1. juggalo holocaust

The juggalo holocaust has sparked much interest in the Juggalo/Juggalette family. So far, 20-25 juggalos have been shot and killed whereas 6 juggalettes have been raped. Rumor has it that this “Juggalo Holocaust” started in Beerfest ’04. The attackers are said to wear the initials ‘JH’ on their shoes, shirts, and some even had bandanas. Any juggalo or juggalette that spots someone with these intials need to stay in large groups and in very lit areas. Be aware of everyone and stay down with the clown. Dont let these idiots stop us.
“Down With The Clown Till I’m Dead In The Ground!”
“NO Juggalo Holocaust can stop us.”
juggalo holocaust juggalette wicked clowns icp


2. juggalo holocaust

dumb punks on the internet trying to scare juggalos
hur hur, look at me! i have no life, kill all juggalos! i’m so mad at life cuz i’m still whacking off in my mom’s basement. juggalo holocaust yay!!.
juggalo holocaust dumb punks haters mad at life


3. juggalo holocaust

Assholes who have nothing better to do than fuck with the Juggalo Fam.

They are usually White Trash Haters sporting JH on thier clothes.

Honestly, if they hate Juggalos so much why would they use “Juggalo” in thier name?
Fuck Dat Juggalo Holocaust Bullshit
juggalo holocaust juggalette insane clown posse icp


4. Juggalo Holocaust

A type of fear tactic that people use to try and get a band they don’t like and their fans to stop doing what their doing. Because people that commit crimes try to find anything they can to get out of the crime, they blame bands such as the ones signed to Psychopathic Records and call themselves juggalos. So, then people hear it and they want to stop the juggalos from “doing anymore things like the other juggalo”, and they target anyone that wears or listens to anything Psychopathic and try to punk them out. And as a note; I bet everyone that hates Psychopathic has a friend that’s a juggalo.
hound dogs punk bitches juggalo holocaust
fear tactic juggalo icp bigots think this idiots think this


5. Juggalo Holocaust

The Saving of the American Person.
Juggalo’s claim to not be a gang but they never fight their own battles so they get their juggalo “homies” to fight for them.

The Juggalo Holocaust is a good thing its people grouping up and taking out the groups of juggalos.

“man mcl f**k haters juggablow for life” -juggalo
“F**k that! JUGGALO HOLOCAUST!” -savior
“Icp rules im a juggalo” -Little dirty kid with no friends
“well the juggalo holocaust is here” -savior
“thats not real” little dirty kid again
“how do you think your brother died?” -savior
“tumor!” – dirty kid
“nah it was this” -savior
*takes the kid out*


6. juggalo holocaust

The hope for our future.
The Juggalo Holocaust may save our country from a future of stupidity and obesity.


ICP is the shriveled aborted fetus of the worst of the genres of music. And juggalos are the afterbirth of society rotting in a dumpster. You have all been brainwashed. But that’s easy since juggalos don’t have much of a brain to begin with. Trailer trash retards.

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  1. Wow, You guys no NOTHING about Juggalos and Juggalettes do you?
    Just because some of us commit crimes it dose not mean that our family as a whole are like that. Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, ABK, Boondox and all the pshycopathic artists may rap about murder and death but thats not what it is about.
    We are not evil. We have Much Clown Love for each other.
    You cannot hurt us, We DO NOT Care about what you think.
    You want to rid the world of us? Really? Wow, that’s pretty pathetic if you as anyone of us. Don’t screw with us, we wont screw with you.
    We’re going to Shangri-La, Our Dark Carnival is coming,
    Don’t you have any shame? Talk about prejudice.
    We feel music more then anyone else, what we listen to hits home for us, you wouldn’t understand even if you tried. It takes a True Juggalo or Juggalette to understand.
    You are whacked out of your gourd.

    • Yea you dont cause trouble for people. I got called a ‘dissin fag’ cause I dont like talentless dbags like ICP your music is shit, who the fuck you think you are saying “we feel music more then anyone else” and noone understands us. blaah blah blah no one understands you. everyone hates you. well no shit look at yourselfs. I done met a beautiful amazing woman. then she turns into a slutlette for 3 days suddenly I got some juggalo faggot talking shit to me threatning and guess who she sides for. The dumb ass cause hes “family” when ya’ll arnt even family. shut the fuck up about family. You got real family called mom, and dad. stop acting like a whacked out douchebag and you might be able to have a relationship with your REAL family. That dumb shit you believe in called “The Dark Carnival” thats all lies and manipulation they use some weird form of religion to brainwash lost kids into thinking that lifestyle is where they belong, and the only thing that matters is your “juggalo family” or shall I say your fake ass family thatd probally kick your ass, and stab you. rape your girlfriend or steal your boyfriend. This giant great scheme cooked up by Joseph Bruce A.K.A Violent Gay and his band mate Shag me for dope. To brainwash you into being loyal douchebags menaces on soicety, and to steal your money. These people you look up to are criminals that never been arrested for fighting (by themselves) but they seemed to have been arrested for fighting (in a group of people) because their pussies. Eminem had them pansies chased out of a club. You look up to pansy ass criminal drug addict scumbags who write immature rap songs that make no god dang sense, and dont mean shit. Other then to havethese two half wits hear themselves talk, and get rich off idiots like you. I urge you stop feeding the beast known as ICP. Drop this juggalo nonsense, and grow the fuck up

    • Ticket please, thanks, walk through the door
      Into the Halls Of Illusions, visit yours
      And see what coulda and shoulda and woulda been real
      But you had to fuck up tha whole deal
      “Lets take a walk down the hallway
      It’s a long way it, it takes all day!”

