Blaze Ya dead homie – Quits Psy Records – Juggalos butthurt

Rapper Blaze Ya dead homie shits on psy reccords and Quits Psy Records – Juggalos are butthurt

10 responses to “Blaze Ya dead homie – Quits Psy Records – Juggalos butthurt

  1. Wow this is extremely valid! I love the proof and links that ya provided! LoL

  2. Blaze is one of those homies who will knock down dead if you battle him. I done ran into him in parties in Clawson michigan where he is from in the burbs. He’s a punk. But I’m glad he stepped. He needs to find his own way.

  3. Go suck off Bill O’Reily, since you LOVE to emulate his and Fox’s bullshit tactics so much.. He never “shit” on Psychopathic. All he said was that he was unware of being released from the label until he read J’s shoot interview, which he said was messed up and he wasn’t returning, but he also said that he’s still with the fam. There was some kind of miscommunication and I guess J thought he wanted to go and be with Twiztid, but he apologized, and Blaze said it was okay.

  4. I just want to say fuck all you punk ass red neck dick sucking bitches this is a member of the Juggalo Family and a proud one at that all you shit talking pussies would say any of this to our faces and you know you would not because you are all truly scared of us and you know that we would break your whole face piece for sayin the thing you say yes we have bylaws that you half to follow but that’s the whole world right everyone. Has to follow rules it don’t make it a gang so you all go ahead keep talking that shit you talk because that is all it is talk.

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  6. But…he is still part of the band Dark Lotus AND the psychopathic rydas. He will take part of the 2013 gathering of the juggalos, and left with Twiztid to start their own record company to get more freedom on their art, and headline their own shit. No beef what so ever with Psy. So the juggalos are happy and you are putting some false rumors on your page champ, congrats! hahahaha

  7. Llal.. no, he didn’t ;p

  8. Your movement is dead faggots, go back to 4chan now.

  9. Oh look a bullshit story he said Joe Bruce thought he did resulting in Bruce apologizing. Get your shit straight before you spread fake news

  10. Whoop Whoop we aint butthurt he is still with fam

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