Boondox turns on Violent J , Psychopathic records and Sugar Slam

Looks Like Psy hurt his feelings , said hes stopping the clown shit and took a shot at sugar slam.

21 responses to “Boondox turns on Violent J , Psychopathic records and Sugar Slam

  1. LOL Everyone has taken a shot at SS.

  2. nice attempt but it was revealed the twitter acct was compromised

  3. this is all a bunch of BS! We all know that the person saying all that was NOT the REAL Boondox! Just goes to show that whoever is running this site is a complete IDIOT!

  4. Yeah, this story is B.S. Boondox confirmed it was hacked.

  5. Lovely shot at Sugar Slam too. She surely deserves to be ridiculed being that she’s done nothing to anybody.

  6. this is bullshit its not real boondox left to do an independent gangsta rap album lmao whoever believes that shit isnt even close to a juggalo

  7. Are you serious JH has been doing this kind of shit for a few years now trying to turn us on eachother for years. JH are the ones that hacked The scarecrows account. They almost never do what they say there going to do. What happened to JH over running the gathering. They claim they are stronger than the juggalos. JH is a joke its one or two people with different accounts throwing out empty threats. How about this if JH thinks that they can actually make a difference why not turn your goals on real threats like global warming or sex offender control or even staying off the juggalos nuts cause wheather they like it or not all they are doing is giving us more attention than they give there ugly ass girlfriends (their right hand)

  8. Boondox would never turn on fam so the pieces of shits that are doin this shit need to shut the fuck up and leave the fam alone fam stick together 4 ever we wont ever die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It was a hack boondox loves the fam you guys are pricks

  10. Actually…I personally have a source close to Boondox and has tour. ed with him. He said he was hacked but that was all him sayin that. He said all of the samethings on tour…just ask anyone who toured with him in the past year. I belive the drp toured with him recently and Mars openly talked about this with boondox on twitter the day he said these thigs. also it is very true Violent J does not care about yoj. Twiztid openly makes fun of all of you. Remember ash trays and action figures? Oh and that album you all called emo Heartbroken and homicidal? Yeah they are talking about their detestment fof psychopathic. i would also like to note i am not affliated with jh. Just a former juggalo who realized that J exploits his fans

  11. "kkk" Krazy Killer Klown

    you fucken punk bitches you think your so cool and tough come get your wicked clown beat down bitches i live in torrington WY in potlach

  12. "kkk" Krazy Killer Klown

    and we are family not a gang, if we were a gang we would own the U.S

  13. i find it amusing that all of this gets posted on his account and now all of a sudden his website is not functional and not listed on the psychopathic site. he wasn’t featured in the lame video this year either at any point.

    my assumption is that it was indeed him posting it, and to keep people from mobbing him he turned around and said he got hacked. not saying this a bad thing or that i dislike him or anything, getting away from psychopathic is probably just a good idea.

    and while i’m on the topic of psychopathic, i have to agree that j is a piece of shit. so much so to the point that shaggy routinely quits and j has to beg him to come back. i have heard nothing but negative things about j, and from my own personal interactions with him, i can agree. oh, he also owns share in faygo, so every time you buy one, you’re lining his pockets even more.

  14. Wickedbulldog92


  15. OK people I know the guys and j and Joey are not why we think I’m a lady juggalo and always will be. But the boys only care about money. When I was hanging with corporation at his house 4 weeks ago j came by and I tried talking to him again but he treated me like a damn reporter. And ive been hanging with them for 2 years now. Boondox is awesome!! He’s for the family unlike j and Joey. I talk to Dave daily. Cloool as hell he’s just tired of liesand bullshit. And there are going to be a lot of changes juggalos. And you guys wont like them.
    whoop whoop

  16. Boondox was at the Gathering. Talked to him myself. He was camped by the main stage. FAIL. NEXT!

  17. yeah fuck that you haterz listen to what boondox is about now he might be out of psychopathic but he with underground avengers now listen to the lyrics.. “this is for my scarecrows…whoop whoop…” whoop whoop is our call sign we ain’t no game we a family and for people like you to hate on us is dumb ass shit. but I don’t care family stick together you ain’t nothing but a bunch of haterz. boondox is forever a family and a juggalo. we help make him this far. and we love him still today. get over your power riot and learn that we just a normal group and normal fans that love our band…..or by the way p.s.


  18. This page is a fucking joke. You are nothing but a bunch of low life, self centered, close minded bitches who were probably touched repeatedly by your uncles. There may be juggalo gangs but juggalos in general are a family of individuals who agree on two things, ICP’s the shit an there is no place for closed minded bigots in this world.

  19. Juggalo holocaust eh… way to use that word you dumb fucks!!! Haters gon hate…yall a bunch of hating…baby bitch buttlerfly cryin little bitches. THAT IS NOT A WORD TO BE USED LIGHTLY. Yall know nothing you are talking about… If you hate Juggalos soooooo damn much then why do you spend so much time and energy in them researching fake ass shit make a website and still claim you hate juggalos. Hahahahahaha!!! you dont like it dont listen to it. Obviously you have an obsession to keep this BULLSHIT going. It cracks me up… Keep giving us all attention… please you only add more family. You are obviously a confused bunch of fucktards and dont know what a juggalo is. Got an issue with what i say email me… trust yall are nothing but the shit on the bottom of my shoe…. OBSESSED MUCH? IGNORANT ASS MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOP WHOOOOOOP!!!! Much love to all my juggalo fam!!! *Kristina Bean.

  20. You bullshitting muther fuckas get out here and screw yo selves stop fighting these people what have they done juggalos are just people and stop wit the holocaust thing its getting old and boondox still does things for juggalos including putting up his arm and showing his hatchetman thing you dumb shits need to get more shit before doing this

  21. look first off I’mma Juggalo period, that bein said first off j does seem likie a greedy bastard i mean look at the prices of tickets and whatnot for the gathering. and if i decide i’mma pay the $300 or more for the “big ballers pass” and i decide to share my power and running water wit some fam i’mma get booted? they talk about how they don’t give a fuck about money and “don’t buy our fucking action figures bitch i don’t fuck” yet they push the shit they ok jus about anyone to knock off their shit as long as they make a buck off of it. hot topic….enough said. and not to mention that for the price of 1 psychopathic jersey i can buy 2 srh or kmk jerseys. now twiztid left. abk is always comin and goin, amb left ya’ll needa get yo blind folds off not a single person in life is perfect and every man/woman falls. that bein said you don’t even have to be a psychopathic fan to be a JUGGALO they jus gave a type of people a name so it been associated with them…’s all about music for some people it’s all about the money if you grew up poor bein treated like shit thern busted yo ass to get rich and it happened you might be a dick too. MATT: 7:1-13 😉

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