      And when you get to tha end, you’ll find a chair
      With straps and chains, we slap you in there
      Lock you down tight so you can’t move a thread
      And pull your eyelids up over your head
      Cuz you’re about to witness an illusionary dream
      It’s just to bad it ain’t what it seems

      You walk in and see two kids on the floor
      They playin Nintendo and he’s got tha high score
      And sittin behind them chillin in a chair
      Is your wife, when ya look, oh, you ain’t there
      It’s some other man in the hand in hand
      Now she looks so happy you don’t understand
      See this is an illusion, it never came true
      All because of you!

      Back to reality and what you’re about
      Your wife can’t smile cuz ya knocked her teeth out
      And she can’t see straight from gettin hit
      Cuz you’re a fat fuckin drunk piece of shit
      But it’s all good here, come have a beer
      I’ll break the top off it and shove it in ya ear
      And you’re death comes wicked painful and slow
      At tha hands of MILENKO!

      Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into
      Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into

      Look who’s next it’s Mr. Clark
      The dirty old man from the trailer park
      You got your ticket? Thanks take your coat off
      And later on, why not, I’ll rip your throat off

      “Lets take a walk down the hallway
      It’s a long way it, it takes all day”

      And when you get to the end you’ll find a chair
      You see all the blood, yeah your boy was just here
      We get all different kind of people comin through
      Richies, chickens and bitches just like you
      In the Halls everybody gets a turn
      To sit and witness your illusion before you burn

      What do we have here, oh yeah, no way
      It looks like your kids and they okay
      Your daughter’s chillin up in college top grade
      And your son’s a fuckin doctor, phat paid
      They got families and kids and it’s all good
      They even coach little league in the neighborhood
      Is this true have ya really seen tha holy ghost?
      Nah, bitch, not even close!

      Back to reality your son’s on crack
      And your daughter’s got nut stains on her back
      And they both fuckin smell like shit
      And live in the gutter and sell crack to each other
      When they were kids you’d beat em and leave em home
      And even whip em with the cord on the telephone
      And that reminds me man hey ya gotta call
      Watch your step to Hell…it’s a long fall!

      Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into

      Ah, it’s time to pack up and move to the next town
      But we forgot Mr. Bigot, okay, dig it
      We can’t show you an illusion cuz we’re all packed
      But I’ll still cut ya neck out, hows that?

      Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into
      Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into
      Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into
      Great Milenko, wave your wand
      Don’t look now, your life is gone
      This is all because of you
      What you got yourself into

      Read more: http://artists.letssingit.com/insane-clown-posse-lyrics-halls-of-illusion-feat-slash-7lpf67z#ixzz2H32PG2It
      LetsSingIt – Your favorite Music Community

    • Hahahhahahahahaha usually I wouldn’t waste my time on a page like this but people’s stupidity sparks my love for psychology and sociology. If only you could look at how you sound. Like its the silliest most pathetic shit I’ve ever heard. I don’t hate Higgs or fear them or don’t understand, in fact I understand completely why angst you loner kids would latch onto some cynical alternative counter culture because it’s scary being a line in the world and we all feel we need to belong to something ie religion politics gangs clubs interest groups. I AM alone in the world and stronger smarter and wiser for it. I don’t need a logo, tatto, label, worship a band or people, I look the world one face and say bring it. If you can kill me or harm me then do it. But have dignity about it. Anybody remember psycho Sam? Little thug wanna be that murdered teenage girls in their sleep with an axe then bragged about it. Hahahahaha lime how in the fuck can you respect a worm like that? Such cowardice. Please if any huggable can explain yourselves with logic and reason then please contact me. Otherwise I don’t think brainwashed psychologically weak “fanatics” deserve an opinion let alone to breathe the same air as myself. I only hope you kill each other or yourselves so America can hopefully forget about the festering boil secreting puss that your culture is. One more thing…. Make up? Family? Clowns and faygo?! Holy shit your stupidity has surpassed what I thought was humanly possible. I mean well done between fundamentalist Christians and growing up in the south I’ve seen and heard some DUMB people but tall seriously take the big ugly black and white grape soda flavored cake. I’ll always be better than you because I have a min of my own, I don’t obsess or become fanatic over Anyone or anything. I also don’t need confirmation from mother people or “fam” to feel accepted. You can tell a real thug by looking into his eyes an the way he carries himself, not how many patches and hot topic march you own. I mean like … Hahahahahahahahahahaha I wish incouldnrun into a whole group of you and just castrate you through the English language alone. If you prove a point or best me in a debate I will pay you. And I have a good job and make a lot of money that I dt spend on backpacks CDs and clown dolls. Anyone think they’re a juggalo with an iq at least a little below average email me!

    • I agree that what you aay about juggalos is often true but t I have witnessed those other things to I believe the best way ti fight the haters is to nake their claims untrue tatally my family has been disrescted by certain members of the jugallo family all my disabled wife did fron her wheelchair was to he attractive to wolf when I stepped up politely he just ignored me disrespectful again nobody sgould be disrespected that way toward you or by you clean your house mak sure when you can ro stop auch behaviours and worse I by way was warned not to confront wolf even tho he started the issue bo offence but guys like that sgould be checked they help give you a bad immage sorry but true

  2. if yall think were all just as ignorant as you, youre as wrong as it gets.

    if you can even use the word “holocaust” and think youre RIGHT and JUST, youre as messed up as it gets.

    remember the last holocaust? oh yeah, this is a great state of mind for Americas masses to think in. you are good people.

    as juggalos; we are some of the most caring people that walk the face of this Earth.
    like my homie said:
    it takes a true juggalo or juggalette to understand.
    dont be pissy because you couldn’t ever get close enough to someone to even consider them family.
    don’t hate because you don’t understand.

    just because we don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean we’re wrong and evil.
    get out of the 50s.

    people are different.
    get your heads out of your asses
    and get the fuck over the fact that you can’t control everything.

    in the immortal words of ICP:
    “If you don’t like me, you can FUCK OFF!”

