Insane clown posse drops the ball – rehashs rebel flag badlly – Missing Link – Lost Review

Fisher price raps with millions of voice modulators , samples , no features and random noises .

Marvelous missing link is one of the crappiest and laziest icp albums – ICP trying so hard to revive the past they are destroying their future -one song uses so many voice modulators and sound effects its listenable . Confederate flag is just rebel flag badly remade . Vomit is ass . How and you should know are the best beats on the album… they fucking destroy it with lines like “fuck my dad i wanna slaughter thee ” . I see the devil the outro probably only worthwhile track on the album but also has issues with random yelling and the slow guitar and singing at the end – Have to wash my eardurms out with some PTAB

4 responses to “Insane clown posse drops the ball – rehashs rebel flag badlly – Missing Link – Lost Review

  1. You hate them yet you listen? Thanks for the support! Some people just need shit to bitch about..

  2. Yet you listen, thanks for the support. And everyone needs something to bitch about. I could complain about the drug addict bands you listen to…

  3. Juggalo silence

    It’s so funny that all you get on here and talk shit about everything your little minds can come up with. Wow what a positive member of society. All you do is try to rain on every one else’s parade but who the fuck are you? How died and made you God. Nothing has anything to do with any of you yet you feel it’s ok to be a bigget. You are the reason… And I AM A JUGGALO…. I am life and you are death!

  4. Ok listen to there music. the rebel was what they use to support slavery back in the civil war right? Well icp talks about killing racist people. In there song “Mr. Johnson’s head” in the song it says “I couldn’t stand the pressure, not another day
    I didn’t like the fucker Mr. Johnson anyway
    I sat up in his class, he hung a rebel flag
    I cut the bigots head off and I stuffed it in my bag” bigot means racist. Also in there song piggy pie they talk about killing a racist incest loving redneck they use redneck because its a stereo type also in piggy pie they killed cops cuz authority tentcally means “force” and the last person they kill in the song is a gready rich mofo. Some sins are judgment (racism), incest, authority, greed, and HATE. So why you juggalo holocaust mother fuckers gonna HATE on a group of people who want piece and good people. So how about you stop “JUDGING” and be civilized people and help try to change shit for the good instead of hating and causing for destruction

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