Juggalo Civil War – Insane clown posse 3:24 house of wax is a twiztid diss

Civil war in the land of the juggalos

Some nitwit juggalos think this is an esham diss HAHA

Guess what nimrods its a twiztid DISS .

Freinds become enemies because time surprises you

Those who once idolized suddenly despising you – ESHAM NEVER IDOLIZED ICP – N E V E R

Asked about his influences were suddenly he forgets – Why would esham say ICP influenced him??

Violent J from day one with the painted faces quit ripping us off – Hilarious another example of it not being an esham diss

1. Jumpsteady was the one keeping the peace. At Juggalo day last year he said to keep the peace with twiztid to the entire crowd

2. Talks about how they got painted faces and want to trade places…

3. Talks about ryding with myzery who also has beef with twiztid

4. Bitches out promoting at our shows (twiztid does)

5. All you faggots eating off us (juggalos/twiztid)

6. lets see who stays on our side and is ready to ride…

7 responses to “Juggalo Civil War – Insane clown posse 3:24 house of wax is a twiztid diss

  1. I am a high ranking member of the very low key and elite JHC [Juggalo Hacker Crew]. Hate us, or love us. We all have helped out many fam members. From the early days of exploiting hatchetgears PHP slots, all the way to obtaining more financial data than JHC can ever run through, buying up whatever we or our friends and families want. Since than. Twiztid-shop got cute by making it so your billing and shipping are now the same. Prior to that was just a extra 2 week hold. twiztid-shop was warned long ago that the JHC can just deplete there entire warehouse and send all there merch all over the country [because we can]. The new music video [no paint, a very skinny Madrox.. is kinda looking like a mainstream attempt. You could literally slap that thing right up on MTV and Twiztid would probably get a bunch of ‘new fans’. I am part of a old guard that stays loyal to not just Psychopathic Records, but still has love for Twiztid.. Anyone who did not see it coming was a moron, they only had there own web store and logos for years before the announcement. If you have any real life skill or expierence in Interenet/Network or any web based security. Apply for a possible position in our ranks. If you are accepted. You get a ‘welcome pack’ with all kinds of -goodies-, including thousands of credit card numbers, with fName, lNames, Addresses, Phone #’s, Zip, State, Expiration Dates, CVC security codes, emails, and much more to get you started right, and buy ANYTHING you want.. and also exclusive access to the JHC network that has so many useful tools and resources, as well as a chat/forum, and training. In order to be accepted, you will be asked to prove yourself. -Colton [Recruiter/JHC elite]

    Contact via: RobbyGarretson@outlook.com

  2. Fuck You and your weak ass Word Press site :P

    Colton here. I appreciate all the resume’s that have poured in. So far nobody has made the cut. Money is power and freedom. We offer all of that. Prove yourself, and join us….. or be nothing with nothing. -JHC-

  3. The above statement on The House of Wax album is a terrible interpretation. This bitch ass hater site reads way too much into EVERYTHING in a lame attempt thinking -someone- will listen, take it serious, and start shit when there is none. It fuckin’ music. Enjoy hosting this lame site..

  4. Fuck the holocaust fam is pure

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