Gathering of the juggalos arrests – shut down before it could begin

The Gathering of the Juggalos, a post-apocalyptic five-day wicked-clown festival we may have told you about once or 379 times, begins tomorrow in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. Tomorrow, as in not today. Yet this has not stopped Insane Clown Posse fans from traversing the far ends of the Juggalo universe to find family love more than a day early. Right now, there is currently a very long line of cars backed up along the local road that leads to festival grounds HogRock Campground, full of overzealous clowns waiting for the gates to open.

This is one gridlocked view of the scene, posted around one pm C

“They started jamming traffic up a little after six this morning,” Hardin County Sheriff Joyce Cullison told us this afternoon. The Illinois State Police, who’re providing back-up for the local force for the second year, responded accordingly, patrolling the Cave-In-Rock route, giving out tickets, and making arrests.

“We’ve had 10 or 15 in four or five hours,” says Cullison. Six involved drug charges (“Not a large amount either”), one for unpaid child support. The rest were apprehended for lacking auto insurance, vehicle registration, or driving with a revoked license. No weapons have been found, Cullison notes, “so far.”

“We got one upstairs who might be extradited,” says the Sheriff, referring to the alleged deadbeat dad. Everyone else bonded out. “It’s been a long day. Imagine what tomorrow’s going to be when it opens.”

2 responses to “Gathering of the juggalos arrests – shut down before it could begin

  1. u can put us on hold but they will never stop the real clowns hogrock is were it is at party on los and lettes and for the ones that are locked up repersent juggalo family whoop whoop

  2. wow your still spending all this time to run this shitty little crybaby corner.sad that you hate juggalo’s but spend so much time with them on your tounge.its gotta be fun to dig through google and rss looking up what you hate. P.s. Nice job deleting my other coments,every time you hear the word hater i want you to think “hey thats me i even have a webpage”

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