Cold 187 – The Psychopathic Assassin

Violent music video which has got juggalos upset that a black man is killing white people – the majority of icps fans are white and this is leading to racist comments on youtube ?? where are the comments against murder ??,1714.0.html

2 responses to “Cold 187 – The Psychopathic Assassin

  1. Signal aka J-Hem

    Now if this Cold 187 is stating that he only kills white people I can see where people might get upset, but if he just so happend to have only white people in his video and are killed, well i don’t see a problem. Now if people are just getting pissy cuz some black dude kills white people? They can fucking get over it. Oooo, white people are dying! Oh no, why hast thou forsaken the white peoples! What the fuck ever! As a white person i can gladly say…..Who fucking cares!? Really? Murder is murder. You stupid asses. Also a a juggalo…..shut the fuck up you fucking pussies! God! Seriously? This is what we have come to? Still bitching about the whole race thing? You nutbags need to get over yourselves. Idiots. Peace out suckahs, I hope you burn in hell when 2012 kills us all. At least I’m heading to Shangri-La! Bitches!

  2. Signal aka J-Hem

    An after thought…………Eat a bowl of poop!

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