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Violent J – Claims to have voices of hitler and charles manson in his head

Violent J says he has hitlers voice in his head

Dubunking Stupidity – Why Juggalos are a gang , and Kiss / Sport Fans are not


Let us compare

Juggalos/Juggalettes KISS Fans Sports Fans

1. Paints face & body
2. Wears supporting clothing
3. Stickers & window decals
4. Gets tattoos
5. Gathers in Groups
6. Involves Family

So by the same definitions then Sports fans and KISS fans should be gang members as well.

1 – Painting of face does not make you a gang member , painting up your face and commiting crimes does.
2 – Suporting clothing does not make you a gang member , while most gang members try and wear the same colors – Bloods or Crips to make their gang membership identifiable.
3 – Stickers of Men with meat cleavers portray violence and identify you as a gang member.
4 – See points 2 and 3 – Gang identification
5 – Gathering of groups to commit crimes make you a gang member

Every day this same nonsense gets Posted here –

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment classifies Juggalos as a “loosely-organized hybrid gang” whose transient nature makes them difficult to monitor effectively, and stated that certain subsets of the subculture engage in criminal activity and violence. According to the report, “Transient, criminal Juggalo groups pose a threat to communities due to the potential for violence, drug use/sales, and their general destructive and violent nature.” [1]

There have been several incidents of criminal activity attributed to self-identified Juggalos.[10][11][12][13] Some media outlets have attributed the incidents to the music produced by Psychopathic Records. Although Juggalos have denied any connection to gang activity,[6] authorities have classified them as a gang in Utah;[14] Arizona;[6] Monroe County, Pennsylvania;[15][16] and Modesto, California.[17] Because of this, some schools have prohibited students from wearing Insane Clown Posse related paraphernalia.

Your group commits a wide variety of crimes , when arrested are either in juggalo gear or facepaint or if not claim your a juggalo to the police.
This makes you gang members and the few innocent members in the group are over taken by the disgusting violent ones that want to hurt people after listening to violent j claim to be hitler or charles manson.

Juggalo sprays anti police and gang tags in NICEVILLE , get elderly to be accomplices

Sad to see a juggalo destroy the peace in a place named NICEVILLE .

NICEVILLE — Graffitti centered around the music of Insane Clown Posse was discovered in the men’s room at Lions Park during a routine check just before midnight on Jan. 28.

The bathroom smelled strongly of fresh paint, according to the Niceville Police Department incident report. The graffitti was similar to that found at Turkey Creek Park earlier in January.

All of the drawings and words seemed to relate to Insane Clown Posse except for one that included the word “Cop” and some genitalia.

The officers checked with Walmart, which is open 24 hours a day, and found that a man had bought spray paint around midnight, which was after the vandalism was discovered.

Later, Walmart told them that two juveniles had had an older woman buy black spray paint for them earlier in the evening.

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Juggalo gets mad , tattoos juggallo on victim then demands money and is arrested

A Massachusetts man was charged with illegally tattooing a reference to a face-paint wearing rap duo on a teenager after allegedly boozing him up.

George Doyle, 22, is accused of assaulting a 16 year old and demanding payment for inking the word “Juggallo” on the teen’s body, the Telegram & Gazette reported.

Juggalo — though unfortunately misspelled on the victim’s chest — is the name for the devoted followers of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse, a controversial group known for violent lyrics and drug use. The ICP also has its own social network and even an FBI file.

Cops in Spencer became aware of Doyle’s artwork on March 5, after a school official learned that he’d been allegedly threatening the teen in an attempt to get paid for the tat. Doyle is accused of tattooing the boy after he’d “gotten him messed up with alcohol,” according to a police report obtained by the paper.

Police went to Doyle’s home and claim that they found amateur tattoos on his body similar to the one on the teen.

He was arrested and charged with illegal tattooing, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon — in reference to the tattoo needle — and providing alcohol to an underaged person.