    • Don’t hate because you never had friends so you were forced to become a juggalo.
      I vote juggalos should just kill themselves for being so pathetic.

      • cunt fucker.

        makyy cunt, Juggalos are my family. i’mma juggalo, and i’m proud to be. i love the fam, we believe in having peace and having peace with the crips and bloods. were not a gang, were a family bitchh.

      • CryingJHbitches

        Sadly it’s too late for you’re mom to re-think those few extra cocktails before she went out for a good ol gangbang, now we’re stuck with some kid who’s soo emo they have to make a “counter-cult” to deal with society as a whole. For you preach death and extermination and yet say you want a safe and peaceful america. Hitler’s Nazi regime was the same way, but the world isn’t ignorant, you arbitrate senseless killings and murders and claim you are justified cuz Juggalos are a mongrel culture? Sorry I thought this was WWII for a second there, not only is such a way of thought old and outdated, it’s laughable to such extreme extents that you failed to grasp ICP’s main focus. Haters like yourself is who they market towards, your hate fuels your passion to scream their names. And within misguided youths they flock to such hated bands. ICP isn’t the culture behind Juggalos, your views are warped and misconstrued, Family and love is what we preach. But like with ALL cultures their are many different types of people within those cultures. You call Juggalos gangbangers due to the gang bandanas?? Why arn’t you killing yourselfs? Read above about how JH loves their JH bandanas, ohh I get it, it’s ok to make a gang to Kill other so called gangs? Hmm I looked everywhere and not one reason behind yalls hatred has any real substantial backings. You hate the music so Juggalos should die….ok…so if someone hates you’re music you would gladly accept the knife? Doubt it, you see it as more towards the lyrics, now please state that and not say MUSIC but which songs and which lyrics, it’s pathetic to have to do your research for you all. If you read up to the whole ICP marketing towards youths from battered lives you might start to experience what we call enlightenment. ICP got 45% of the message right, the rest is their way to make money, you do understand that this world revolves around greed right? Hence this site, alot of ads….

        So from what I’ve deduced from all these sensless rambles, you hate the music, ok thats fine, not all of it is good, some is soo far from the way of life its no wonder you guys can’t wrap yer heads around anything else.

        You are upset that their are criminals among Juggalos, ok so are we gonna talk statistics, last time I checked the gangs that cause the most destruction to society as a whole wear 3 major colors, yellow, blue, and red. I’m glad we have treaded onto the subject of crime, you justify killing Juggalos because they are criminals. Alright…so now it’s justified to put a pipe bomb in a JH’s mother’s bedroom to stop the ignorant incestuous inbreeding thats going on? Don’t be stupid and claim murder is justified let alone rape. Not a big enough man to get a girl on you’re own so you must resort to raping underage minors? Pedophiles like yall have a nice warm place waiting for you. Sadly I will have to continue this later, for us real Juggalos, hold down jobs and are active contributing members in our society, take me for instance. Ubisoft wouldn’t have made me their Lead programmer in NC if I had a criminal history or let alone cant pass the many random drug tests that they administer.

        You met you’re anomaly to your cause, now do you except that you’re wrong to judge every member in a culture by the actions of the lost and misguided? Or will you just shrug this off like Hitler did to the Jews? Why not help educate the true lost and the damned which are the Juggalos, Lost to society by egotistical and self absorbed views without the common courtesy of even trying to talk to one of us civilly. I already know that you guys wont change, Hitler didn’t, but in the end you saw what path he took, the cowards way out because his ideals are warped by his own sense of justice, such as yourselves.

      • Juggaloknuts

        Your goin to hell on my hatchet you fucking twatstick. Let me see you up my alley motherfucker. We’ll see whats good then. Find me bitch. I cant wait to fuck your corpse.

      • I think the important thing here is… ALL THESE MOTHER FUCKERS OUT HERE NEED TO NO HATE ME OR LOVE ME EITHER WAY YOUR THINKING ABOUT ME…..lol Juggalos is a choice of life.. Not to swing a hatchet but to be family and swing the hatchet to protect us as a family.. so here is my first swing.. My cousin is a well respected lawyer . I have an appointment today with him on a slander charge against everyone on this website to shut you’ll down and then to gather information about every single one of you’ll that thought you’ll was big and bad against juggalos.. So I see so far.. mental aguish charges, public humiliation charges, public embarrasment, so on and so forth… so guess what people congradulations.. You fouled, you made a terrible mis judgment.. You underestimated the power of the clown.. And, Well now.. Let’s see how judgemental you’ll are against the next group of liberal outbreak.. Cause thats what we are people set aside from the rest living by our own rules not bothering noone.. Cause yes there are some that commit crimes.. But, you know what there are alot more that dont claim the clown that commit way more crimes than we do as a whole.. so take the beam out of your own eye before you judge the sty in mine.. Have a good day.. and MMFWCL….WHOOP WHOOP

      • I vote you go fuck yourself you stupid fuckin cunt-faced cum dumpster.


        who the FUCK do u think u are. “forced to become a juggalo” bitch im in the UK the juggalo scene doesnt even come here and im down till i die. you people talk about us being discusting read the hate mongering filth you people put on here. your the scum not us.

