Teach a child to swear , Throw a bottle of soda on them , Happy Birthday you poor child of a juggalo

Happy birthday to this poor child , whos lovely juggalo parents throw soda onto and yell swear words at.

One response to “Teach a child to swear , Throw a bottle of soda on them , Happy Birthday you poor child of a juggalo

  1. i am a fan of icp we are not all like this we are a come as you are group of people its funny how people call us a gang we are not we are a group of people that enjoy different music than you do im sorry if you dont like us but thats your problem we are not going anywhere get use to us also i have kids they do not hear the music i like they do not cuss and i do not cuss around them we are not all bad parents the parents you see here do not represent all of us if you think different then pay attention you are not all good parents however we do not judge you as a group we make judgements based on actions so before you pass judgement remember that we are everywhere most people would not believe i am a juggalo because i wake up in the morning and put a suit on and go sell you products that you use everyday we are good people there is a greater chance that a juggalo will would take a bulliet for you than to even think about stealing from you believe me all my friends are juggalos we are not out to mess your day up we are just trying to live and remember some of your friends or maybe even children are juggalos and remember most of us become more successfull than most of you i am 23 and make 120k a year and enjoy life and dont sit around trying to figure out how to hate a group of people we dont have time for that so waste your time hateing us WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE WE ARE HERE TO STAY thank you for reading

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