New Juggalo holocaust forum

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2 responses to “New Juggalo holocaust forum

  1. Eat my cock Sent from my Cricket smartphone

  2. this is so beyond prejudiced its not even funny im a juggalo who has to hide who I am for fear of being beaten attacked by so called “normal people” who hate on me for my beliefs and I for one would never harm anyone thats not what being a juggalo is about its about love. Being able to look past who someone was and at who they are. Why do you think we talk about juggalo family? Seriously we live by a premise that everyone should love each other no matter who they are what race they are what religion. Chances are you heard a few songs read some stuff on google. But the truth is you know nothing. Yes there are self proclaimed juggalos out there who dont get it they take the music at face value but im not a gang member I donate time and money on a weekly basis to animal shelters and homeless shelters trying to help people. Frankly having read this your no better then hitler pre biasing an entire group without the facts, I pity you.

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