      • ok look i u understand that some of the things that you people are trying to do is because you hate all of us right? well think like this you’re are saying that we should die because we listen to a music type, and are happy with the way we feel and don’t give a damn about how people see us. i am a juggalo and i have a higher understanding of most things sure i was forced to be less popular because my bi-polar has it’s affects and people hated me for the shit i couldn’t control, but what you are doing right now hating for a cause that might work on a lot of people but won’t on most people that actually understand that hard times cause a change but whaver bro you’re a human i’m human for the most part you can hate me for what i claim but i am cool with you because you only hate because you don’t fully understand this so have fun hating us, just don’t do it to our faces hide behind your computer homie it makes you seem stronger so until we meet and you get pounded for talking shit to my face continue being the bitch you always have been fuck off

    • Whoop whoop!!! MMFWCL. You are a SAVIOR. Fuck these haters, stay true to the family.

      We Will Never Die Alone…

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Will Carry On.

      ~ Fill in the blanks. ~

      We’ve already got you beat.

    • Juggalicious17

      WHOOP WHOOP well said. I for one, am NOT a Gansta Juggalo, but I know ninjas that are. To say we are ALL one thing or another thing is ignorant on the part of all you Holocaust fucks AND any so-called Juggalo or Juggalette that dares to spout that shit! The ONLY uniform things about Juggalos and Juggalettes are the following:
      We aren’t bigoted assholes,We are nice people unless you shit on us and then we will kick the shit out of you, We believe in the Dark Carnival and We care about our Phamily. It’s that Simple. There is no more to it, we don’t go around beating people up or stealing unless we have too. SOME Juggalos and Juggalettes are Gangstas but not all of them, just like some Juggalos don’t hurt people and some do. We are a different race, you calling yourselves ‘The Juggalo Holocaust’ only proves this point more and makes you no better than Nazis or the KKK you are just as ignorant. WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU SMALL MINDED, NEAR SIGHTED IGNORANT FOOLS!

    • For the most part you’re rght… but MOST of the juggalos are just down right douche bag assholes who are uneducated scum milking off hard working tax payers meanwhile there are VETERANS who fought for your freedom to call yourself a juggalo, who are living on the street starving with no home and no one gives a shit about them and that’s just sad… I gave up that life because I was sick and tired of the “fam” beating eachothers asses and treating eachother like shit like a buncha fucking children… and just to point something out even negative comments are publicity if you don’t like this site why are you supporting it?

  3. fuck all yall bitches go eat a dick

  4. fuck u you got it all wrong juggalos have been here since the dawn of time u aint going to stop it

  5. Formula for Failure

    I am 99 percent anti-juggalo and I know more about commen sense then you do. Jesus Christ.

  6. This is ridiculous. If you think putting up a little website is going to scare anyone, you’re wrong. That’s the thing about Juggalos. We stick together, we’re a family, and all you people are doing is STRENGTHENING our family by weeding out the people who aren’t true and aren’t real if they would say they aren’t juggalos just because they’re afraid of you. You’re actually doing us quite the service, and you must understand that we aren’t afraid. Self righteous pricks like you people are what we are free from, you cannot touch us. We dress funny and we may act crazy, but we are free in way you assholes will never understand. This has been going on for what… a little over a year now? I still haven’t seen one single juggalo holocaust member ANYWHERE walking down the streets, yet I still see juggalos walking around proud as hell. What are you winning exactly?

  7. Original Bugaboo

    Pseudo-rebel dumbasses…
    Sure, a total holocaust is certainly not the answer, but maybe a good (figurative) WHACK to the head will clear your minds.

    First off, I want to know what makes you a family. The only connection I see between any of you is a passion for crappy rap (even by rap’s standards). Is that something that constitutes a family?

    And as for “much clown love,” do you really love that ugly, white-trash pot-head chanting nonsense right alongside you? How about the one across the continent? I know, I know. You’re automatically going to say “Of course I love him!” But that is just a conditioned response. You and I both know it’s probably not true…

    As for your so called insanity… YOU ARE NOT REALLY A KILLER! YOU ARE NOT REALLY A PSYCOPATH! I cannot stress that enough! You are just an attention hungry teenager who is scared of becoming a simple statistic, and in the act of escaping it becomes another statistic!

    Or maybe you really are an outcast. But you don’t have enough self respect to remain a loner, instead you feel the need for the protection of numbers. I was like you once. For two years I was alone, no protection from anybody. It got to the point where if anyone extended a friendly hand, I wouldn’t trust it. I’m better these days (not that you care), but what I’m trying to say is I know what it’s like. I can see that all you want is a place to belong… And I don’t think a group of misfits is a bad thing, but a group of Ultra-Violent ones is!

    In conclusion I want to stress the stupidity of the Juggalo Holocaust. Fighting stupidity with violence is in itself stupidity. So, I have formed my own retarded “family”: Psychotic Mime Squadron (PMS). We are fighting ICP through non-violent measures and would like to recruit anyone interested. “Everything in moderation.” Since you people throw the term Shangri-la around so loosely you should know where the above quote stemmed from.

    • juggalo-respect

      You guys are a joke. you are the people who say that video games are the cause of people going out and murdering others… music doesn’t make people violent and if you think that than you are the ones who are in for a rude awakening. Being a juggalo isn’t about the music, it just about clown love, to most it is a sense of belonging and sense of hope that if you do your best to be a good person that you will be no matter what religion, what color your skin is, or if you are male or female. I mean duh of course i’m not going to “love” someone that is a complete stranger. But that is all in how someone defines love. Love can be respect and being comfortable enough to be yourself. Love is knowing yourself well enough that you can be open enough to not care if others hate or accept you but just being yourself. That is one of the reasons that they call it clown love is because it is a matter of respect for one another to not be fake. it is respect. No we are not going to go out and kill people and start chaos just because it is in a song; us juggalos are just people who are independant and trying to get by in this fucked up world that just seems to be getting worse and make the best of it. and you guys want to come in and start shit when there is already enough trouble in this world… why don’t u do something useful and get together in your groups to build homes for the poor or use your money to make some poor child’s christmas better… me, i’m open to different views and opinions but ignorance pisses me off!

