Juggalo talks about violent JJ incident – Why Twiztid Left Psychopathic records

This Juggalo claims that people are saying twiztid attacked violent jj – a child.
That is not the rumor , the rumor is one of twiztids security guards accidentally hit violent jj when twiztid and violent j had a argument and got heated.

8 responses to “Juggalo talks about violent JJ incident – Why Twiztid Left Psychopathic records

  1. Ok man look here u are acting like s dick so cut the shit out

  2. JuggaletteBlackSnow

    That’s not true.They said it at the 2007 gathering because ABK was coming back but THEY ARE NOT LEAVING


  3. really cuz i live with fam i just met off the streets

  4. this guy def repersents this fag page

  5. 1 this dude is a dumb ass nobody will ever kno y twiztid left psychopathic. 2 if they did leave cuz of icp its cuz they do shit n such a way that it gives being a juggalo a bad name, they were planning to sellout, and cuz violent j is a pedofile. 3 y does it make a difference that they ain’t on the rec label anymore pay closer attention everyone is slowly walking away from them i even be willin to bet that pretty soon icp will b all alone n this. But i am sure i will get people bashing me for this comment but then there again after i post this i wont b back so talk all the shit u can cuz this is the internet and the shit people say on here will hurt my feelings n i will kill myself n even worse cuz people talk shit on the internet i am just gunna have to b a lame ass get a facebook page n then delete all my friends.

  6. I am 37,I have 5 children and been married for 18 years.I vote and don’t do drugs.I am a juggalo. And by the way I work for a fortune 500 company in fiance for 15 years. Stereotype me. Most of the juggalos I know in my circle of friends are the same.I guess that makes me a gang member.ohaw

  7. Nitro the Southwest Choppa

    yo look here hatin ass fukk boi u a non believin ass bitch yea twiztid left 4 watever reason but wat matters to the rest of the Juggalo Family is y cuzz its ohana b4 all n 4 twiztid n icp to beef sum shit had to have poppd off i love all my Los n Lettes n will do anythin for 1 of my brothers or sisters as long as they really down its Hatchet 4 Lyfe WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL N FUKK ALL U JH PUSSIES MAGIK MAGIK NINJAS WHAT!!!!!!! any fam out there keep it wicked ninjas

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