Juggalo gang – Wednesday on News 4 at 5: “Juggalos” a Threat to Northern NV

The FBI and local law enforcement have now classified fans of the Insane Clown Posse, or “Juggalos”, as the country’s newest gang threat after being linked to several violent crimes. We examine how local police are treating those who identify as Juggalos, and how some fans of ICP’s music feel about the classification, Wednesday, February 15th on News 4 at 5!

One response to “Juggalo gang – Wednesday on News 4 at 5: “Juggalos” a Threat to Northern NV

  1. it disqusts me to think that all they look at is the violent ones… i mean i am a juggalo and im not violent, what about us? the ones who take the word family and put it to a literal tense? like if our violence makes us a gang then any group of dumb teens getting together listening to heavy metal can be considered a gang bby any means. there are two different type of juggalos, one that take our name and stomp it by being stupid morons and the ones that take family serious because we grew up in a broken home and didn’t fit in with all you rich kids that dont take the time to get to know us, and realize we are actually cool people, maybe if you would give us a chance and try to see us for who we are instead of stereo typing us then maybe some of us wouldnt be so violent, maybe its time to realize that your the ones who gave birth to this creature

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