Nazi Juggalos – Confirmed Gang by the FBI

Are you saying juggalos are not racist ???

Well the nazi juggalo gang exists and is on the fbi list of known gangs.
I think its time to throw the false calims that juggalos are not racist out the window.
nazi juggalo gang

if pic is blurry you may need to sign up here to see it,1218.15.html

MMFWCL to the nazi juggalo gang brothers in the so called non racist juggalo family


10 responses to “Nazi Juggalos – Confirmed Gang by the FBI

  1. bitch fuck you and you dum ass bitch ass lil boys i hte bitches want to hate on something they ant i hear by declear war on the juggalo holo caust the irish lords vs juggalo holocaust. you got a problem with it then suck it up bitch cuz i ant going no where

  2. So the fbi calling juggalos a gang makes them racist?nothing in that report sounds anything like that.


  3. wow wow wow back up im white and my older brother is black and im jewish and your calling me a nazi fuck you man caome to my house and say it to my face and watch what happens you think your safe behind that little glass screen well here i live in pittsfield mass 01201 bring ur little shit talking mouth here so i can bust it up fuck u you hitler wanna be mother fucker

  4. If we the Juggalos are racists then why is it that I a Native American (Cherokee) Latino (Portuguese, Spanish, Puerto Rican, and Mexican) ,Jewish, and German mixed breed have never once been treated or referred to in any fashion that might even be considered as remotely racist or prejudiced in any way??? The nazi idea was that of a blonde haired blue eyed white person as the perfect and only pure race of human beings. I am a dark haired blue eyed olive skinned man who, by the way, has maintained my 4.0 gpa in college with perfect attendance and no criminal record. So if we the Juggalo family are in fact nazis then I should in fact have been either beaten or killed long ago by the family. So I see a flaw here in your theory. I will also take this chance to point you in the direction of ABK (Native American and White), Shaggy 2 Dope (Native American and White, and Tech N9ne (African American)… Just a few examples of the Juggalos who are minorities. You should also note that Coolio, who is not a member of the Psychopathic Records Label, is a famous African American Rapper from the 1990’s mostly who has his Hatchet Man tattoo which I believe is on his left arm, I may be mistaken about the location of the piece but it is there and you can find the photographic evidence with a simple Google search for “Coolio Juggalo Tattoo”… So that being said I leave you now not with the same ignorant animosity that you have presented to myself and my entire family but instead with a simple good evening and have good day, God bless you and may he forgive you for preaching hate and violence.

    P.S. Also let me just take the time to point out that you throw the tag of racist awfully fast for a group of people who have adopted, as a part of your own name, a word synonymous with Adolf Hitler and his persecution of the Jewish people, my people… Hypocritical??? I think so…

  5. Seems Juggalos are far too butthurt to properly understand what’s being stated here.

  6. so why did you edit what i typed then? if your going to use my posts have the balls to make your statments your own and dont pretend i typed it.

  7. Butt hurt?for somone who makes fun of people’s grammer you resort to childish games and no facts or debate points to back up claims.

  8. this is stupid man juggalos come in all shapes and sizes and races its not even worth gettin mad about people are always lookin for someone or something to b mad about thats kinda what were supposed to stand for im proud for you to hate me because thats all they are is haters

  9. i find this very offensive…i am not racist..i dislike ignorant ppl. educate yourselves and u will find that the majority of us r not in anyway racist ora gang…racism goes against EVERYTHING being a juggalo stands for..the lyrics of our music dictates talks of ridding humanity of such nonsense..i accept matter color ofskin,religious/spiritual beliefs,sex, or sexual orientation! nazi r parasites to humanity! i am full blooded Celtic and proud but HATE is stupid. Eliminate the Hate

  10. I am a member of IJN. I hate all racist faggots. My homie who is black is in the hospital right now because those faggot juggalo nazis picked him up off the street. FUCK JH AND THE JUGGALO NATZIS. I have openly declared war on both. Ur time is almost up bitches.

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