Violent J Calls Juggalos a Gang

[Verse 2: Violent J] Do you wear a hatchetman? You in a gang and yo ass better be ready to do that thang You rep tha JRB and you will never switch (JRB?) Juggalo Rydas Bitch! Did you beat your girlfriends who dissed your boys Did your crew’s name originate in Illinois? Do you cross your enemies out with a “K” Then you gang related to muthafucka like Violent J RELEASED IN 2008 – Song Gang Related

19 responses to “Violent J Calls Juggalos a Gang

  1. actually that was released in 2003 off of abk’s album hatchet warrior, back in the early 2000’s the word gang simply meant: a group of people following a specific icon or idea based upon reasoning or fact. with this in mind, are you going to arrest religious groups? “dead heads”, or people wearing Metallica shirts? No you don’t but yet we are the bad ones? the word “gang” has been changed so much in recent years that even the word sun is going to change soon.


  2. Juggalos represent family, love and respect…something u dont know shit about so i just fucked your mum in the ass with my ‘gang’ of juggalos….:) u guys r seriously off the mark and must have cunts for wifes…i pity you…pickin on ppl is called bullyin…how bout i bully you…where u live?…i prefer to do it in person. Wicked clowns will never die. mathafacko.

  3. u found one line in an ABK song…not ICP…thats weak…do whats right…FACK OFF!

  4. OMG>>> It’s horrorcore! Its not to be taken seriously! In wizard of the hood, Shaggys like, the wizard of Oz. Jamie and Paul are the Scarecrow and the tin man. So- since thats in one of their songs does it make it a fact? NOOO- It’s a story, ment for entertainment like a horror film or book. ICP fans are not a gang… no matter how hard you guys try to make us look bad your just proving our point. We’re being treated meanly and unfairly because of our taste in music. We are all being accused of being in a gang when people like me haven’t got even a speeding ticket on their record. And all you ignorance and small minded comments, all those people who are treating us unfairly, you are all just going to make it easier for us to win this case because the music we listen to doesn’t give anyone a legal right to deny us jobs, Or harass students with no cause except the band t-shirt they are wearing, or worse to label us a gang and put our lives in danger. ICP will be a musical legend for standing up to the FBI and ALSO for standing up for our civil rights at this crucial time.

  5. dude just stop trying to find shit to make juggalos look bad . We are not bad people . We are a family .First of all what you need to do is stop righting shit to make us look bad when all your doing is making yourself look bad . JUGGALOS ARE NOT A GANG WE ARE A FAMILY . deal with it now with the shit you are pulling running a site like this is just people like the fbi trying to bring juggalos and juggalettes down but you people that run a site like this and the fbi WILL NOT .

  6. The song still stabbin’ says the drummer from def leopard lost his arm because Violent J cut it off, but thats not how it happened. How many country songs about a cheating wife and doing time over killing her and their fling have you heard? Do you really believe those singers have been in prison for murder? At any rate, in the GANG RELATED song Violent J does talks about beating your girlfriend and dissing your boys, which are 2 things he talks about in other songs as bad, ITS MUSIC, entertainment, leave it alone and get over it!!!

  7. Ya know its kinda funny that you post this considering that the ICP filed a lawsuit over the entire fact that their fans are considered gangs. pretty basic journalism

  8. If you have your hat tilled to the side and always down to jack a b**ch for her ride you might be gang related Whoop Whoop

  9. “If the colors that you rep make others upset, then you might be gang related.” ppffffffttt Once again, a song not taken in it’s full content. Those of you not brainwashed by the holocaust or blinded by hatred could also interpret the song as an over all diss to the action of being in a gang summed up in a clever composition of metaphor, sarcasm, and role reversal. Analyze what you see. Quit picking apart the means that benefit your silly “cause” (for lack of a better word) and tell the whole story instead of your dilapidated half-truths. Whoop Whoop! MMFWCL!

