Juggalo Civil War #JuggaloCivilWar

Juggalos are now fighting with their MNE family
resorting to name calling , racisim and outright hate

which side are you in the juggalo civil war……

4 responses to “Juggalo Civil War #JuggaloCivilWar

  1. As long as Nene murks Young Wicked I’m happy.

  2. The side where I kick your fucking teeth down your bitch ass throat then go fuck your mother and make her know she’s my hoe your daddy can watch we all know he’s a fagit alot like you with your cock sucking habits huh bitch

  3. Skittles got done did dirty yo I was his biggest fan til lumpy told me the truths about the bagels yo
    Bloop Blop Bleep

  4. Check out my new blog insane Clown Pimps. In my blog I discuss manipulation tactics used by ICP and expose them.

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