Juggalos – Brainwashing the Youth

Remember when people used to ask you what you wanted to be when you grow up, well about a week ago I asked my 10 year old niece what she wanted to be. Her response was a Juggalette. I asked her why and she said the only time she feels complete is when shes got her face all painted up hangin out with auntie lette and uncle lo and all our friends. This is where i corrected her we aren’t friends we’re family.


2 responses to “Juggalos – Brainwashing the Youth

  1. Actually your saying she wants to be a bum being a juggalette doesnt mean you fuck for money or just bum off people it means your little girl might have dreams that are i dont know real? Oh and instead your just gonna tell your child she can be anything when she can’t, parents like you are assholes and make the kids we have today end up like little prick assholes like you good job on the site by the way taking your time to come up with bullshit facts. And im happy to be called a JUGGALO because I am hey i even have a job not dealing drugs either can this be a miracle? Or are you just blind to the world around you? I think both.

  2. Concerned Juggalo

    okay listen up as a juggalo i can honestly say that this juggalo holocaust is not only an insult to juggalos but to the jewish community do you wish mass genocide upon people who were pushed around in life finally reaching a connection with eachother look beyond the music hang out with even me for a while we get treated as the hippies did as the retro punks did and as (apparently) the jewish people how far will you let this awkward source of hatred for those below the standard I bet that in every group you find there will be low characters but with juggalos we have found redemption amongst people who understand us don’t hate us when you don’t know us and btw the daughter tht wntd to be a juggalette should not be stifled because she found her own creativity do you hate salvador dahli for being odd do you want to judge me for the outside when you have yet to even acknowledge the man i am inside if you have these solid beliefs in god ala buddha ganesh whoever does your faith put you above me? no it all reminds you to love one another because one dumbass juggalo kills a bunch of people because he heard twiztid or icp does not lead all of us into a condemning if a metal head kills somebody do you hate them all because those nerds at coumbine killed does that leave all of the losers without redemption i am not the smartest man i know but if you listen to walk into thy light by icp these are the EXACT lyrics “with tilt-a-whirls and marigolds and carnivals and faygo we’re just trying to tell you all about the light right now all the joker cards have fallen with spectacular array so when the wraith(death) is calling walk into the light right?” it basically means that beyond the exterior of the music they wanted people to realize that there can be love amongst thos who have been hated all their lives does that sound all bad tell me text me if you want 4795221514 if you want to explain your side i do not get calling and threats will not be tolerated also texting will be as far as it goes for my safety of course but i will explain to you the customs if you may of being a juggalo we’re not bad people we caught a bad rap

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