  10. Moderate Faster!

  11. wow. really? its just a fuckin song meant for entertainment. fuck off you retarded-ass haters

  12. WOW!!!! I agree with many things that are said here by the Juggalo’s and Lette’s for the Juggalo’s and Lette’s. This whole page here is the reason we Lo’s and Lette’s even exist. We are casted aside because we have a different mind. We grew up in broken home’s and got made fun of because of it. To me this website is like that asshole jock that used to put my head in toilets and beat my ass everyday. I went and told on him… But… What do ya know… He’s an all star football player and sucked the principles dick and said I started shit. I got in trouble for it. Then the All star football player whooped my ass worse everyday for trying to prevent. I took all the right steps to prevent me being picked on and bullying. But not one mother fucker gave a shit until I met a Juggalo. He came in and I was getting beat the fuck down. He was the only one that stood up for me. He was the only one who gave a shit and tried to help me. He didn’t even know who the fuck I was. He just seen i was in need of some help. So i been reppin the underground ever since then. We are a family not a gang. No matter what as long as a juggalo/lette is chillin with a Juggalo/lette shits cool. Even if you don’t know who they is. Being Juggalo Family is enough to make us respect and help each other out when needed. Fuck what you say and what you hear. At least we stand up for one another when nobody else will. And no you don’t have to be down with the clown for me to help you out. i help anyone out. If I see someone in the situation I was in and no one helping them out.. IM HELPIN THAT MOTHAFUCKER OUT.. JUGGALO OR NOT.. I don’t care if your black, white, brown, pink, green orange or any color in the crayon box. Now who is really in the wrong?

    The answer is society. When a group of people would stand there and laugh at me and watch while getting beat down by 6 people twice my age and or size. Including adults such as (Principles, Teachers, Cops, Parents, and act.) that just walked on by. FUCK YOU!!!!! I started fighting back. It wasn’t my choice to turn out the way I did. I just don’t wanna live my life getting picked on by people because they got more money then me, they are smarter then me, they went to a better school, I drive a shitty $400 car. Sorry my mommy and daddy didn’t have money to spoil me and buy my way in and out of shit. I AINT NO BITCH NOW AND AINT NO ONE FUCKED WITH ME SINCE THEN. NOW I GET TO SIT BACK, CHILL AND ENJOY MY LIFE WITHOUT BEING A BITCH AND GETTIN PICKED ON!!!!

    MMFWCL to all the Juggalo Family out there!!!!

    P. FUCKIN S.
    Not all Juggalo’s are the same. Some do stupid shit. Some don’t. But you shall not judge one because of all. Just because you listen to the music doesn’t mean your a Juggalo. THAT IS CALLED BEING RACIST. For example… Not trying to start shit or anything so PLEASE DONT TAKE OFFENSE… Black guy goes into a store and robs the place and kills 4 people.. DO ALL BLACK PEOPLE DO THAT… I DONT FUCKING THINK SO. White guy throws baby off a bridge and listens to ICP… Do all white guys to that.. ONCE AGAIN…. I DONT FUCKIN THINK SO… RICH MAN WITH MONEY… BUYS A DIFFERENT WHORE EVERY NIGHT AND CHEATS ON HIS WIFE… DOES EVERY RICH WHITE GUY DO THAT….. PROBABLY FUCKIN NOT… POINT PROVEN.. so fuck off…


    MMFWCL FAMILY!!!!!!!
    WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!
    We know who we are and what we do.


    HIT ME UP ON FACEBOOK IF YOU WANT…… Just search my name or email.

  13. “(Anybody Killa)
    I’m always asked if I’m gang related
    By police and the public and I’m starting to hate it
    If I wasn’t already, that would sure make me think
    About the prolems that I have and what I do to be free”
    Did you ever stop to listen to the whole song and think for one moment that it might be them ridiculing the fact they are being called a gang. They have always been known to be a humorus duo. Just a little food for though.

  14. i a juggalo who hates all the poser a juggalos so if you get afended by this your a poser so fuck you poser we are a gang just get that thou you fucking head your a bunch a MATHERFUCKING juggahoes

  15. you fam got a save place for you to go you will love it!/groups/150962521685689/

  16. Juggalette Enyay

    Not a good idea to fuck with the family we will defend ourselves. You have the right to listen to what music you want to why can’t we choose to listen to what we like? Just because we like the music and can finally connect with people you feel the need to attack us? I feel sorry for you. Shit like this is why we have a fucked up and corrupt system, because it is ok for certain music but not all. We get labeled a “hybrid gang” which I find is bullshit. Is this really how you want the new generation to be raised? To be racist against types of music and those that listen to that music as well? WE ARE FAMILY! MMFWCL FAMILY.

  17. He was kidding u fucking retards get a sense a humor its a family not a god damn gang i know a cop thats down with tha clown juggalos.get to gether and jam and drink faygo i know i am one its bull shit u guys think that u lost your law suit fuck tards some of us act stupid doesnt mean were a gang so fuck off

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