Happy “Punch a Juggalo Day”

Happy “Punch a Juggalo Day”!

I’m up to 3 and 1 ‘Lette.

Got a trick or treater about an hour ago painted as a Juggalo. Looked for the parent who defiled their child like that, but probably let the little guy out by himself so they can tweek out at home.

just 2 los this year

i scared one family of jugglos away they had a little baby lo but i hit the parents

Just one old stoner hippie juggalo. Saw him smoking marijuana on his balcony, run up his stairs, punched him in the face and then kicked a hole through his fly screen door, just so that insects would get into his place later. I’m thinking long term problems for this faggot.

Happy “Punch a Juggalo Day”!

13 responses to “Happy “Punch a Juggalo Day”

  1. so your admiting you did crime on the web. wich you probley didint do none of it that is smart of you

  2. Pics or it didn’t happen

  3. Ok……supposedly Juggalos are the bad guys, right? So how is it productive to Fucking punch one? “Oh yeah, juggalos are such scumbags so i’m going to go out and be a hero to the people and punch one”. To all those that think that juggalos are bad due to themselves, your an idiot. Its stupid ass shit like this that gets our blood boiling. This is what makes us want to cause destruction. This is what makes us hate everyone. This is what MADE US! SO GO AHEAD AND KEEP DOING IT! IT WOULD BE ONLY A MATTER OF TIME TILL YOU GET YOUR ASS BEAT AND THEN THIS SHITTY WEBSITE CAN HEAR ALL ABOUT YOU DONT KNOW WHY YOU GOT FUCKED UP FROM SOME JUGGALO. SO YEAH! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, I’M SURE THE JUGGALO COMMUNITY WILL LOVE THIS. EAT A BOWL OF POOP YOU TOUCH HOLES!

  4. Easy to spew a bunch of lies and nonsense over the net, right? Oh, man… I’d love to run into one of you guys, even though you really NEVER say shit or do anything so the fact that you would state you’ve “punched’ 3 “lettes” is just retarded and not feasible. FYI just because “50,000” people bought bang pow boom doesn’t mean that theres only 50k of us lmao I’m not ashamed to admit that their new stuff including that is garbage but I’ll always be a juggalo. So, you know… hide behind your computer screen cause like I said I’ve NEVER had ANYONE run their mouth to me and I rep my shit everyday all day… talk is cheap and people are fucking stupid so don’t worry you will still have motherfuckers reading and believing your shit even though ya’ll are the biggest misinformed pussies… thanks for your time, bitch. Oh and BTW I live in Anaheim, Ca off Harbor and Ball rd (right by disneyland) want some more info?

  5. will one of you that run this site fight me? I’ll meet up with you and everything, it will be so much fun!

  6. haha are you serious? the last one expecially, so you really ran up stairs, in a complex you didnt know, and magically appeared on his balcony? thats a false statement sir douchbag. you would have to break into his apartment, getting his attention, then fight him to get a punch in. or did you forget all that? and kicked in his screen door to let the bugs in? LOL pathetic.

  7. where you from? come and punch me! punk ass bitch

  8. I wish you faggoty cowards would wear this shit on your sleeves so we could identify and discipline you, but all you do is post anonymously to these stupid forums like scared bitches. We aint hiding, but you all certainly are. How come you never protest shows or mini-gatherings? Why don’t you wear juggalo holocaust tshirts? Fuckin punks, Im a juggalo AND MY GRANDFATHER SURVIVED THE REAL HOLOCAUST, YOU’RE ALL BITCHES AND I WISH YOU WOULD SHOW UP. MASSACHUSETTS REPRESENT BITCH, MADD MAXXX SAID IT, IM EASY TO FIND, JUST HIT WORCESTER AND ASK ABOUT HYTOWN. PUNK BITCHES, I WISH YOU WOULD.

  9. You’re a bitch, homie… Everytime I leave a comment, you delete that shit… is it because I called your bitch ass out? Faggot

  10. Your ridiculous!

    Wow.. sound’s like you’re the real idiot!

  11. FUCK all yall fucking natzi jugglos OH YALL HYPE oh yea JH all day fuck outta heree pussys I aint afraid of your nut asses you say you dont like us because we do illegal shit but im pretty sure dumb asses that killing is illegal so FUCK YOU I AINT AFRAID OF YOU COME ON SHOOT ME IN THE EYE DI IT I AINT AFRAID TO DIE BITCHES WHOOP WHOOP JUGGLO ALL FUCKIN DAY!!!! JUGGLO PRIDE!!!!!!!



  13. you all are some fake-ass fuckers. you really expect me to believe that you pussies actually did that shit? BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!!!!! so, he was just sitting on his PUBLIC balcony smoking marijuana? how would you know it was that from a distance dipshit? or are you some fucking psychic? and if you punched one of us, just once, we’d fight back, unlike you pussy-ass jh fakes

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