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Chupacabra – Addict – Juggalo Album of the Year – Bringing the Juggalo Family Back Together

Since so many people want to hear the Chupacabra here is another track off the highly juggalo’d out album Addict yall should have her at the next gathering ripping shit up you know I really thought Chupacabra would bring the family back together but now I see some of you just have hate in your hearts and souls and to be completely honest family will do you the worst because they are the ones who know you I am ashamed of you discriminating against one of your own this only proves a point far beyond this music my favorite song by ICP is FUCK YOUR REBEL FLAG!!! that’s when being a juggalo meant something now it’s just an excuse to be rascist …… Bill Yen

Chupacabra – The Juggalo Rapper – Nicer Flows then Icp

thought this one was pretty sweet I like the psych out flow and what is really funny is she serious as hell…LMFAO!! hey juggalos Chupacabras’ flow is nicer than ICP’s for some juggalo rap she is Sweet but I know she would destroy Kreayshawn White Girl mob in a rap battle and she would give Nikki Manaj a run for her money to be a female MC …….Bill Yen

Esham Disses Abk – Fabricated Like His Lisp

@blaz4me619 How do you know she is a Druggie because her juggalo ties or what?? that could be totally fabricated like abk and his lisp….
gothominc 4 hours ago