      • oooook. first off….you think icps music is bad???? listen to lil wayne and all mainstream bitches…they talk about same shit jus they dont get as deep as icp they throw religion out and take life for a joke. you do to ..taking these few years you have here to do somthing that doesnt matter…..retarded….u think ridding us from the world will help you…you hipocrits are all fucked any way…and you cant get rid of us you will unite the strong and bring the chakras of the family all together and we will stand tall and crush your little b/s talk about some holocaust …..”truth is we follow god weve always been behind him the carnival is god and may all juggalos find him” icp so fuck yalll icp made it up too the top without radio play w/o mtv help or any bodies help and you want to take in our eyes the biggest accomplishment ever made . HAHA THEY MADE IT . AND THEY STAYIN …an to you guy especially “ignorance” your a stupid ignorent hipocrit ..whats ignorant is the way you want to try and rip someones family apart and whats ignorent is going around teling all the juggalos they cant have there outlet to express themselves , sooooooo FUCK OFFFFFF

      • WHOOP WHOOP NINJA keep preachin

    • you think you know what alone is fuck you, you sound like an emo bitch. go cry to your mommy oh and for that record go look up what a conditioned response is dumb as. it can only be learned if every time it is done some thing you wont comes out of it and it was to happen constantly I’m a psyc major and a soldier in this great nations army.


    • Yes I understand I am not a psychopath, the music is entertainment… How many times can ICP themselves stress that enough. Entertainment which brings a whole lot of supposed “family” together. Like the kiss army this is the juggalo family. Ha.

    • Juggalicious17

      ok, first off, I am 23 years old and actually quite well spoken and well educated. The thing that makes us a Phamily is the fact that if one Juggalo sees another Juggalo out there being hated on by ignorant scum like yourselves we stand up for them, My Lo and I live with another Lo and his family that I met on a train, he walked past me and said “nice hatchet.” We were instant Phamily from that point on, same can be said for the rest of my Phamily, my immediate Phamily too. My blood relatives and I don’t talk, only my mother and I and she is part of my Phamily. I have 15 brothers and 2 sisters in my immediate Phamily and about 1000000 more of each worldwide. You can’t claim to understand whut we are about, if anything I know about psychology is right you are jealour because you don’t understand and you never had anything like whut we have. Where we come from its ok to be crazy, and sure we aren’t all psychopaths and killers but we are all crazy or branded crazy. I myself have quite a few mental issues, so does everyone in my immediate Phamily. We all understand each other and support each other even if that means being screamed at or sometimes hit for no reason, we talk to each other about our problems and try and help each other solve them no matter whut they are. As for being brainwashed, we debate different points of our culture amongst ourselves all the time! I for one, am against the so-called ‘2nd Deck’ of Joker’s Cards, I don’t jump just cause Psychopathic Records tell me too! If I want to jump I will. I am my own Lette and I make my own choices. Oh yeah, and always remember to FUCK-OFF!


    • wow you just said that we aren’t really killers then you called us and i quote “Ultra-violent” hmmmmmm anyone else see the stupidity here?

  8. We will never die alone

    Listen here you bitches i dont know much about juggalos but i know we r the niceest people ever like someone else said we stick together til the the end so fuck you you sons a bitches JUGGALO FOR LIFE BABY!!!!!


  10. and fuck yeah i love that scrubby pothead chanting shit in the crowd! what about it fucker?! do you seriously have nothing better to do than diss on a group of people who listen to a certain type of music? hahaha just fuckin off your self already if thats what you base your life around…wait here let me lend a hand in making you a non existant anymore! *grabs her hatchet* we all will die in the end for what we believe it you fuckin biggots hilbilies raised with the swine! you all root from one place, one country as far as us J-U-G-G-A-L-O-S go we stem from multipule countries, backgrounds, and life styles…as for you oh so cool ‘juggalo holocaust members’ LMAO wow you guys couldn’t even come up with something more clever! haha any fuckin ways you all must come from southern inbreeding, rascist blood lines to have so much fucking hatred against one particular group of beings…as my HOMIES Twiztid so put it ‘if its war you want than war you will get’ but let me tell you this fuckers you bit off a little more than your asses can chew!

    MCL to all my homies!! WOOP WOOP!!!

  11. BornLikeThisJggLOW

    Original Bugaboo : I don’t love all Jugglas, of course not, some of them are probably as big an ass like you, or even bigger… Hehe…. But still, I think it’s great that some people can get a place to be in in life, a base of some sort. I’m a Juggalo, but I’m still a loner, I know no Jaggalo’s, and all my friends are into techno/NORMAL RAP or pop, but I’m not a quitter, and that’s what these musicians have thought me… I say fuck the world and throw my wicked clown sign up … bahaar…. You probably find that thats lame, but I mean it as a statement. It’s my life philosophy… maybe you could need a philosophy of your own? -Like “PMS”…? -I’m not gonna join you family! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHA……… o___O

  12. oh my god juggalos are retarted. i personally used to be a juggalo, so i think a juggalo holocaust is just what these fucks need. just wait a couple years, till this generation gets old and dies, and everybody will forget about icp. but for now im satisfied laughing at dumb shit juggalos. i think its funny how icp makes MILLIONS off of your dumb asses and you gobble up the bullshit that they spoon feed you from their two inch cocks

    • dude, really? not everyone like bad and sh*t, not every freaking lo/lette do back shyt.
      we live how we live, not one person should say that its bad, cuz its not. if that were the case. i think this shyt would have ended. every has thier own freedom, this jugglao holocaust isnt the smartest thing. and its not gona change someone. this is bullshyt lol and every one knows it.

