Insane Clown Posses – Mighty Death Pop – The Least Anticipated Album of 2012,1937.msg22583

“Record Label: One with particularly low standards. They probably own it. If not, I have no explanation for how this keeps happening.

The Sad Details: Are you an overweight 14-year-old who feels like your parents don’t understand you? If so, this is probably the album for you. Also, shut the hell up. It’s not that your parents don’t understand you, it’s just that raising a child who wears clown makeup without being paid for it means they rightfully view you as a massive disappointment.

As for the rest of you, I doubt you need me to tell you all the myriad reasons why a new ICP album is not an event that should be greeted with fanfare and adulation. But I’m going to anyway, because there is literally nothing on this earth more enjoyable than angering Juggalos.

For one thing, a new ICP album means that, no matter how hard we’ve prayed for it, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope or whatever they’re calling themselves these days have not perished in a fiery plane crash. Which, when you really think about it, makes perfect sense. Death by plane crash is a fate mostly reserved for legends. These two have no right being in that club, even if it would make the world a much better place. That doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about it, though. In fact, let’s all pause to do just that right now.

I get on cracked this morning and the first thing I saw was these two blithering idiots. Whole article is pretty funny, but the very first one is Mighty Death Pop.



One response to “Insane Clown Posses – Mighty Death Pop – The Least Anticipated Album of 2012

  1. so if all jugglos are gang memebers then y dont all jugglos/juggolettes cauze crimes but the jugglo holocaust memebers rape,kill,and distroy so many inocent lives and u say we true jugglos are the ones who wrong.
    any true jugglo belives and fights for what is right if u use the term whoop whoop after comiitting a crime u r a fake ass poser and need to get a realitty check and learn about the holocaust and see who is true

    this is from a real true jugglo with a clean record (whoop whoop)

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