Insane clown posse makes fun of 2 little dead boys – “Chris Benoit” as a new song – Mighty death pop

ICP Disrespects dead – “Chris Benoit” as a new song



For Insane Clown Posse, gearing up for a high-profile summer meant burrowing into the remains of an abandoned steel mill Monday afternoon.

With dust kicking up and bright lights piercing the dark at Trenton’s cavernous old McLouth Steel plant, the Detroit rap duo gathered with a film crew and about 100 fan extras for day two of shooting on the group’s video for the new track “Chris Benoit.”

Moving to a director’s instructions, fans in black hoodies and silver horror masks surged toward a wrestling ring housing ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. The face-painted pair mimed their lyrics as the song played overhead at double speed, to achieve a slow-motion effect in the video’s final rendering.

Among the fans who had responded to an open casting call was C.J. Lyons, 35, of Bellevue, Ohio. Eager to ensure a spot, he’d arrived a day early, slept overnight on the site, and spent Monday afternoon patiently awaiting the first action.

“We’re rushing the wrestling ring,” he said. “We’ve been waiting all day to do that.”

All was in the name of “Chris Benoit,” lead single from ICP’s upcoming “Mighty Death Pop” album, due Aug. 14. The song is based on the mental breakdown of professional wrestler Chris Benoit, who in 2007 notoriously murdered his wife and son before hanging himself.

“It’s about that loss of sanity,” Violent J said during a break in the shoot. “It’s about the snapping, that moment of panic.”

Shooting began Sunday with the French crew responsible for Skrillex’s massive 2011 hit video, “First Of The Year (Equinox),” which had caught Violent J’s eye. “Chris Benoit” is the first of three video projects already underway as ICP prepares for “Mighty Death Pop,” and the clip is expected to debut on the web by mid-July.

ICP hopes to eventually include the videos in a boxed set for “Mighty Death Pop,” which will initially be released in three separate configurations.

“Chris Benoit” finds ICP ceding creative control for the first time in its two-decade-plus career. The duo had a simple wish list going into the shoot: minimal wrestling scenes, but plenty of slow-motion, blur and artsy abstraction “like an old-school Nirvana video,” as Violent J said Monday.

“I told them, ‘I’m not going to ride you guys on this. I’m going to give you your space and leave you alone to do it.’”

Three years in the making, “Mighty Death Pop” will be released during ICP’s 13th Gathering of the Juggalos fan festival in rural Illinois. It also arrives as J and Shaggy sense a growing mainstream respect that long eluded the group.

“We’re not used to it, but it feels good,” said Shaggy.

That unique backdrop makes the new record ICP’s “most anticipated yet,” said Violent J.

“There are so many articles out there on us now, and it’s not about dissing us,” he said. “They’re actually treating us like real musicians. It’s mind-blowing. And I feel like this album is the response to that.”


ICP Disrespects dead – “Chris Benoit” as a new song

5 responses to “Insane clown posse makes fun of 2 little dead boys – “Chris Benoit” as a new song – Mighty death pop


    people make songs based on murderers and criminals all the time [ex. beauty through order (slayer), gemini (slayer), road to ruin (church of misery), evil (interpol), ripping into peices (church of misery), nebraska (bruce springsteen), ricjard speck (wesley willis), killing spree (macabre), stack shoot billy (the black keys), shankill butchers (the decemberists), green river (church of misery), night stalker (macabre), james pough what the hell did you do (macabre), where is she (the killers), angel of death (slayer), mister manson (klaatu), do the charles manson (necro), atwa (system of a down), severed head (suicide commando), maxwell murder (rancid), disposable teens (marilyn manson), dead skin mask (slayer), fish (tyler, the creator), throw yourself away (nickelback), 213 (slayer), choklit factory (marilyn manson), the ted bundy song (macabre), blow (tyler, the creator), me and my girlfriend (2pac), ’97 bonnie and clyde (eminem), and ’03 bonnie and clyde (beyonce and jayz)] those are just a few of them theres lots of em so if your gonna talk shit about icp atleast say something about how other artists do it to. btw this is a really stupid site every person ive ever seen talking about jh have been fat ass losers that most likely live with theyre parents have no job no friends and will die virgins. say what you want but atleast us juggalos have eachother. MMFWCL

  2. fuck the holocaust bich ass niggas want beef meet me in webster mass on july 19th at may street park one on one no wepons me and one of you if u win ill drop the hatchet and join you

  3. Until you know every lyric contained within this song, you have no idea what they are doing with it. You are jumping to conclusions to make them look bad when you know nothing of the context. J and Shaggy are huge fans of professional wrestling and treat it with the respect it deserves. If you follow the music of ICP, you will note that when they make references to people who harm children, they either kill them, have them killed, or they are in hell. I can guarantee you that this song is not to cash in off of the death of ONE little boy, not two, unless you’re considering Benoit himself the other “little boy.” I have no idea what genre you listen to, but I can guarantee you I can find some song that I can blast just as hard as you blasting this for the same reasons. Get your information straight, know the context of something before you try to say it’s bad (Intention is EVERYTHING), and stop whining about ICP. There are much worse bands/artists out there with no originality or skill who are at the tops of the charts, yet you feel like hating on guys who have gotten where they are without major media attention. Re-evaluate you life. Your jealousy is disappointing. They are out making music, movies, action figures, comics, and God knows what else. They have their lives in order and are doing quite well. You feel that sitting behind a keyboard and typing makes you some sort of bad-ass. I feel sorry for you.

  4. How is this making fun of two dead kids? Lol. WOW

  5. ICP has made plenty of songs about hurting pedophiles and rapists along with people who beat they’re wives and/or children so this is pure stupidity. Its music The sooner you realizes this the sooner you can find something better to spend your time on. I realize people have been killed by Juggalos but most of those were caused by people who take it way to seriously. Most Juggalos are just normal people who enjoy ICP. I fail to see what the big deal is. I see some BS about Twiztid kicking a fan at a concert to the right but thats how things go at Juggalo concerts. This is not your type of music so accept that some people like it and move on. The very name of this website is insulting the death of millions so a reference to ONE dead child is nothing compared to this bullshit.

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