Juggalo happy with school shooting

juggalo school shooting


19 responses to “Juggalo happy with school shooting

  1. Im do sicken about you being happy about a school shooting of little kids people like you makes me sick

  2. I am a juggalette and I find this very sickening. There is no way that guy is a true juggalo. He needs shot for saying this and for giving lo’s and lette’s a bad name.

  3. That’s proof juggalos are garbage

  4. does esham run this site? just wondering all of the posts on the right there are from esham or other suicidalists..mmm whats up with that?

  5. What a piece of shit. Juggalos really suck these days

  6. Juggalo Holocaust? Man Twizted and Psy all left each other on the BEST possible terms. Ya’ll need to get your facts straight. They want to expand, and couldn’t do it under Psy anymore. As far as it’s all concerned, we’re all a juggalo family, and the people on this site, are just people that weren’t real enough to be considered Juggalos in the first place…. REJECTZ!!!

  7. Yes i am a Juggalo, And yes i find the above image disturbing. I don’t know how other Juggalos ever expect society to stop hating us when there is people like that around. I understand why you all hate us, but need to remind you there is a great deal of Juggalos out their that would agree with you on how we act. I for one apologize on behalf of my “family” and want you to know that i am trying to get the Old Age Juggalos to get people like the above shown to either change the way they act, or separate themselves from the family altogether.

  8. this fucker needs to be shot. he is sick

  9. ain't yo bidness....

    If thats even real… thats one sick persons opinion…but i doubt it is…. pick on Hitler… he actually killed ppl

  10. This ~Juggalotus~ fucker is exactly the kind of individual who makes it easy to hate on the Juggalo family. ICP tries to teach us to get along and fuck who ever cant. Juggalotus is a fuckin disgrace to family and should be discredited as being a Juggalo, and thats the kind of statement that diserves a ‘whoop, whoop’.

  11. This kid needs help disgusting and sad

  12. Hey fucktard. Viva school shootings? How about someone removes you from the mortal realm? Sick juggahoe degenerate. You obviously don’t have kids yourself. How about you taking a .45 and sticking it in your mouth? Go ahead and pull the trigger……Now!

  13. Oh, it spelled idol, retard. Not idle.

  14. holocaust are for the week and scared shittless!!!

    if you believe any of this shit on this page you are no longer a juggalo. fuck every one of the people who brought this site to life. it is nothing but a straight up lie. FUCK JUGGALO HOLOCAUST. You people fear what you do not understand. me and my juggalo crew have done nothing but listen to the music. and for you people to try and bring us down for that? FUCK YOU. i heard country singers are starting to put hidden messages in thier songs now too. i guess it’s time to hang country people by the rope and extinct them all riiight? riight.

  15. anti-Hippocrates

    ok, so you are an anti-juggalo GROUP? so, your saying icp is a gang because they all dress the same and wear the same clothing? so what do you people call yourselves? if i’m not mistaken, you are doing the same thing your bashing icp for, which is creating a group. so, if i got all my cards in place here, your a gang too! the anti- juggalo gang! yea! thats it! lets just hate on something we are to afraid to understand then turn into a bunch of hippocrites and do the same shit back to them!! yea, thats gonna do it! lets form another gang to combat the insane clown posse gang! your all a bunch of fucking haters. you all need to take a big ass dick to the jaw for even opening up your mouth with the word “juggalo” coming out of it. ohh, my bad, yall allready got dicks in the mouth seeing how your all a bunch of bitches!!! go hate on something worth hating on. like your mom.

  16. jh prolly made this up. trolls

  17. This guy is just a fucking idiot! This is coming from a Juggalo. That guy deserves to be shot in the face for saying that. If it was a KISS fan saying it I guess it would have been okay?????

  18. you are a complete idiot fakes like you give us juggalos a bad
    name you aren’t worthy to call yourslef a juggalo and never will
    be so shut the fuck up

  19. You sir have been falsely mislead on your info we care for all life just not for the ones that take it for granted. Jugg tile my grave is dugg #copyrights reserved

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