Crazy Juggalo Spams death threat …..

He Spammed this 50 times

Dear Sir/Ma’am:
Please disregard any and all documentary-style videos of Juggalos. These videos are generally mock-umentary. They are also to be enjoyed by their friends, family or Fam (Fam as in the Juggalo community) as something to relate to, laugh at or just as a something out there in the world. As always Juggalos follow a different code of ethics, honor and life in general. As this may seem as strange, unruley and uncomprehensible, do please try and not understand what we do unless you want your face slapped too. Sorry that last sentence had a lyric from an ICP song in it, I couldn’t resist. Again, no docu-mocku-mentary is to ever be taken seriously by those outside of the Fam, if you find yourself confronted with one such video, please stop the video and pray to your god to save you from the clowns. Thank you this has been a Public Service Announcement. Good bye…….BEEP!

7 responses to “Crazy Juggalo Spams death threat …..

  1. Signal aka J-Hem

    It was not 50 times, it was more like 12. So shut up! Also i fail to see where I even remotely made a death threat. See? A prime example that ya’ll are making mountians out of molehills. Eat me I’m a danish, apple cinnimon to be exact. 😛

  2. Signal aka J-Hem

    A) “face slapped too” I already said it was part of a lyric

    B) Ya’ll make us seem like we are out to steal your souls or something, hence the “pray to your god” bit.

    C) You are a tool.

    Thank you, you have now been served a delicious batch of Dark Carnival Fried Dough!


  4. you know whats funny is JH generalizes juggalos and then when JH member get generalized they get angry and say where not the same which is what juggalos say to and JH hates juggalos cuz of murders and killings that where commited by crazed people who take song lyrics seriously but JH is no better talking about commiting crimes against juggalos and they have killing us even JHs name is voilent talking about a holocaust riding the world of people who just want to live taking there hate out on thosands for what less the a 50 juggalos have done that seems funny to me kill thosands for what a few have done that like hitler himself i guess there name fits them but what started as a cult like group to get rid of a fan base has turned into to something worse then the group they intend to destroy and full of more crazy people then the juggalos and the JH is a group with no leadership or real plan like the 99% but the bad thing is the JH have all decied that they want to be modern day hitlers sounds like a real great group to be a part of

  5. Stinky (Juggalo Hater for Life)

    We are a cult like group because we hate a cult/gang? That makes perfect sense, not. And JH is nothing like Hitler because this isn’t about race, this isn’t about something you can’t control or anything like that. We hate Juggalo’s because you are all worthless and stupid and actively encourage drug usage, murder, rape, etc. Those are things the rest of the 99% of the world does not appreciate or encourage. This is why we hate you

  6. Signal aka J-Hem


  7. Wow….you’re not like Hitler because it’s not about race….that makes things sound soooo much better. Then you follow that ludicrous statement with slander and insults. Can’t you JH people come up with something besides childish name calling?

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