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Did icps violent clown imagry have a effect on James Eagen Holmes

James Eagen Holmes was dressed as a clown when he commit ed the batman shootings.
Did insane clown posses music and violent clown imagery add to this.

Was the denver batman shooter a juggalo

Was the denver batman shooter a juggalo – we have already seen his hair painted like shaggy 2 dopes , and some icp stuff posted by him – need some more info


At least 14 people have been shot dead at a Batman film premiere in Denver and as many as 50 injured, according to police.

A masked gunman shot dead at least 14 people and wounded another 50 others at a premiere showing of the new Batman movie in Denver, according to reports.

Police said a suspect is in custody following the attack at the Century Aurora 16 Movie Theatre in a mall in the suburb of Aurora.

The gunman, reportedly wearing a gas mask, opened fire after the trailers had finished at two packed showings of The Dark Knight Rises and also set off a smoke or tear gas bomb.

Brenda Stuart, from 850 KOA Radio, told Sky News: “This started with a midnight showing of the new Dark Knight movie and the theatres were packed that were showing this movie.

The shooting took place at a mall cinema in Aurora at a midnight screening
“People inside tell us they thought it was part of the movie. They heard what they thought were firecrackers, loud bangs and all of a sudden they saw the bullets flying.

“Police officers are carting the injured to the hospital in their own cars, not waiting for the ambulances.”

Paul Otermat was in the cinema with his girlfriend when the gunman began firing.

He told Sky News: “A man walked through emergency exit. I thought it was some sort of publicity stunt for a second there and then he threw tear gas into the crowd.

“He started firing shots into the crowd. We ducked down me and my girlfriend and dragged ourselves out of the theater. We ran through the lobby and we heard more shots and ran into the parking lot and got into our car and drove off.”

One Twitter user claimed her sister was inside the cinema when the shooting began.

Fuey Saechao said: “People were arguing and a Mazed was thrown, the room got Smokey and she heard like 15 gunshots. She thought it was a joke when she seen a guy with a gun until people started screaming in pain. She got down for 20 seconds and he was gone. Everyone started running out.”

A makeshift hospital was set up at the mall to treat those wounded in the attack, and injured people were taken to several hospitals, according to police radio reports. Among them were four taken to a “children’s hospital”.

Police also closed off surrounding parking lots as sniffer dogs were brought in to search a Hyundai vehicle for a suspected explosive device.

The gunman is reportedly aged in his early 20s and was armed with one rifle and two handguns, Sky News reported. Some of those injured were in an adjacent cinema and the bullets are believed to have travelled through an intervening wall.

Sky sources said the FBI were considering raising the national security alert level after the incident.

Fox News initially reported there were two gunmen involved.

Police said there was no evidence a second gunman was involved, but they were investigating reports.

Witnesses described the gunman as heavily armed and reported he appeared to be wearing body armour.