Insane clown posse and juggalo gang crying about being called gang member – Remember ICP when you called juggalos a gang ? or the song gang related ????

This is too hillarious

Insane clown posse called themselves a gang

Now they are crying they are being called a gang.

11 responses to “Insane clown posse and juggalo gang crying about being called gang member – Remember ICP when you called juggalos a gang ? or the song gang related ????

  1. first of all the song you put up says they are gang RELATED, not an official gang, or gang affiliated, what icp is fighting for is that we are not high up their like the bloods and the crips, we are not dangerous or criminals, we are just a group of people who have a love for music and that music teaches us to stand up for who we are every day, you can hate, you can dis I personally don’t care but understand this, get your facts straight before you want to slander every single one of us, we are not all the same, we are a family, and we are here to stay! WHOOP WHOOP

  2. Violent J says he’s traveled to Oz in one song. And he was a giant in another. In some songs he has voodoo powers or can see the future in his crystal ball. Through his music, He has been a super villian and a contestent in a talk show…the list goes on and on. It’s horrorcore. It’s storytelling. It’s entertainment. WE ARE NOT A GANG!!

  3. I watch and listen and the gravity exist within. A knot twists in the pit of my stomach. Gosseflesh rises with shivers. A wall is knocked down in my heart. I am not the residence of fear and hatred. I am a Juggalette. A simple outcast born into the unfair world. I am proud of who I am and strong because of who I am. I am a Juggalette, a woman who experiences the same emotions that you do. I shit, and the stench is the same stench as the self-righteous haters annoying us today. Who is anyone to judge another when they have not lived a day in another’s life? Who shall cast the first stone? Not one is worthy.

  4. Fuck you homos, you like dicks, icp will live on forever no natter what you do

  5. look man i been down for 15 years. this is some straight up bullshit. i got three hatchetman tattoos and hatchet family tatted on my back. i walk my ass right down the street wit no shirt or whatever. im gonna rep psychopathic til the day that i die. i was in jail and they took pics of my tats to keep me in the gang list. fuck that. im not afraid to rep my shit and there is not another juggalo that i would not help if they needed it. IM 27 YEARS OLD AND NEVER EVEN BEEN IN A REAL FIGHT IN MY LIFE BUT IM SUPPOSABLY GANG RELATED. WHAT THE HELL KINDA SHIT IS THAT. there are those that may be in gangs. for some people you dont even have a choice depending on where your from. i dont have any friends left but yet i rock the hatchet everyday on my own and im not scared to tell any fuckin body about it. this is a family and people need to reconize we are not all bad people. we may have made bad choices in life but im not a gang member and dont plan on it but I WILL ROCK THE HATCHET TIL THE DAY THAT I LEAVE THIS WORLD. for all the haters fuck yall. go find some other shit to bitch about and leave us alone. imma ninja for life nothing will ever change that. whoop to the matha fuckin whoop. juggalos will always stand tall and we will never be brought down. you can lock us up or whatever but you will never take this from us. family stays tight.

  6. Yo, I am a 14 YEAR OLD JUGGALETTE, an last i checked I aint in no gang. Ya, know Lil Wayne and Eminem say stuff about gangs why not jump their fans ass?

  7. First off if you really listen to what they say in that song you’d all realize they are making fun of the whole gang thing. . we are nothing close to being a gang, we don’t do anything that is gang related. . Aside from chilling in groups which BTW EVERYONE DOES! . . . cops wear the same things and chill in big groups and yet no one us harassing them,.not calling them gang members. . But yet we do it and were right next to the bloods, crypts etc. . . . That’s straight up BS.

  8. Ummmm I wish ppl like you would get the facts correct before you make yourself out to the world. That’s not even an ICP song. Yes they are featured on the track but the song is on ABK’s album not ICP.

  9. Obviously your not a gang. No, your just a bunch of white trash losers that couldn’t do anything worth shit with your life, so you wear facial makeup and run around saying you are a “family.” You’re not a family and don’t try to say it’s your “love of music” that brings you to this. you listen to a total of three fucking artists and base your entire lives off of what they say just because they claim there is a “Godly” under meaning to what they say (which is complete and utter bullshit). By those standards the band Slayer must be fucking descendants of angels. You’re all just pathetic fucking sheep. All of you are good for nothing more than making your leaders rich. You aren’t family to icp, your fucking cattle. I do agree that you are not a gang, however. If anything your just the retarded equivalent of a cult.

  10. And I really hate that you call yourselves Ninjas. How idiotic can you get you fucking tools.

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    Keep up the great works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

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