Insane clown posse tryie to set juggalo gang against cops beacause they forgot to book a concert venue..

juggalo gang against police

Insane clown posse juggalo gang against police

One of the lowest moves by icp ever , setting their fans against innocent local police because they forgot to book a concert venue – here is the police response.

Prince William County Police Department The Police Department and Sheriff’s Office have issued no prior statements to the public regarding any concerns with this concert. We do not have the authority to deny anyone the ability to perform at a private venue. It is our understanding that there was a scheduling conflict at the venue, which is in our county, due to another concert already being scheduled on that date. In addition, we learned that the concert was not officially booked at the venue and the proper channels were not completed before the concert was advertised to the public. Either way, this is an issue between the concert organizer and the private venue, not law enforcement. We are not sure where this misinformation was originally obtained.

One response to “Insane clown posse tryie to set juggalo gang against cops beacause they forgot to book a concert venue..

  1. It seems like they pulled their old trade mark move again setting up a show with false circumstances like they did yeaaars ago before they launched publicly. When they scheduled a show and said EMINEM was going to be there at St. Andrews Hall many years ago. There was no Eminem coming. lol. The thing to me is that Eminem and ICP have a lot in common. I am actually surprised they haven’t worked together actually. Eminem being a bit of a misfit himself like the rest of us Detroit rappers and music artists. It’s always been a thing in this area that troubled minds have songs to make. However if troubled minds don’t network together or work together there is no connection. Therefor no support or care for their struggle with the alphabet gangs and police. Other acts not known like my own go unheard and kept in the underground with no recognition. Yet we are still here in the dark where the carnival started.

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