First Juggalo Comments of 2012


ima sexy lette and fam is fuckin al i got kiss my ass haters we are awsome and im going to juggalo isand hehe peace out mmfwcl if u dont know what this means ur not a juggalo so fuc off mcl

Alex Knight

Suck my motha fuckin dick I am a proud Juggalo
Im not a gang member so you can fuck the fuck off bitches and yall aint fixin to do shit about it so shut the hell up about ending juggalos cause you never fuckin will. WHOOP WHOOP MMWKCL

2012 is going to be one hell of a year

12 responses to “First Juggalo Comments of 2012

  1. Signal aka J-Hem

    Welcome to the begining of the end. The coming of the Nine will mark the end. Lo and behold, none of this matters. So good luck and god speed, I’m waiting for the wagons to come and take me to Shangri-La. Whether or not anyone really believes it, is trivial. I believe. So while ya’ll are still bitching about the stupid shit, I will be ready. For my death and the death of all. I feel the light upon me, I can only hope that others see the light and accept it to fill them with warmth to take them from the cold embrace of nothingness. Look upon me for I have no doubt in my heart, your hate cannot touch me, your pain saddens me, your sadness I can feel, your heart I wish to hold to warm with my love I have for all and you still hate me. I may be a juggalo, I may want the world to burn, but I love all people. There is just alot that people do that disapoint me, my heart aches with the knowledge that they know no better, but ignorance will only go so far. When you look the end in the eye you must ask yourself one of two things; What is waiting for me? or Is this it? Mine will always be the latter, I have no fear. Can anyone else say the same? I doubt it. I stand for I fall for nothing, I am light, fear for me is nothing more than my heart fluttering. If the world lasts another 10,000 years after this, I will be forever grateful. Thank you all and may light shine on your soul to take away the darkness. MCL.

  2. People can say whatever they want. I’ve been a juggalette for a lonq time now, and i”ve NEVER seen any of the lo’s and lette’s i qrew up with act in a violent manor. Or say they were part of a so called “qanq”. What people really dont kno is when juggalos were annonced at the 1995 concert by violent j, it was ment to be a way to put a name on a family. A qroup of people who understand each other, and kno how to keep it real. Ment to be a family of misfit people, there was no intention of a qanq. And fuck all the people out there who put a bad lable on the fam. MMFWCL! Whoop Whoop.

  3. whom ever made this site is so stupid and envy every single Juggalo in the world…….why dont you dumbass low lifes move out of your mom’s basement and get a job or something?

  4. Signal aka J-Hem

    From the mouths of Lo’s and Lette’s. Bring it on!

    • Signal aka J-Hem

      Whatever ya’ll hatin’. I have a career, I’m a juggalo, I’m married, I have a degree and i havent lived with my parents in 12 years after I watched my mother pass away from lung cancer. The crazy part is that the “gang” portion to the juggalo family is prolly only 35%. So suck my nuts!

  5. Stinky (Juggalo Hater for Life)

    Ha! I am not jealous of any juggalo, I have an amazing job, and move out and get a good job is how we feel about juggalo’s… You are a gang, it’s been officially declared by the FBI, and you are lowlife scum that aren’t worth a shit in the world… Oh, and juggalette’s are ugly, disease ridden sluts…

  6. HAHA I wish people would shut the fuck up about the end of the world its not going to happen we don’t know what the future holds and we never will just keep your goals in mind and stop waiting for the end of time to happen!


  8. uhmm, i hate the juggalo community strongly due to the fact that all juggalos in highschool are failing dumbasses who get the ugliest girls ever. i’m not saying all juggalo’s are like that some of them had the common sense to drop out and leave. i advise any juggalos on this site to do the same.

    • Signal aka J-Hem

      Ok so since I graduated from High School, College, have a career and have been a Juggalo for 14 years now, makes me what?

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