Juggalo throws baby off a bridge – Man who tossed baby charged with child abuse

juggalo throws baby off bridge

juggalo throws baby off bridge

Man who tossed baby charged with child abuse

Posted: Dec 06, 2011 11:14 AMUpdated: Dec 13, 2011 11:14 AM

By Charles Gazaway – email

McCabe Donovan (Source; LMDC)McCabe Donovan (Source; LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Metro police say a Louisville man grabbed a nine-month-old by baby by the mouth and tossed him at his mother.

According the arrest report 23-year-old McCabe Donovan was arguing with the child’s mother on Saturday when he allegedly twisted her arm behind her back.

When police arrived, the two were arguing over the child who was screaming and crying. Police say Donovan grabbed the child and pulled him towards his chest to muffle the sound risking suffocation.

Donovan is charged with assault and criminal abuse of a child. He was booked into Louisville Metro Corrections.

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5 responses to “Juggalo throws baby off a bridge – Man who tossed baby charged with child abuse

  1. Look you Poor Excuses of Men! the beef between you idiots & us “Juggalos” needs to be stopped, i understand that the old era’s of this icp band was very well Dark & hidiouse , but Treating us like Dog’s & things will not stop this war. All your doing is Escalading more drama and causing more grief..not only to us ICP fans, but also making your people look more ignorant..! does that make sence?! or must i have to translate it in British or even German? I am a Juggalo have been for many years, i do not stink, nor do i steal, rape, nor kill people for what music says! i listen to ICP because they’re knowledge and life experiance is way more legit and i can compre-hend on the struggles of what life brings! more less the violence & on going BS they may say in there lyrics! Other cases, as for being a “Juggalo” i am a great father to a 8 month old baby, he’s healthy and content, I work an awesome job @ Sears Holdings! <—-(Some scum scrub huh?) & drugs is a thing i want to ban from the earth not sale it! not all Juggalos are what you make them seem! i am human just like you! So for what ever reason you are still continuing this so called "WAR" just let the past go, we Juggalo's work, and support our "Blood" Families, (Biological) can you research that word?…because that's what a Juggalo is! Family! I am sorry if you haters had bad times with Juggalos @ some point, but if you think making sites like this 1 or other clown hating sites, all your doing is being Stupid (Children), be men & women & just leave us alone maturely if you know what that means than live by it! I am tierd of the fight's, i am sick of being considard a "GANG MEMBER" because of your lousy hatred! Wise thing to do is just stop putting us to blame for all the chaos, we are not the ones causing the world to go berzerk! so if i have made myself clear than please do the bigger thing & "LEAVE US ALONE" eventually media will get pist and will shut this site down, vanish Nuke! Thank You & Have a Great Day .

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