Juggalette- Alyssa Bustamante get life sentence in child murder case


A Missouri Juggalette teenager who had described the slaying of a young neighbor girl as an “ahmazing” thrill made an emotional apology Wednesday to the girl’s family and was sentenced to a potential lifetime in prison.

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Moments before her sentence was imposed, 18-year-old Alyssa Bustamante rose from her chair — with shackles linking her ankles and holding her hands to her waist — and turned to face the family of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten, whom she confessed to killing in October 2009.

“I really am extremely, very sorry for everything. I know words,” she said, pausing to take a deep breath and struggling to compose herself, “can never be enough, and they can never adequately describe how horribly I feel for all of this.”

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She later added: “If I could give my life to get her back I would. I’m sorry.”

Elizabeth’s mother, Patty Preiss, who on the first day of Bustamante’s sentencing hearing called her an “evil monster” and declared “I hate her,” sat silently, staring forward as Bustamante’s finished her apology.

Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce then sentenced Bustamante to the maximum possible sentence for second-degree murder — life in prison with the possibility of parole. She ordered the teenager to serve a consecutive 30-year term for armed criminal action, a charge resulting from her use of a knife to slit the throat and stab Elizabeth after she had strangled her into unconsciousness.

Elizabeth’s family left the courthouse without talking to reporters.

“The sentencing process was extremely difficult for the family, as no sentence can adequately punish this heinous crime,” Matt Diehr, a St. Louis attorney speaking on behalf of the family, said later in a telephone interview.

Bustamante’s family, which also was present in the courtroom, declined to comment about the sentence, though an attorney called it “harsh.” There was no indication that Bustamante planned to appeal the sentence.

Bustamante originally had been charged with first-degree murder but pleaded guilty last month to the lesser charges to avoid a trial and the possibility of spending her life in an adult prison with no chance of release.

Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson said after Wednesday’s sentencing that he agreed to the lesser charge because the judge had suppressed a statement given by Bustamante to authorities in which she described the slaying and stated she wanted “to know what it felt like” to kill someone.

Bustamante was 15 years old at the time of Elizabeth’s murder in the small town of St. Martins, just west of Jefferson City. Evidence presented during her hearing revealed that Bustamante had dug a shallow grave in the woods several days in advance, then used her younger sister to lure Elizabeth out of her home with an invitation to play. Bustamante, who had hidden a knife in a backpack, said she had a surprise for Elizabeth in the forest. The surprise turned out to be her demise.

Defenses attorneys had argued for leniency after presenting evidence from family members and mental health experts about Bustamante’s troubled childhood. Bustamante was born to teenage, drug-abusing parents; her father was imprisoned and her mother abandoned her, leaving her in the legal custody of her grandmother.

“This was a child who had been spiraling out of control, but has treatable conditions,” Bustamante’s attorney, Charlie Moreland, said after the sentencing.

But Richardson said the life sentence was justified. He described Bustamante as “a truly evil individual who strangled and stabbed an innocent child simply for the thrill of it.”

Under Missouri guidelines, Bustamante would have to serve 35 years and five months in prison before she is eligible for parole, said Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Cline. It’s also possible that the more than two years Bustamante spent in jail while awaiting her sentencing could be counted toward that time.

After spending several weeks at a diagnostic prison, Bustamante could be placed in either one of Missouri’s two female prisons or sent out of state. Cline said department officials also would evaluate whether Bustamante should be kept separate from other adult woman inmates.


6 responses to “Juggalette- Alyssa Bustamante get life sentence in child murder case

  1. Signal aka J-Hem

    Juggalos are not the only people in the world to kill someone. This girl should have had counseling along time ago, if only someone saw the signs. I Have been a juggalo for over 13 years now, no way shape or form would i ever consider doing something like this and if i hear one fucking person claim she only did it cuz she was a juggalo, then i suggest you look up every fucking murder since the early 90’s and look at the thousands that murdered someone and you fucking prove that they were juggalos. Some people are born sick and need help desperately. Its like claiming that only sick and twisted people from broken homes kill people, well they dont. There are plenty of middle-class and rich that have murdered someone. SO fuck you if you think this is some kind of reason to hate juggalos and this is what Psychopathic Records want. They would tell you the same thing: “Its just fucking music, man. No way shape or form is this what we want from the juggalos, we dont condone this or expect this from our fans and anyone who thinks this is what a juggalo is supposed to do as a juggalo, is no juggalo and will never be”

    Icp and psy should be blamed for the murders as they are brainwashing people to do the crimes

  2. OK OK OK OK OK where the fuck dose it say she is a juggalette i read this whole this 3 fuckin times and it never 1ce said that this girl was a juggalette so please explain to me how and where u get that she is a juggalette


  3. LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT. I know enough about this case to say THIS GIRL IS NOT A JUGGALETTE. I REPEAT THIS GIRL IS NOT A JUGGALETTE. This girl is not like regular people. She does not “jump on a bandwagon”, This girl SETS trends, she doesn’t follow. This is the only site I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many) calling her a juggalette. IT’S NOT TRUE. SHE IS NOT A JUGGALETTE. Also, why would you want to claim a murderer as part of your clique, wouldn’t that make your clique look bad ?


  4. Wendixie The Juggalo

    people do things all the time because of musical influences and 9/10 it is determined as here that the person had pre exisiting mental disorders or troubled youth, you cannot blame the artist if psy was never ever created, this girl woulda latched on to some other rab or metal and took those lyrics to heart as well.
    Though very tragic that this occured, it is NOT because she was a juggalo, it is because she was left to her own devices as a child combined with the fact that she had a troubled youth.
    it is dissapointing that you people have nothing better to do with your time than to, first and formost disrespect the hebrew nation by reusing the terms holacust and nazi, (which is VERY VERY disrespectful to all the lives laid down during wwII) but also to spread hate against people who, as a whole, are gennerally non-violent live and let live kinds of people.
    I am sad for you, that this hatred obviously consumes you; and I hope someday you can recover from this juggalo hating disease you try to infect other people with.
    Wendixie The Juggalo

  5. Apparently she is infact considered a lette,a homie. I’m gonna copy and paste from another website that someone said they had never seen “even if she did, shes a fellow juggalette. any by the way whoever said that were quick to abandon family…blah blah blah whatever the fuck was said.

  6. Hey anyone have her updated prison address? I totally wanna send her some nudes of my penis. chop chop!

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