Juggalo escapes the evil of the juggalo cult – drops hatchet and burns shirts / cds – WHOOP WHOOP

This brave juggalo has found the light and escaped the evil and non christian insane clown posse cult

6 responses to “Juggalo escapes the evil of the juggalo cult – drops hatchet and burns shirts / cds – WHOOP WHOOP

  1. This guy is an idiot. Doesn’t he know that icp is actually religious? “non Christian cult,” what bullshit. Juggalos aren’t bad people. Some of the nicest people are juggalos, they’d give you the shirt off their back in the winter if you need it. Know what you’re talking about before you preach bullshit. Fuck pomoxide, or whatever his name is, bible thumping redneck.

    • Yes i have heard the unveling but what “god” are they actually following

      • They follow GOD, you know, father of Jesus, ever heard of Him? 10 commandments? Landofthebanned needs shut down. You guys slander and hunt us juggalos, you injure, insult, and blame us for the fucked up shit you find online.

    • You must listen to them, you have a filthy mouth just like them! Being religious don’t mean your saved! They don’t believe in the one true GOD! Born Again Believers with the Spirit of GOD living on the inside of them do not curse and use GOD’S Name in vain! JESUS CHRIST died on the cross and paid your sin debt and GOD raised JESUS from the dead! You must believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST! I encourage you to repent of your sins. Don’t debate, don’t wait, get saved! Call onthe name of JESUS CHRIST, AMEN!!! PASTOR,

  2. Well I’m a juggalo and I love Jesus and he love me cause I’m a christan and I go to church every Sunday. ICP a cult fuck we are not the KKK mother fuckers
    We praise to lord and our savour, Jesus. And for all u haters……..good luck.

  3. If this guy is deciding to drop the hatchet, then fine. It only proves he was never a true juggalo to begin with, and I don’t want fakes in my family. People like this try to knock us down, but we won’t let it happen because those of us who are true to the family will stick together til the end. And even after that, we’ll remain a family when we all meet up again in Shangri-La. Whoop whoop and MCL!!!

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