How the 2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial – stole its idea from eshams bath salt video

Looks like esham is getting ripped off again by icp , check out the 2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial then compare it to the bath salts video made 3 weeks ago – ICP is stealing from detroit artists again.

Even now psychopathic can’t come with their own original content ( I liked it better when it was called bath salt) everyone at their label is fired!
-Esham on facebook

So once again stupid icp steals from esham and gets famous off his back.

7 responses to “How the 2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial – stole its idea from eshams bath salt video

  1. how did ICP rip off Esham’s bath salt video? just because their killing zombies? .. this is stupid.. not a rip off at all.. so when the next zombie movie comes out I guess they will be ripping off esham’s video as well.. smdh

  2. F**k o**… they are nothing alike.. wow they both have zombies in them oh no… shut story starting Bedford.. whoop whoop.. eshams the shit.. so is icp..

  3. What in the flying fuck, next thing your going to say is esham ripped off the walking dead. YOu do know esham was on their lable yes? whoop. Whom ever runs this site knows nothing.

  4. If it wasn’t for Icp, Esham wouldn’t be shit, and hardly anyone would know who he is. He just likes to whine about stuff. If Esham comes up with everything Icp does, if Icp always makes money off of Esham, then why doesn’t Esham sue? Icp didn’t need Esham, Esham needed them. That’s why he was signed under Icp’s label. He couldn’t make it on his own.

  5. how do you guys justify icp making esham into anything. he produced their first albums, real esham and rap fans know him cause hes good. ive been listening to natas since whnever cyberkill whatever and knew icp way before that and hated them then and now. the style that they runnin aroudn with is his

  6. Youre all wrong. Read a book. Esham got ICP on their feet, and they got big, once their popularity shot up, they rerurned the favor for Esham and signed him, although it didnt last long. In all honesty, I thought he died. Guess not. Thats too bad.

  7. FUCK ESHAM me and my Horrorflik musick boys will get him

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