How the Juggalo holocaust helped the FBI identify juggalos as a gang – JH in FBI reports


Juggalo holocast has been referenced in the FBIs reports on why juggalos are a gang – PAGE 74 of the report.

13 responses to “How the Juggalo holocaust helped the FBI identify juggalos as a gang – JH in FBI reports

  1. I was banned from your page on “facebook.” this must have been because i liked your page with my page and commented using my page. I now know that that is against the rules and i will not do it again. please dis continue the ban against “Cody B-raps” on face book. thank you. that is all.

  2. You guys are a joke. Plain and simple. Talk about protecting people and children, but have logos saying to “KILL JUGGALOS” on your website. Bunch of hypocrites! There are kid Juggalos as well, you going to kill them too? You people need to get a life and stop hating on a group of people just because SOME of them are morons. There are fans of KISS, Motley Crue, KORN, etc. that are just as bad or worse! Every group or genre of music has its idiots. There are good Juggalos, and bad Juggalos, just like every other group. You fools need to get the cocks out of your asses and move on.

  3. I dont understand no body actually cares about the JH not Evan real you guys are nothing but a bunch of fucking Hippocrits..and there are far more of us * juggalos* than you bitchs there is a page on Facebook with over 5millon likes check your dumb ass before you talk shit…I wanna meet a so called JH nigga let me see never meet one because your scary ass fags with no life..and not one juggalo has been killed by you skin heads

  4. this is bullshit just becasue two dumbasses claim to be juggalos you take it out on the rest of us well i’m here to say this WE ARE NOT A GANG WE ARE A FAMILY WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS UNDER THE HATCHET AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOU CAN KISS MY HATCHET AND FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i am interested in helping your organization where is it located?

  6. You assholes better tear this fucking site down. Or us juggalos will sue your asses for your slanderous comments. And then hunt you down and make furniture out of your lame hides.

  7. You all are so uneducated about this its not even funny.

  8. And you un lawfully stalked this guy do it to me I’ll have your pussy ass arrested i know my Towns sheriff guys reported blaze quit but didn’t report it was all confusion you all are fat bastards who do nothing but scratch your nuts eat junk food and spread fake ass news.bunch of pussies

  9. The page 74 fbi listing is a fake with forged information. u cant expect to keep lying on this site. nowhere in the document (the whole document) does it use the term “face painting idiots”. if you had common sense youd know that the fbi would not refer to ANYONE in a publicly released document in such a way. you are demeaning yourselves and the fbi.

  10. AND the truth about juggalos is to live and let be. We didnt start it but we will end it. not to mention Twiztid was at the gotj and they killed it whoop whoop.
    ps your weak ass JH forum just sounds like people hating on each other not the juggalos. get yo shit together maybe ull persuade 2 more people to join ur slow moving gang of haters.
    pps and if your gonna let peeps sell shit on your site u should get a cut its only fair.

  11. whattup dicklickers?first off,this is a blatant lie.second off,i’ve seen and heard some dumb shit,but have never heard of someone who is so proud to be a snitch and 5.0.make your mamma proud.i’m calling all you fuckin pussies…with the truth.tell me this…what makes people family?the blood in their veins?wrong,douchebags.what about people who are adopted or have had loved ones die.what is in your heart and your soul is what makes people family.two things you fuckin retards obviously know nothing about.i don’t need to bring this to anyone’s attention,as this site clearly does that for me.i am 45,father of 5,and a grandfather.i’ve had this hatchetman on my chest for over 20 years…long before some young,ignorant,wannabe fucks played this off as some gang shit.this means you think that you give anything to this planet or others by being hatemongers?probably.but as i’ve told my own,grown children,”what does a person have to do to show what an ignorant,uneducated,worthless piece of shit another person is?”nothing…they will do it all on their own.
    thanks for proving my,pussies,let’s see what’s in your chest.i know it’s not a name is below,here’s my facebook addy( here’s my phone number..720-596-4580.i live in the truth and fear NOTHING.if the people who run this joke of a site can print the same info that i just have you might just save this site.if you don’t,let everyone who reads this know and understand that you are liars,racists and hatemongers who cannot even stand behind their own statements.if what you print here is just and true,you all will have no problem standing by your’s up to you know.all you have to do is stick your hand up your stinky feneuters and pull your ovaries out.
    i don’t see it happening.why?fear
    you live in it and i don’t….
    for i am the DENVERMADJUGGALO

  12. Fuck that. JH complains about Juggalos and violence.. I visited Mass. last year. There was loads of commotion due to the fact that members of JH raped and nearly killed a girl for wearing a hatchetman hoodie. My friend at the time was hysterical, being very close to the victim. And there’s been cases not unlike it all over. If Juggalos are considered a gang, JH should be too.

  13. Juggalo way of life = Respect and love.

    JH stance = KILL THE CLOWNS!

    Yeah we are definitely the dangerous gangmembers, not you sick excuses for humans. Raping and attacking family members just for being fam and you try to make us look like bad people?! Do the world a favour and jump off a tall building head first, people like you make the human race look bad.

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