Violent J – Claims to have voices of hitler and charles manson in his head

Violent J says he has hitlers voice in his head

7 responses to “Violent J – Claims to have voices of hitler and charles manson in his head

  1. curtis thajuggla

    Whoop Whoop. MCL

  2. you bitches who creat these horible sites yeall dont know shit, you have obviously not heard of hard times, the person who created this site is the biggest bitch on the planet, and if you have anything on the contrary to say about him, i live in jefferson texas 75657 1205 north street, i dare you to show up at my house Bitch JUGGALO 4 LIFE

  3. It’s a song, people have said even worse things in songs it dont matter

  4. My names alex mayer I live in Columbus Ohio my phone number is 614-483-2994. Yall calimed ta have killed 20 plus juggalos n raped idk how many jugglietts, well yall FUCKED UP, I dare any one a u hate ass filled pussy mother fuckers ta call me we can meet up n yall can get yo breathing stopped. Dead serious let’s do this shit I’m tired a yall ignorant hate filled dumbass’s, most REAL Juggalos r about love n family and protecting are family. So if yall so tuff sayin we don’t die n if u see a Juggalo ta kill em!? Call me n lets meet up u bring yer haters n I’ll bring my real juggalos full of love n I swear on my diein mom not one of yall would walk away. Call me if u actually real about what u say on yer backwards ass website n yall just ain’t soome bitch made dicks with no balls. Fuck yall I ever see 1 a yall then I’m merk that bitch, call me pussys get off yer site talkin shit like a 12 year old girl n fuckin do somethin about it.

  5. yeah fuck you little bastards

  6. I’m with you Alex, Minneapolis MN right here haters 612-876-5196, wanna talk shit about the fam? Let’s see you do that shit live, bet you go home on a gurney bitches!

  7. Thats what real juggalos are about 🙂 you haters are the reason im scared to leave my house without my juggalo homies. to all the juggalos that read this i just wanna say i love yall and thank you for being true family when i had nobody else. lotsa love whoop whoop! and people need to quit flippin their shit about juggalos and icp’s songs

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