Did icps violent clown imagry have a effect on James Eagen Holmes

James Eagen Holmes was dressed as a clown when he commit ed the batman shootings.
Did insane clown posses music and violent clown imagery add to this.

18 responses to “Did icps violent clown imagry have a effect on James Eagen Holmes

  1. He was not dressed as a clown, he dyed his hair red and was in balistics. That is hardly dressing like a clown.

    • your wrong. I live in Denver. Aurora IS the juggalo capital of America. 100% of people in Aurora named “The Joker” are juggalos. I can almost guarantee this fact will come out shortly.

      • Le Sigh, yeah no the capital of “juggalos” would be detroit. He called himself the joker to invoke chaos, as Christopher nolan did in the movies. He original target was Christian bale, Morgan freeman, and Tom Hardy. Research before blabbering

  2. There is a worst incident by one man than the Batman shooting. A man from Egypt, Gameel Hamed Al-Batouti had killed all 216 people by downing the airplane out of revenge to the Atlantic Ocean!

  3. Surr3alTheEntertainer

    i hate icp, but the only thing i hate more than icp is Esham. go suck esham’s dick u fucking loony faggots. u deserved to have been in Colorado, at both the Columbine and Batman shootings. FAGGOTTTSSS!!!

    • Idiot…I was a student at CHS and your comment is nice and safe from conflict as anybody can post an opinion without substantiating a single relevant response. What is your rational? Are you saying that they deserved being shot or put in that association because YOU are a pure and simple hater. Even though there was no affiliation whatsoever from Columbine, and because he dyed his hair he is what they call a Juggalo? Really? Nice one idiot!

  4. travissamuels

    U guys blame anything on psychopathic he wasnt even dressed like a clown he was dressed like swat team so he could kill alot of people and didnt have to worry about getting shot himself u people are fuckin stupid get off our nuts whoop whoop

  5. put this shit on your news feed or something you guys will love this :

  6. Anyone, please do not hesitate to pray to God to take James Eagen Holmes’ life, so people will not have to suffer any longer.

  7. Here we go…Let’s find a scapegoat fast to pass HIS actions off as being the responsibility of somebody else. God bless America….

  8. @Surr3alTheEnterainer you might hate icp. and yu might hate Esham. But you should call people fuckingl oony faggots when you don’t know them. and im not going to comment on the last part you put. because that just fucked up beyond belief.

  9. i am a juggalo and you guys are just a bunch of rasist biggiots. just because a few poeple make a few mistakes you wnat to call the rest of us criminals that is compleatly stupid

  10. Actually, he dressed like somebody on a SWAT team. That is even how some of the people who were there described him as looking.
    Just because he dyed his hair the way he did doesn’t mean shit. I’m pretty sure he actually just bleached his hair, and that’s how it ended up looking. This is because of the fact that many have red pigment in their hair, and when they bleach it from a darker colour, like brown or black, it turns out like that. And yes, I actually know this for a fact, considering that people have me bleach and dye their hair constantly, along with expierience from bleaching my own hair. Even if it was his intention to have his hair like that, doesn’t mean it has to do with anything you’re trying to associate it with.
    I’ve probably never seen someone try to claim something so ridicilous, especially with invalid points that would lead you to believe that. You just are thinking of anything your tiny brain can think of to blame Juggalos, simply because you don’t like them.
    You have made yourself look like an asshole who lacks respect for others, and you should probably learn some common decency along with common sense…if your tiny brain can even handle that.

  11. Seriously stop trolling juggalos.

  12. Danny manzanares

    im a juggalo. n a-town is my home town, my best homie lost his sister to this krazy ass fool. i can tell u this guy just snaped. honestly dont know if dude was a juggalo. but”us” we juggalos dont look 4 innocent ppl 2 target! yes the joker is painted like a clown but in the movie, his roll was a guy bent on distruction at any cost n had no remorse for anything . some people might feel the joker, hell i feel the joker but that dosent make me the joker or the joker a juggalo. it just sum dudes fucked up dilision! he “james holmes” will get what he deserves when its his time. stay up ninjas mmfwcl

  13. He wasn’t a juggalo. Even if he was, tell me the part where ICP said to shoot up a batman theater. Lol. Try hards.

  14. Foolsih people trying to get people to hate ICP. The shooting had nothing to do with ICP. Its sad that you people have to use a tragedy to try to get people to hate juggalos. You say we are heartless shit heads look at you people were killed and you are trying to say that The man who did this was a juggalo. He wore bullet proof armor I know no stereotypical juggalo who dresses like that. He called himself “The Joker” perhaps to try to mimic the character from Batman who trys to cause chaos no conection to ICP unless you are looking for one. So people of this website have fun trying to stop Juggalos while I, a juggalo will continue to find a cure for cancer.

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