    • first off pgoss u say u used to b a juggalo well now i no ur a dumbass bcause to b a juggalo ur not able to say hey ima a juggalo one day then the next go hey lets kill all the juggalos NO FUCK THAT. u cant just b a juggalo all juggalos a juggalettes r born that way. we dont no it till we listen to the music or find someone who is down with the clown. but once we relize that hey man im the same as u im a juggalo. u cant say then a few weeks later u no wat this shit is stupid so lets kill em all NO WAY. so u want to no wat i want u to do? I want u and ALL OF UR JH FAM TO COME TO NEW HAVEN INDIANA AND SEE WAT A FEW TRUE JUGALOS AND JUGGALETTES R BOUT. AND IF U GUTTER SLUTS YHAVE THE BALLS TO JUMP, THEN I SAY “JUMP”

    • hey douchebag u obviously werent a juggalo or ud still be cuz u either are or u arent, u dont become one or choose to suddenly be one its who u are, and u might not know, u might have to discover it for urself, but its not a choice

    • Juggalicious17

      used to means you never were in the first place fuckface! and it is spelled RETARDED! As for gobbling up ICPs shit, as I stated earlier I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE 2ND DECK OF JOKERS CARD! IT’S WRONG! THAT DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T STILL HAVE LOVE FOR EM, THEY ARE MY PHAMILY, BUT just cause they r my Phamily don’t mean I have to agree wit everything they say and do! Jesus fuckin Christ you assholes need to get your facts right before you go around proclaiming you know whut we are about1 Then again that’s the why they call it ignorance.

  13. I think all of you are stupid. Why does it even matter if these people want to be apart of something? My personal belief is everyone needs to feel like they belong somewhere. The JH is fucking retarded. You are just trying to get attention! You say they are “retarted” but take a look in the fucking mirror. You “used” to be a juggalo… if you were a real juggalo there would be know “used” about it. Your just a stupid ass bitch following trends. Fuck you all if you dont Juggalos or lettes.

    Im not a juggalette but I have actually spent time with these people and fuck ya some are loonier than shit, but all of them made an impression on me. They are one big family, and at least they believe in SOMETHING and stand up for what they believe. I respect the whole juggalo family. ❤

  14. man you guys are fuckheads this whole JH shit is a load of bullshit you fags aint going to do shit

  15. Juggalos are more than people who follow a certain group and we dont consider our selves a juggalo or lette for attention, we do it because we came from fucked up situations and fucked up families, we do it because we dont have no one else… yeah we’re loners but people who fit in all have a group to be in… so loners can be anyone they want, they can be themselves and not be judged and still have a family and friends all across the nation. if you fuckers cant get on with your lives nd let us live ours than fuckin slit your wrists cause no one gives a fuck. your just as petty as you think we are. FUCK THE FUCK OFF

  16. Brewster7- lette fo life

    To all you haters, screw all ya’ll. We a family, and to anyone who hates on us, fuck off. We have the right to believe whatever we want. Dissin us because of what we believe is like dissin us cause of skin color, or where we come from, and that pretty childish. Get a real hobby, and a life… clown love, stay strong ya’ll!!!

  17. i’m not a juggalette, but my friend is, and i swear if anybody tries to touch her I”LL RIP THEY’RE FUCKIN NUTS OFF AND MAKE UM EAT IT!!! Nobody touches that girl, NOBODY. fuck you people, you hate juggalos but then you talk about killing them–if they’re killers, how does that make you any better? you’re probably a bunch of nazis….


    ExRiddleLette aka dragonflysin@yahoo.com

  19. This is the stupidest thing I have EVER heard. Your going to threaten people with KILLING Them, because you do not agree with their choice of life? Because they like a specific music choice and have enough love in their heart to call a stranger family because they have the same beliefs?

    Your dumb. There is no better way to put it. You all just need to get over yourself.

    Wicked Clowns Will Never Die





  21. Whats up juggalos and juggalettes. First off I would like to say towards this “Juggalo Holocaust”. This is ridiculous. I mean your basing a whole group of people on a few ignorant fuckers. I will admit some of the so called juggalos I know are just ignorant and fake. The people that went out and committed those crimes are not juggalos. It seems most juggalos forgot what it means. The whole concept of the family. All real juggalos and juggalettes we are a FAMILY. Remember that. If the haters like this Jeff Nipples guy wants to hate. Let them do their job and fuckin hate on us. There hatin so bad they want to start a movement! That should bring some joy.

    Much Motha Fuckin Wicked Clown Luv homies!