The teen isn’t the only victim of a misspelled Juggalo tattoo. Rapper Coolio got a large tattoo on his arm depicting the group’s mascot — a “hatchet man” — and the words, “Jugalo Cool,” which TMZ reported was “one ‘G’ shy of actually being cool.” hacked – official twiztid website taken down,2391.msg30203/boardseen.html#new

Go to the url… It says “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”
Our internet account has been hacked! Therefore our account has been suspended. Welcome to cyber hell llal working relentlesly to fix it.
Juggalos are already blaming esham for the hacking…..

Burning of the Juggalo


Psychopathic records member and Juggalo Coolio And Son Grtis Arrested And Booked In Same Las Vegas Jail: Rapper Busted For Traffic Violation, Son For Robbery And Kidnapping


Coolio’s oldest son — who appeared on the family reality show “Coolio’s Rules” –is locked up in a Nevada jail … after allegedly teaming up with a Vegas hooker to rob some dude at gunpoint.

TMZ has learned … 22-year-old Grtis Ivey (who went by “Artis” on the reality show) … was arrested on November 14, 2011 for allegedly busting into a Vegas apartment with a gun and forcing the tenant into the bathroom … while he and a female prostitute named Shantrice Wilkerson ransacked the place.

But the back story is INSANE.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ … Shantrice was trollin’ at LAX nightclub at the Luxor on October 26 … and met a guy named Joseph Hall … who didn’t know she was a call girl.

The two hit it off … and Wilkerson told him that she had a “dream” of having sex on a pile of money.

Hall asked if $5,000 was OK … she agreed … and the two eventually went back to Hall’s apartment to grab the cash out of a safe.

According to the report, the two bounced to Wilkerson’s pad to do the deed … but before it went down, Wilkerson asked for money … and Hall flipped out and left.

But cops say, Wilkerson REMEMBERED where Hall lived … and brought Grtis to the place 3 days later so they could rob it.

According to the report … Grtis entered the pad with a gun … and ordered Hall’s rooommate into the bathroom while he and the hooker stole a safe, 2 iPads, 2 laptops, passports, and anything else that wasn’t nailed down.

Cops say the roommate was able to identify Coolio’s son and the hooker — and both were arrested on a slew of charges including robbery with a deadly weapon, first degree kidnapping and grand larceny.

Both Grtis and Wilkerson told cops they never brought a gun to the apartment … and Wilkerson admitted to stealing some of the stuff.

Grtis is being held without bail … and is due to face a judge on Monday.

Like father, like son …

TMZ has learned rapper Coolio was arrested in Las Vegas today … and is currently behind bars at the same jail as his kid.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … Coolio was a passenger in a Nissan Versa which was pulled over for a routine traffic violation early Friday morning.

We’re told the cops ran Coolio’s name in the system and noticed he had 2 active bench warrants out for his arrest stemming from multiple traffic violations.

Coolio was arrested and hauled to Clark County Detention Center — the same place where his son Grtis is rotting away for allegedly robbing some dude at gunpoint a few months ago.

Coolio’s bail has been set at $5,850. A court date has not yet been set.

Juggalo cult members rant about satanism , insane clown posse , dark carnival and demons

everyone shut the fuck up we’re all the same person just a different shade of brown and a different view of things. NO i’m not just saying this because i’m a juggalo not one juggalo holocaust person knows why we went off into the family no real ass juggalo is going to say i just like their music. Me personally when i was in the early years of my life i was suicidal and never fit anywhere then i found icp then twiztid and so on so forth the music and the juggalos i were around taught not to give a fuck. It taught me just to worry about me and my own(juggalo family), but when i was a kid i was an atheist but then i turned to satanism in the dark times and it took over my body i knew i had a second skin basically of a demon itself how i knew? I was always hot as fuck in the warm weather but then i was fine in the 90′s wearing a jacket, i had murderous thoughts in my head about my mom and dad and shit like that and i knew i was losing my mind slowly but surely and then one day i heard about ICP and i have always liked evil clowns so i was like that sounds badass. I liked them and it came down to me listening to the whole wraith album and it converted me and then the next i was never so happy and relaxed and calm so the dark carnival actually helps people.

Teach a child to swear , Throw a bottle of soda on them , Happy Birthday you poor child of a juggalo

Happy birthday to this poor child , whos lovely juggalo parents throw soda onto and yell swear words at.