped him out by giving him recognition on psychopathic, and they did that cause he was one of their influences, one of there heros, one of their homies, and he fucking left like a little back biting pussy, because he could not handle playing second fiddle to ICP. FUCK ESHAM AND THE PUSSIES WHO FOLLOWED HIM! THE CARNIVAL IS GOD, WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN BEHIND HIM, THE CARNIVAL IS GOD AND MAY ALL JUGGALOS FIND HIM!

  3. Well I will not go off like the other two, i just want to know if there is solid proof of this. Anyone from within the once “inner circle” can say something happened and alot of people will assume it is true. Now I have no way of proving or dis-proving this claim. I will say that the claims are coming from someone who had a bad falling out with Psyco-Records.

  4. icp is the shittiest fucking group of all time

  5. just cuz you let a 12 year old sit on your lap doesnt make you a pedo, its when you flirt and fuck them. did he do that? no, hes against that shit, just listen to the song “To Catch A Predator” on The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, then youll understand

  6. Youkno watits not us thats the problm its all u fuckin people who think were nothing but gang members..yea were gang member cause of the music we listen to… thats so fuckin close minded nd hurtful.. so i guess every one who listens to lil wayne is a blood right there r a select few of juggaos who give us a bad name by being in a gang nd doing stupid shit but all a juggalo is is family … u guys kno nothing about us… learn before u judge … its people like u guys y theres no unity on thos world cause u cast us out hefore u even give us a try… god u guys r fuvkin retarded

  7. i cant read this and not correct you. i couldnt help but to notice that you think to catch a predator is on the amazin jek bros its not.. its on bang pow boom. much fam love mutha facka

  8. i don’t believe violent j would do a 12 year old. besides that he is so famous he could have pretty much any hott juggalette he wants. seriously wtf?

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