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Juggalos Turn on insane clown posse – over disgusting chris beniot song


Juggalos are turning on icp for their disgusting song – chris beniot which makes fun of a guy who killed his wife and 2 children then commited suicide.
Not only does the song mention chris beniot but uses his imagry smiling like a demon – to haunt the people effected by his murders.

Some youtube comments

How about, We don’t use Chris Benoits name to promote fucking garbage. There using his name so people will listen to the song because ICP can no longer draw people with just there music. I understand that the song is about someone loosing control and snapping but what happened with Chris Benoit was real and very tragic. I just think it is discusting that ICP would use his name like this. They wrestled in WCW with Benoit. I guess that shows you what kind of people they are. I hope WWE Sues them.

just hope micheal benoit doesn’t see this video cause he will sue icp. i really don’t get why they would make light of the benoit double murder suicide after 5 years of being silent but there icp and they were born to piss people off. they song itself was just making fun of the whole situation and for that i simply can’t support them anymore. if they would have done a tribute then i would have been fine with that but this was just garbage and was just really getting into there music.

In my humble opinion…this song is shit, ICP’s material is getting worse, and I’m anxious to hear the album because it will likely be the last ICP CD I ever hear if it all sounds like this. Also, no one gives a shit about my opinion or yours…just wanted to make sure that you knew that.

are you people stoooopid it has nothing to do with benoits double murder suicide all you fucks did was see the name of the video and started pissin your pants get real listen to the song asses…… and juggalos that dont like this song props to you for speaking your minds that what being a juggalo is about

They were better before… It seems to me they’re gettin’ worse. :/

its not the juggallo or the fans it about a video about a wrestler that killed his family and himself and if they knew benoit and they make a shit video like this why should i resepct them. just watch my vid i made.

im a juggalo, and yeah it is a horrible song, but ICP knew chris benoit, and I’m guessing ICP thought of him as a legend, and thats why they called it chris benoit, it wasnt directly about benoits situation and they definitly werent making light of it

You think if they were gonna try for the cheap shock factor of calling it “Chris Benoit” it’d at least be a good song. ICP fails, again.

The man was sick…and the wrestling industry that he devoted his life to is to blame. Benoit’s brain was so severely damaged that it reportedly resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. Tests revealed that he suffered from severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and he had brain damage in all four lobes of the brain and the brain stem. His crimes were heinous…but, in a way, he was a victim as well.

I also should point out the song titled “Chris Benoit” the money being made off this song should be given to the families of the benoit family just my opinion though

ok not hateing love icp and everyone els on the label but benoit kinda ruined his name when he killed him self on takeing though roids now watch all wresling kiddies will be giveing me hate and shit fuck off another thing to me this album is going to bad ass

This is horrible. Never thought they could do a video that makes Miracles look like a masterpiece. I Miss old school ICP