Icp gives burns victim some shitty merch – uses her and father to promote themselves

and advertises the fuck out of it on tmz..

Fucking lowlifes

Insane Clown Posse has joined the chorus to bring a smile to the little girl who was horribly burned in an arson fire, and turns out the group has a familial connection.
ICP is asking Juggalos to send Christmas cards to Safyre Terry — the 8-year-old who lost her family in the fire. Turns out Safyre’s dad — who died in the blaze — was part of the Juggalo community.
Violent J tells us he saw a pic of Safyre and her dad, David, and noticed he had a tattoo of the group’s album cover on his forearm.
J was moved and sent Safyre an autographed ICP photo, two fuzzy ICP blankets, a bunch of toys and an XMAS card filled with money.
ICP is asking all Juggalos to send Safyre some Juggalo holiday love.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2015/12/13/insane-cl … z3uHU5dZ5a




5 responses to “Icp gives burns victim some shitty merch – uses her and father to promote themselves

  1. Only ICP would get hate for doing something nice.
    & they didn’t “advertise the fuck out of it”, TMZ just had it on their website, that’s all. Maybe if you grew up.

    • thousands have given more and not had TMZ do an interview so nice try

      • Savior of the Clowns

        Eat shit landofthebanned we didn’t ask TMZ to put it on their site they did it independently to prove that we were just misunderstood. Also you aren’t banned we are. We became juggalos because we weren’t accepted by your bitch groups then we get popular and you start hating because you don’t have the love that we get.

  2. We all know that if your favorite band did what they did, you’d be licking their dick.

  3. Savior of the Clowns

    Yep I kn9w we are horrible people we want to make a little girl feel better after she is burned and her dad dies. You are do muck more humble than I who personally sent that girl 20 dollars and a get well card. You know what you MOTHER FUCKERS EVERYTIME A JUGGALO DOES THE RIGHT FUCKING THING YOU ACT LIKE WE FUCKED YOUR MOM JUST BECAUSE YOU HATE US!!! This is your opinion on juggalos don’t call everybody else into it because you have a problem. We love each other and we love those around us. You call love evil and then you go around killing and raping our family you’re lucky we don’t drag your bitch ass to court. You would get you saggy ass thrown into jail and raped just like the juggalettes. So good by you dick head. Whoop Whoop MMFWCL FUCK THE HATERS

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