  22. the wicked juggala

    we are juggalos because of you all of the haters are geting icp and te phsychopathic crew mad so then they go and let there stress out and also why the hell did this start

  23. i find this sadly funny, i mean people have been trying to keep the eyes of the masses shut for years, juggalos just happen to be a group of people that see things as they really are, we are down to earth, we face reality head on, we know that life is cruel and harsh and that this world sucks, but we deal with it by making a family with those that have the same view on life as us, just like the church many many years ago when it did its witch hunts and so on to keep the masses sheltered from many truths about the world, now this so called juggalo holocaust is gonna try to shut the eyes of those that see clearly, but fuck that, keep your heads high ninjas, oh and i look forward to seeing any juggalo holocaust members at the bang pow boom tour in california i’ll be at the san fransico show so come get me if you can
    im from san jose california 408 reppin up in this bitch and i’ll be a juggalo forever, cause being a juggalo isnt about religion its about a way of life, its about how you see things and how you life your life, yes alot of us are angry and violent but thats cause we’ve been shitted on by society part of or most of our lives and as such we are aware of the harshness of life and how we have to adapt to survive in this world. but ya enough of my ranting i could go on for days but you JH people still probably wont get it or understand, hell even alot of the suposed juggalos might not understand, alot of them think this is a fad or a cult or some such thing but its not, but there are still alot of ninja’s that get it and understand and those are my real family, oh and on that topic about how we can just open our hearts and choose to love a stranger, its really not that hard if you have an open mind, i’ve met hella ninja’s at the gatherings i’ve been to and on the road to the gathering and each of them has show me much love and respect and i’ve given such in return, you get 2 families in this life, one your born with and another that you choose, they might be your best friend that you call cousin or family, ours just happen to consist of alot of people that we open our hearts to and love them like a cousin or a brother or sister cause thats what it means to us, we dont just people till they give us a reason to judge them, we call it how we see it, if i see you stealin imma call you a thief, if i see you rapin some chick i aint gonna call you shit but best believe either me or you is gonna die. never judge a book by its cover you might just like whats inside.

  24. ohiojuggaloholocaust4life

    iwant to kill a juggalo!!!
    i have been anti juggalo from age 11 im a huge juggalo hater so come to mentor ‘headlands ohio 44060 and come at me but none of you will because u only do your shit talking on the internet. only one of you had balls to tell me face to face he was a juggalo and i put him in icu lol and thats real

    • if your so big and bad how about u come find me Owings Maryland 20736 ok fuck the jh i will put a bullet in your head u wont be in the icu u will be in the fucking morg dont fucking talk big unless u can back it up ight i will fucking murder u u fake piece of shit i will be waiting for u bitch but then when im dont with u i will fucking take it to your family dont fuck with me or any other juggalo ight and i will show u how i can back it up and not just talk on the internet u have no clue who u are fucking with i will wipe u off the face of the earth so come on i will be waiting bitch

    • now for all the jh members in ohio bring it i live in rehio so if your all feelin lucky try to come and get me cause i got bullets and hatchets for all you faggot ass mutha fuckers so if you ever try to come at me or the fam again tell your moms or dads to start planning your funeral cause this is one juggalo who doesnice i could bring fires worse than hell onto peices of shit like you you are the ant i am the one you is lighting your asses on fire with hair spray and lighter you know wat fuck hair spray cause i got plenty of money for gasoline and any other flamable gas or liquid so like i said bring it if no one shows up in reading lets say a month ill be walkin around in a team hatchet jersey so 1 month reading if no one shows up than every sngle one of you is a fucking pussy and i will be alone and unarmed exept for the gallon of gas ill use to set your asses on fire with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DONT NEVER DIE ALONE JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US JUGGALOS 4 LIFE

    • whats your address bitch? please dont bitch out, just send me your address!! i will honestly come and give you a christmas present you will never forget. you can try to talk your shit but i WILL be there with in the month and i will show you what God has to offer =]

    • Juggalicious17

      u fly over to Australia and you are on bitchboy! I will beat you within an inch of your life by myself while my Phamz stand round laughing at your ignorant face all bloody and shit! but you won’t come cause your a broke ass, still livin wit ya mumma, no good spineless weasel! I haven’t got the bones to fly there but I’m a Juggalette so I’m broke as fuck! You wanna come to Sydney Australia and talk that shit to MY face then bring it on muthafucko!

    • put the full address up u fake as punk we will see who goes to the icu

  25. YO do you juggalo haters realize how retarded this whole Juggalo holocaust thing is. Really get fucking lives and stop hating on people who just want to live thier lives. And holocuast is barely the word I would use you dumbshits cus from what I see my fam is alive and well. You people just hate what you dont understand so fuck you you dont have to understand. If you faggots realy want war come down to Lynn, Massachusetts and fight us il even give you the area code 01904. Juggalo 4 lyfe bitches fuck your douchbag website, the creator of this website, and all who support this website.

  26. I hope all you bitch made ninja nazis are ready, I mean truly ready for what you have started.

  27. juggalos are not nazis you juggaloholocaust bitches are nazis you guys are fucking morons your just as bad as the kkk and the skinheads thats why it is going to be so easy to get the juggaloholocaust deamed as a hate group and then the f.b.i will watch all the shit you guys are doing. ya it is real smart saying you killed tons of ppl and raped a bunch of women on your site can we say retard. all of us juggalos know you all are shittalkers that dont do shit so keep up this lil thing you call a war hahahaha sorry i omost shit myself lol so hard o ya hitler was a fag who ate shit

  28. the lette u dont want to piss off


  29. ya know…

    if you really listen to the hidden meaning of the music it is easy for some to relate to b/c most of it is about daily life and the battles we as a race (the HUMAN RACE) face…

    it takes a lil while to find that hidden meaning but when u do hear the meaning you find your true family b/c there are more people out there that relate to the same songs…

    which makes more people seem like family and people who will welcome them with open arms like they are family…

    i’ve came across many juggalos and lettes that welcomed me like family before i was even really big into juggalo music.

