Newest Juggalo Holocaust Member – Runae Moon

I Runae Moon am dropping the hatchet – I have had enough of the juggalo ways and I now hate juggalos – Horrorflik Musick for life and Long live the Juggalo holocaust and Land of the banned – WHOOP WHOOP – More like POOP POOP aha ha . XOXO Runae Moon

3 responses to “Newest Juggalo Holocaust Member – Runae Moon

  1. More like Runae Loon the faker…

    Just curious how much did they pay you to an average chic to say all that? Yes poop poop JH died back in 2010. LoL

    How many JH members had to gangbang you to let ya be a member, did ya catch any std’s or did they share their drugs with ya first to numb up your neden so it wouldn’t be as painful and you could go a lot longer, if not thats a shame cause ya know sharing is caring!!

    Have fun staying behind the times. hahaha Horrorflik Musick flick i.e. movie, music isn’t video its all audio fail it can’t be a movie, music can be about the movies or based on movies…

    Horrorcore ftw fuck the fake clones and wanna be’s that genre will die out quick, cause it’s a carbon print copy cat of horrorcore the true one and only original genre.

    Much Luv to Your Fake Ass

  2. dont blame u runae, juggalos these days are sick and fxcked in the head punk a$$ kids, my hubby and i have been down since day one and the los we have associated with since the early 90s never acted like this. im embarrassed and ashamed, ive never been ashamed to claim i was a lo/lette but these days all i can do is shake my head.. hubby and i are both educated graduates, home owners and good people, but being associated with them automatically portrays a bad image. im pushing 40, i dont need that negative stuff in my life. god bless u and urs

  3. Runae Moon is a liar and a theif

    Runae Moon you are a liar and stole charity money – I will never support you again – if me and my juggalo family see you – its fucking on

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