Juggalo DNA TESTING – More Students Swabbed for DNA in Investigation into Teen’s Murder


You might not have heard of them, but ICP is a legendary hip-hop group set to release their twelfth studio album this year in the hardcore rap genre known as “horrorcore.”

Fans are known as “Juggalos,” a group identified as a gang for the first time last year by the FBI.

Dad Daniel Hardy says his 17-year-old son isn’t a “Juggalo” but hangs out with kids who dress that way and that was who deputies hauled in for cheek-swab DNA testing at school a few weeks ago.

“It upsets me because they could come out and implicate your kid,” said Hardy.

The testing is part of attempts by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department to find the person who beat and asphyxiated Jessica Funk-Haslam and left her body in Rosemont Community Park.

Much like Michaela Brown, the mother who came forward after last Thursday’s round of testing at Jessica’s school, Albert Einstein Middle, Hardy says what happened to his son Jacob isn’t fair.

“We don’t have no rights ultimately is what it is,” said Hardy. “All this says to me is that they’re gonna waste taxpayer’s money doing a whole bunch of DNA tests.”

He also shares Michaela Brown’s concerns that their kids faced detectives alone and that parents weren’t notified about the testing until well after their kids had been pulled out of class and swabbed.

For the Hardy family, having Jacob treated this way brings back bad memories from when another son was falsely arrested after an interrogation at school.

“I take care of my kids and raise them. I want them to be productive, so it’s a big insult,” said Hardy.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department remains tight-lipped about this DNA testing or what kind of sample they’re trying to match.

There have been few leads released publicly in Jessica’s murder.

The testing procedure is legal, but that’s still not making parents feel any better.


Fail as a parent – let your kid hang around juggalos then cry when they are treated like juggalos.

One response to “Juggalo DNA TESTING – More Students Swabbed for DNA in Investigation into Teen’s Murder

  1. nicolas mcdowell

    my name is nicolas mcdowell, and I AM A JUGGALO! I am a human being with love for my family and i treat my family as i would my own blood. I hereby PERSONALLY challenge anyone who disrespects juggalos because of some retard with the inability to control themselves and blames it on us juggalos!

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