Juggalo gang to be in grand theft auto 5 – GTA V – most killed group of pedestrians


juggalo gang gta v

juggalo gang gta v

The juggalo gang will feature in GTA 5 – Hmmm not a gang you say


18 responses to “Juggalo gang to be in grand theft auto 5 – GTA V – most killed group of pedestrians

  1. Idk, I think it’s kinda cool that we’re in a game now, but we aren’t a gang, so, it’s a condradiction, there are law-abiding, stand-up juggalos that are getting arrested and kicked out of the military just because of the music they listen to. Then there’s people like the ones on this website that just want to cause problems. Typical. Nobody can just be themselves without any issues.

  2. I came across JH’s facebook page. While it’s in good fun, why devote countless hours to a group that you all hate so much? (I am not an ICP fan, I don’t know any Juggalos, etc.)

  3. so let me get this straight, your saying juggalos are a gang with your proof being…a video game..?

  4. You people are a gang of fuckboys who have nothing better to do than hate on another type of person. You have no lives. You should just die now and do the world a favor. I’m glad to be a Juggalo instead of a little bitch ass group of knuckleheads that think they’re hard on the internet. Grow some fucking balls faggots.

  5. It’s obvious that you within this holocaust have seen juggalos from one angle but I’m one I’ve never done gang signs, I wear normal clothes I try to help people if ever I’m given the chance. What it is, is today’s juggalos are young kids that commit crimes then say they’re juggalos how bout quit doing mass punishment act like you’ve got common sense use your brains for more than hate with you saying juggalos can die suggests you’d like to kill them, you’re just as dangerous as the juffalos, that’s our term for the fake juggalos

  6. finally we can kill them without getting in trouble

  7. Do you believe everything you see on a video game? Helpful hint don’t jump off a building you will probably die 😛 just saying bro

  8. video games are fun!


  10. just because multiple rockstar devs are fans of icp and they put one character in the game with makeup, dosent mean they are legit a gang, jeus fuckin Christ get a life

  11. I know this is old and all, but not all juggalos are bad people, the gangs are just the ones who make them seem like complete ignorant assholes.

  12. They are not a gang, and juggalos are not all gang members nor are we stupid as most people perceive i am a juggalo and I believe that even though we are labeled as a gang were not all bad. Its like calling all Muslims terrorists its not true, you cant judge a group by a few idiots.

  13. hey retard its a video game

  14. LOL. They aren’t a gang in the game…..

  15. hmmm last time I checked there was only one juggalo in gta 5 so yea still not a “gang” get a life anyone who has this much time on there hands need to get a life have a wonderful day fucko

  16. Umm this guy isn’t a gang member in the game you moron lol you guys are more ignorant than a nigger

  17. ok coming from a juggalo if we was a gang we would be killin people ya’ll is some dumb mother fuckers we do drugs and we listen to music you sit around at home with your dick in your hand. Just cause we have a life don’t mean you can ruin it cause you have a shitty home life don’t take it out on us fuckin faggots kiss my fuckin ass and drop dead mother fuckers

  18. Actually Juggalos are a gang because they do kill people they stab people alot of the juggahos in downtown tulsa are all like that….. I used to live in tulsa so i know ffirst hand look violent jay you’s a BITCH shaggy 2 dope well you look like a confused lil boy with a dick up your ass…. Fuck ICP……everyone listeni to mainstream music not these two BITCH MADE MAGGOT SUCKING FAGGOTS

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