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Juggalo cult members rant about satanism , insane clown posse , dark carnival and demons

everyone shut the fuck up we’re all the same person just a different shade of brown and a different view of things. NO i’m not just saying this because i’m a juggalo not one juggalo holocaust person knows why we went off into the family no real ass juggalo is going to say i just like their music. Me personally when i was in the early years of my life i was suicidal and never fit anywhere then i found icp then twiztid and so on so forth the music and the juggalos i were around taught not to give a fuck. It taught me just to worry about me and my own(juggalo family), but when i was a kid i was an atheist but then i turned to satanism in the dark times and it took over my body i knew i had a second skin basically of a demon itself how i knew? I was always hot as fuck in the warm weather but then i was fine in the 90′s wearing a jacket, i had murderous thoughts in my head about my mom and dad and shit like that and i knew i was losing my mind slowly but surely and then one day i heard about ICP and i have always liked evil clowns so i was like that sounds badass. I liked them and it came down to me listening to the whole wraith album and it converted me and then the next i was never so happy and relaxed and calm so the dark carnival actually helps people.