Twiztid’s Abominationz – Psychopathic sells juggalos the same album four or five times

Twiztid’s Abominationz – Psychopathic sells juggalos the same album four or five times...

Twiztid’s Abominationz is going to come in two versions! You got yourself the MADROX VERSION and the MONOXIDE VERSION! Each version of the album will come with a SWEET fuckin’ cover featuring one of the demented duo themselves which will slip off to reveal ANOTHER wig flipping cover! You think you’ve seen that shit before? NO WAY. The cover won’t be revealed until the demented duo deem the timing right. Also different between the Madrox and Monoxide versions of the album are the bonus track! On the Madrox version of Abominationz it’s going to be all about the former Phatso. And on the Monoxide version it’s a deep hit of the chainsmoker!

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Twiztid have decided to continue the collection of the Dark Carnival Trading Cards! While set 1-10 was packed with the W.I.C.K.E.D. album, cards 11-20 will be included with Abominationz. They feature all new characters, descriptions, and possibilities! These cards have been fuckin’ UPGRADED to full color and are NEEDED when it comes to completing your set. Each album will contain ONE random card.

Not only are you collectors tryin’ to get your hands on as many as you can, but you might get a BONUS hook-up if you find the AUTOGRAPHED DARK CARNIVAL TRADING CARDS! The numbers on these autographed cards are LIMITED so keep your eyes peeled for the autographs! Also, while we can’t give away who and what are featured on every single card, we can tell you about the HARDEST TO FIND card in this collection. It’s the PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS FAMILY card. Let the speculation begin!

“Yes juggalos, buy 30 copies of the same album so you get collect all the cards! heh heh heh…”

In the words of the esham song – Horrible – THOSE FRIENDS NO FRIENDS OF MINE

via Twiztid’s Abominationz – Psychopathic sells juggalos the same album four or five times...

8 responses to “Twiztid’s Abominationz – Psychopathic sells juggalos the same album four or five times

  1. Kill YourSelf Already, Stop Reading!

    Dude For Real Get A Fucking Life! If You Hate Juggalos So Damn Much Why Are You Quoting Esham? Your Nothing But A Loser With Way To Much Time On Your Hands. Do Yourself A HUGE FAVOR And KILL YOURSELF Like Your Parents Should Have. Oh And Respond All You Want But I Wont Be Back On This Meaningless Waste Of Time Site.

    *Some Moms Should Have Just Swallowed*


  2. Your one true reason for running this site is that you’re so full of shit it’s spewing from your mouth as if you’re talking out of your buttcheeks. Juggalos and ‘Lettes are all about family first and we make sure our own are taken care of before we spend our cash so selfishly or idiotically. For one thing, I am a Mother and a Juggalette. My daughter comse first and any other Juggalo Father or Juggalette Mother I know is on the same page. My kid isn’t “starving” because mommy needed her horrorcore fix. If you’re so worried about the hungry children perhaps you should begin a campaign against the baseheads and crackwhores who let their children do without because they can’t survive unless they get a bump. Secondly, we don’t judge one another by how much money we fork over to Psychopathic Records. Music and merchandise are shareable, giftable things. We’d give the shirt off of our backs or the Hatchetman around our necks to the Jugglos/lettes who never had a thing because we look out for one another and that’s all that matters. Maybe that wasn’t the case in your sally-sob-story but feel free to pull the stick out of your ass and get off of your self righteous high horse ’cause what happened to you isn’t the fault of Juggalos. You need to deal with your own problems and place the blame where it belong.

    MMFWCL 😄

  3. well then where are these kids of juggalos thanking you for your efforts you dumb shit you know you do this just to troll juggalos cause your sad life is so boring that you get a rise out of trolling and that is truly some of the saddest shit i have ever seen

  4. Ahhh :-{ Did your mommy and daddy make you starve growing up? Your parents juz knew they were raising a lil bitch that was never gonna mount to anything, exept another dudes nutt sack…SHIT!!! Im buying 60 fuckin albums and giving 59 of em away, juz to spread the Twiztid madness!!!! I take care of my Family. LIKE MY NINJA SAID UP TOP,”Get a fucking life” , quit talkin bout shit that you dont even know about.

  5. Beandiptaco420-fuck u u fucking fag

    Maybe u should go suck on your mommas titty a lil bit longer.obviosly u have no friends.real friends that is.u probably sit in the corner of your closet in the dark with your sisters barbies wishing u were ken so u could fuck that hot ass Barbie doll that’s in ur hands.i think the only thing that could make u happy is if I come over to your house and fuck ur mom while u watch.then we could all sit down at the dinner table and talk about how it’s not right for u to touch little boys private parts any more.shut the fuck up u fucking fag.fuck ur site I just happened to be browsing and found this pathetic site.get a life u fucking child fucker.ha ha ha ha ha. Bitch

  6. Beandiptaco420-fuck u u fucking fag

    You are what we real juggalos call a bitch boy.

  7. JuggaletteBlackSnow

    Ok. I am 14. Ya hi. Only Lette in my blood fam. You are trippin on some kinda drug bro. Chillax a bit.

  8. As a juggalo i think i remember putting food, rent, college tuition, and the needs of the household befor buying any psychopathic records merchandise, i only bought one album and im sure psychopathic doesnt intend for juggalos to buy 30 copies, thats just ludicrous…

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