Dubunking Stupidity – Why Juggalos are a gang , and Kiss / Sport Fans are not


Let us compare

Juggalos/Juggalettes KISS Fans Sports Fans

1. Paints face & body
2. Wears supporting clothing
3. Stickers & window decals
4. Gets tattoos
5. Gathers in Groups
6. Involves Family

So by the same definitions then Sports fans and KISS fans should be gang members as well.

1 – Painting of face does not make you a gang member , painting up your face and commiting crimes does.
2 – Suporting clothing does not make you a gang member , while most gang members try and wear the same colors – Bloods or Crips to make their gang membership identifiable.
3 – Stickers of Men with meat cleavers portray violence and identify you as a gang member.
4 – See points 2 and 3 – Gang identification
5 – Gathering of groups to commit crimes make you a gang member

Every day this same nonsense gets Posted here – http://www.lotbx.athena-server.com/

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment classifies Juggalos as a “loosely-organized hybrid gang” whose transient nature makes them difficult to monitor effectively, and stated that certain subsets of the subculture engage in criminal activity and violence. According to the report, “Transient, criminal Juggalo groups pose a threat to communities due to the potential for violence, drug use/sales, and their general destructive and violent nature.” [1]

There have been several incidents of criminal activity attributed to self-identified Juggalos.[10][11][12][13] Some media outlets have attributed the incidents to the music produced by Psychopathic Records. Although Juggalos have denied any connection to gang activity,[6] authorities have classified them as a gang in Utah;[14] Arizona;[6] Monroe County, Pennsylvania;[15][16] and Modesto, California.[17] Because of this, some schools have prohibited students from wearing Insane Clown Posse related paraphernalia.

Your group commits a wide variety of crimes , when arrested are either in juggalo gear or facepaint or if not claim your a juggalo to the police.
This makes you gang members and the few innocent members in the group are over taken by the disgusting violent ones that want to hurt people after listening to violent j claim to be hitler or charles manson.

10 responses to “Dubunking Stupidity – Why Juggalos are a gang , and Kiss / Sport Fans are not

  1. Signal aka J-Hem

    Wait…..what? When the hell did Violent J claim to be Hitler/Charles Manson?


  2. You could at least spell debunking right…

  3. By your definitions you guys are a gang too, welcome to the club. Except You pretend to be us as well, so that makes you even worse. You also might wanna get a grammar expert to fix your, oh so unintelligent, posts. My bad, you keep it that way so “Juggalos can read it” (that’s such an old comeback) learn some more inspiring, attention-grabbing vocabulary. You’re just gonna moderate my post like little bitches too, and when you do…just know you lost.

  4. you bitches who creat these horible sites yeall dont know shit, you have obviously not heard of hard times, the person who created this site is the biggest bitch on the planet, and if you have anything on the contrary to say about him, i live in jefferson texas 75657 1205 north street, i dare you to show up at my house Bitch JUGGALO 4 LIFE. yeal cunt face whores need to shut your mouths if you wont, then come find me ile be waiting

  5. Reaper of the juggalos

    Do you idiots even know Wat a juggalo is you need to do some history. Yeah there are some people that do commit crimes and they are only giving us a bad name. Wat people need to do is leave us the hell alone and we will leave you alone but your going way to deep into this shit. So I have got two words for ya FUCK OFF

  6. fuck ya! juggalo are not a fucking gang. i got the hatchetman tattoo on my leg. juggalo are a fucking family ya are fucking dumbass for even thinkin juggalo are gang. i been a juggalo fan for 14 years ok and im 21 now. fuck the juggalo holocaust ya are a bruch of fucking pussy that need to fucking qutie trying to make juggalo look fucking like bad people. because juggalo are not bad people ok so ya need to shut the fuck up about juggalo just fucking saying. here my fucking email if ya what to write anything to me toxicengel13@yahoo.com.

  7. fuck you ur facts r bullshit and ur a fuckin retard fuck jh bunch of faggot ass bitches fuck this website u shall burn in hell you bumb fuck stop talkin shit unless u want your worthless little throat slit bitch fuc you WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! juggallo for life oh btw i am a parent and a damn good one so shut the fuck up.

  8. Everyone at this website is stupid you can’t take anything J says in a song seriously and if you do…. you’re an idiot

  9. Hang on, how many juggalos have actually been arrested? How many non-gang affiliated people have? You think that because we’re juggalos we commit crimes? Every juggalo i know has had my back through thick and thin. There’s a bad apple in every barrel. Next time before you attack a group of people you know absolutely nothing about, do a little fuckIng research.

  10. anotherfuckinjuggaloryda

    I think most juggalos that are criminals are criminals cuz of their lack of a structured up bringing, lack of education do to that, various psychological disorders, and ignorance of social graces leading to being outcast by society in general. That’s me…mostly. I have a long violent rap sheet, mostly from my former drug use and defending myself in poverty stricken neighborhoods against racial discrimination. I got sober in ’09 and have struggled to provide myself a life without drugs or crime and have helped my community in countless ways. Being a Juggalo and community member that people and Juggalos can look to for support and aid has put me in a position of great influence and has given me an opportunity to help other criminal Juggalos out of a life of drugs, jail, and death. I’ll be honest, I was a total scumbag. I use my past to identify with others like I me. If I can change my life for the better and show my peers how to do the same while still being a devoted Juggalo, I can make a difference in the lives of many. Maybe if others had the same mind set more positivity can be introduced into these young lives. 1 teaches 2, 2 teaches 4, 4 teaches more…

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