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FBI and Local police agree – Juggalos are a gang

Over 30 confirmed juggalo gang memebers

Nazi juggalo gangs

FBI and Local Police both agree Juggalos are a gang.

This is too good.

Juggalo gang is Attacking People with Guns and Knives in France

juggalo france
For my entire life, when I’ve met new people and arrived at the point in the relationship where we find ourselves talking about our fears, I’ve come away feeling disappointed. Why? Well, here is a list of legitimate fears: attack dogs, STD tests, that heartbeat moment when you Snapchat your junk to someone and their name begins with the same letter as someone in your family, your house burning down in the night.

Nowhere on that list is the word clowns, because for a long time, being scared of clowns has been the most bullshit fear on Earth. It’s a fear adopted by teenagers who don’t know any better to make them seem interesting by association. It’s a fear sprung from seeing a picture of Pennywise from Stephen King’s It and thinking, Yeah, that seems like a cool fear.

But now I’m starting to think that the clown fearers might have a point, because gangs of young men have been marauding around France dressed as clowns chasing innocent bystanders with pistols, poles, knives, and bats.

Juggalo gang – lead suspect in murder of little girl
SACRAMENTO — As the trial begins for a man accused of killing a girl and leaving her in a baseball dugout in Northern California, his attorney says there’s enough evidence to charge another man in the case.

Ryan Roberts is accused of killing 13-year-old Jessica Funk-Haslam, The girl’s stabbed, beaten and choked body was found in a Rosemont, Calif. park. Investigators say DNA found on cigarette butts at the crime scene matched Roberts from a previous arrest.

But a motion filed in the case argues that investigators have the wrong man. The motion from Roberts’ lawyers asks the court to bring a new suspect into the trial, a man identified as a “Juggalo gang member.”

A Juggalo is a fan of the band Insane Clown Posse. The rock band’s fans often wear black and white “clown” face paint. In 2011, the FBI listed the Juggalos in its National Gang Threat Assessment, though the band and its fans insist they are not involved in crime.

Roberts’ mother released a statement Tuesday calling for the court to follow up on the evidence against the unnamed Juggalo.

“I’ve been waiting for two years to tell you what I’ve known all along; my son, Ryan Roberts has been wrongly accused of a horrible crime: the murder of a young girl,” Tammy Roberts said in the statement.

The motion argues that the Juggalo suspect had a plan to meet the victim on the night of the murder, and that his criminal record includes an arrest for possessing knives.

Defense attorney Kevin Adamson, who is not involved with the trial, told CBS Sacramento that the motion goes further than just floating an alternate theory for the murder, a common defense tactic.

“What the court will look at is whether there’s more than a mere suspicion that it was somebody else,” he said. “You actually have to have evidence that somebody else committed the crime.”

Rape , LSD , MDA and Coke – GOTJ

NEWARK – More charges were filed Thursday against three people who were arrested at the Gathering of the Juggalos in July.

A grand jury returned indictments Thursday charging each of the three men with additional felonies.

•Daniel Romisch, 26, of Nebraska, was charged with two first-degree felony counts of rape. According to court records, Romisch was suspected of sexually assaulting a woman while she was intoxicated.

Witnesses told police Romisch carried the victim out of a tent and engaged in sexual conduct with her on July 25, however, the victim did not appear to know what was going on, according to court records.

Romisch is being held in the Licking County Justice Center in lieu of a $75,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear for an arraignment Tuesday.

•Rafael Campos, 33, of Illinois, was charged with third-degree felony charges of trafficking in LSD, possession of LSD, aggravated trafficking in drugs and aggravated possession of drugs.

Court records show Campos was suspected of having LSD and MDMA in his possession and selling or offering to sell those drugs at the concert on July 26.

Campos, who has prior felony drug convictions in other states, is being held in the Licking County Justice Center in lieu of a $50,000 bond. He is scheduled for an arraignment Tuesday.

•John W. Reardon, 19, of Massachusetts, was indicted on charges of aggravated possession of drugs and aggravated trafficking in drugs, both third-degree felonies; and possession of LSD and trafficking in LSD, both fifth-degree felonies.

According to court records, Reardon was suspected of advertising the sale of a drug called Molly, also known as MDMA, across a topless woman’s chest on July 24. An undercover officer reportedly witnessed several transactions and then asked uniformed officers to arrest Reardon.

Reardon is being held in the Licking County Justice Center in lieu of $35,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear for an arraignment Tuesday.

A fourth man who was arrested the same weekend was also indicted:

•Daniel Drew, 28, of Maine, was charged with one count of trafficking in cocaine, a fifth-degree felony.

According to court records, Drew was spotted by an undercover police officer at the event on July 24. Drew was reportedly holding a sign that read “Cocaine” and offered to sell the undercover officer some of the drug.

Drew was released from the Licking County Justice Center after posting a $15,000 bond on July 27. He is scheduled to appear for an arraignment on Aug. 25.

The four men reportedly attended the multi-day concert event at Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground July 25 and 26. The concert featured music from bands such as the Insane Clown Posse.

Juggalo shooter reported at Antioch (Nashville) theater

Latest movie theater gunmen (nashville), wielded a hatchet, had been committed 4 times

juggalos gonna juggalo