Crazy Juggalo Cult Comment

WOW 9th jokers card album has more meaning to some people then others……

Welcome to the begining of the end. The coming of the Nine will mark the end. Lo and behold, none of this matters. So good luck and god speed, I’m waiting for the wagons to come and take me to Shangri-La. Whether or not anyone really believes it, is trivial. I believe. So while ya’ll are still bitching about the stupid shit, I will be ready. For my death and the death of all. I feel the light upon me, I can only hope that others see the light and accept it to fill them with warmth to take them from the cold embrace of nothingness. Look upon me for I have no doubt in my heart, your hate cannot touch me, your pain saddens me, your sadness I can feel, your heart I wish to hold to warm with my love I have for all and you still hate me. I may be a juggalo, I may want the world to burn, but I love all people. There is just alot that people do that disapoint me, my heart aches with the knowledge that they know no better, but ignorance will only go so far. When you look the end in the eye you must ask yourself one of two things; What is waiting for me? or Is this it? Mine will always be the latter, I have no fear. Can anyone else say the same? I doubt it. I stand for I fall for nothing, I am light, fear for me is nothing more than my heart fluttering. If the world lasts another 10,000 years after this, I will be forever grateful. Thank you all and may light shine on your soul to take away the darkness. MCL.

13 responses to “Crazy Juggalo Cult Comment

  1. Signal aka J-Hem

    thank you for quoting me, that was very thoughtful. 😉

  2. Signal aka J-Hem

    I ment every word….except about 10%, that was just jargon to make me sound cool, lol :p

  3. Signal aka J-Hem

    Wait… this an European Site? 8 pm? Most def not!

  4. Stinky (Juggalo Hater for Life)

    Being a fagullo means you are both in a gang and a cult. The government has declared it, so stop arguing it. You have every characteristic of both (including calling it a “family,” not a gang. All gangs say this). So just shut the fuck up and quit being whiny little pieces of shit. Nobody but your other gang members likes you or gives a fuck about you. In fact, lots of other people hate you. So please do everyone a favor juggalo’s: Go die

  5. Dayy Kickjazz[=

    Ok,, so I found this page cause I was bored and lookin’ up other lo/lettes. Yeah, I’m a down-ass juggalette an all the people on this page hatin’ on ICP don’t know nothin bout them or their background, I’ve read most of the random posts and whoever started the NDN shit. Fuck off mother fukas. I’ma native american and proud you stoopid racist dumb fucks. I’m just dissapointed that some you bigots havta hate and judge me an my fam. You can believe or not, but I kno I’m going to Shangri-la.

    For starting this whole “Juggalo Holocaust” shit. FUCK OFF!!!!!. or ima fuckin slaughter ya beetches. :/

  6. Looks like grammatical consistency is not a plus in the Juggalo world.

  7. Stinky (Juggalo Hater for Life)

    Oh my… The fact that you said you know you’re going to Shangri-La makes you prove our point! You are a cult!

  8. Hey stinky heres a useful peace of information to yuu, juagglos never die (=

  9. Stinky (Juggalo Hater for Life)

    Go ahead and tell me that when you or your buddies OD, get shot, or just happen to die. Then ask me who’s laughing. Cuz I’ll be happy as fuck that another one is gone

  10. Hey fuck all u bitch azz juggalhoes motha fuckas im straight CRIP nigga come to my motha fukin hood and rep yo shit nigga u gonna get fuckin killed nigga get the fuck on CRIP,,BLOOD,,BIKERS,,MEXICAN MAFIA,,MOBBSTERS WE DA REALL MOTHA FUCKAS SO GET UR CULT SHIT ON AND FUCK YO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Man, this shit need to stop. You are really gonna try and correct someones grammar and spelling, 1petty as shit 2 it shortens shit 3 ppl get to agrivated n type fast cuz they are pissed as shit.
    This whole juggalo hate thing needs to fucking stop. Just the other night my girl got beat down and shes having a baby soon, if i were their i would have slit a bitches throat. Her baby coulda been dead, she went to the docter to get it checked out now her baby might have a chance of having a dissorder. Think about it this way, Whos more pathectic, a group called family made of ppl who get eachother and stand up for one another or a group who gets girls hurt, gunning ppl down, and hating becouse of how someone wants to express themselves, i bet your all a bunch of preppy bitches. Not every Juggalo is bad, hell some might be, and so are some of you guys against the juggalo’s. Hell couse of you bitches my baby girls child is at risk now, And if anyone touches any more of my pplz lets just say they wont be breathing anymore. P.S. wanna come see me face to face? ill tear your ass up! ive thrown 3 men in shock trauma already ill do it again!

  12. Wow this has been going on for a year that’s sad what ever look shangra la was around be4 icp….u know what nvr mind u guys just are not worth the time

  13. Grow up. Stop putting juggalos down for their beliefs. We are a family…. Not a gang like the hells angels who are also a family n not a gang. We might be gang related but to call juggalos a gang is incorect. Your just jelous of us n have nothing better to do than rag on us cuz your arogant little unintelligent moronic butthurt fucktards. Suck my dick and die. Icp sold 1.5 million completely underground on one cd so shut the fuck up cunt and go back to school to further your education because Ihave more inteligence in one ass hair than u have in your whole butthurt body. Dumb fuck. Straight from canada u stupid american cunt.

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