  30. juggalo lunitik

    why is it taht jh is nowhwere to be found in az??????????? is it because jh is a bunch of internet pussies trying to act hard????either way bring it jh you stand against us your sure to fall jh aint shit juggalos will eliminate the jh

  31. juggalo lunitik

    ATTENTION ALL JUGGALOS JH AINT SHIT my homie saaw four jh members and when he told them he was a lo the bitches ran i thought it was a juggalo holocaust why is jh running CUZ THERE PUSSIES

  32. juggalo lunitik

    i bet jh is a bunch of red-neck cousin fuckers mad at the chicken huntin song or its probably just a bunch of cry babies who werent excepted in school so they got to send death threats over the internet thats all it is anyway internet thugs im not scared of internet thugz but thats just me juggalos will forever carry on JH WILL NOT STOP US JUGGALOS WILL BE THE LAST ONES STANDING

  33. juggalo lunitik


  34. look my best friend is in intensive care because of ur bull shit. i dare you to find me ill kill off all u jh bull shiters. he wasnt even a fan of icp he didnt even kno about them. he goes to church every day and now he cant even walk. come find me im at hocking college in nelsonville

  35. I dont like ICP because of their music but why do we get so violent and offended by them. We are trying to stop them from spreding bad words around through their lyrics and stuff but listen to the stuff we say about them.

  36. for example what rickie said

  37. Peoples ideas about what we’re about it so fucked up. The family’s not about mindlessly murdering innocent people and their families. We’re the ones that DON’T GIVE A FUCK what the richies and all the ignorant assholes out there think. I think this so-called holocaust is a loud of shit. If someone wants to slaughter a buncha people, take out the scene kids cuz we will never die.

  38. Dartanian Verga

    I despise juggalos and thier “I don’t give a fuck” way of life. I hope that JH can rise up en masse and rid the country; then the world of the black stain that is *sneer* juggalo…

    All jugallos who view this, understand that we do not want to kill you, you make us. If you would only see the error of your ways and accept that you are not clowns who can weild hatchets, we could be at peace.

    Surrender or die, all ye clowns who read this.

    Long live JH!! *Heil*

    • I know what you are saying….
      Please kill the fuckin’ annoying “Juggalos”
      So real juggalos like me, that does not include
      ICP ICP ICP running through their brain 24-7 and included in all conversations…
      So they can stop giving me a bad name.

    • Look, talk all the shit you want and say all the shit you want, but the truth is that no matter how many Juggalos you threat, or any of that shit, were not gunna change what we do. Ive been down since i waz 12, and im 16 and it wasant till i turned 15 that i realized what icp and twistid and ABK ect… was all about. Its not about kilin, rapin, fyago, face paint, or even Jiolent J or Shaggy, its all about the Dark Carnival and Shangre-li. You just think were a bunch of wannabe followers and crooks, you judge us for being violent and shit, but really your the ones who are atarting the real problems. Were chill with you and all of a sudden you start uo with this JH bullshit. Ok, the truth is that were nit gunna stop for no one and thats just how its gunna be, you can talki your shit and threatin to kill us and shit, but the truth is your just a bunch of followers. We have a cause, the Drak Crnival, you just want to start shit with real people and try to break our fam apart, ahahha, aight.

      WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL to all my fam out there and by the way, we dont have no goddman faygo in AZ, so keep us in your prayers!! haha peace!

    • Juggalicious17

      LMAO AND I QUOTE “Long live JH!! *Heil*” AND Y’ALL WANNA CALL US NAZIS???? WTF????!!!

    • u are an idiot you are out numbered rep ur shit we will take care of you just wait til you see a juggalo anf tell them what ur about they will make sure you dont fuck with anyone else
      long live the juggalos

  39. stay strong all u juggalos out there whoop whoop mcl

  40. you guy are just a bunch of niggers that think juggalos hate black people im not a juggalo but juggals are not about crime or any thing else sum people have commited crimes that listend to ICP thats not why people blame music and tv because they dont know who or wut else to blame so fuck off faggots

  41. Raksha Yoshimitsue

    I am not here to diss on ya’ll JH members. I will not stoop to your level. I will say that most of these kids (And adults) are right. This is a sense of belonging we dont need confort in numbers we need a group of people who know our pains and joys. We need a strong clown based bunch of misfits and we know we are home. We will raise our hatchets if you come at us and we will not run.

    I must say I do not aprove of fighting you, for as it was said before we are a peaceful group but you push us and we will push back. I also agree that there is already too much fighting in this world. Why is it that even though we are all the same on the inside and when we are judged by the same maker we still must point out each others differences and fight about it.

    Now I know that my Family will stand strong even through your hatred and find a way to bring you punk ass bitches out of hiding but until we do live in fear. Find a good hiding place and stay put because we will be coming for you when you are done talking shit. I am a very peaceful Juggalo but I will not stand for innocent lives to be put at risk. I will stand beside the weakest and strongest of Juggalos and fight for this to end. Until that day I will tell you to live in only fear and be ready to put up a fight because I want a real fight, I want to show my Family that I do care, I want to show YOU that we are Wicked Clowns with Much Love for Each Other.

    Florida Juggalos be on the defensive and ready to go. You find a JH member call his ass out and watch him tremble in fear at our massive numbers! As once said Juggalo Homies by ICP “If your gonna step to one of us you betta step to the who crew”

    Much Mutha Fuckin Wicked Clown Love to my homies! Peace!

  42. this holocaust thing is crazy there are more of us juggalos and juggalttes we is a family and familys stick togeather and nothing cann break a familys bound 🙂

  43. sprading luv to the juggalos and juggalttes across the world clown luv to ya all

  44. fuck u ohiojuggalo holocaust u is a dicras to this fuckin state dumb bitch and if i toold u shit to ur face i would beat the shit right out of u so i ant goin to jdc fer kickin a grown ass mans ass

  45. icp and twiztid fer life fuck u haters go to hell

  46. we will kick ur ass jh u ant got shit bitchs

  47. the jh will git nowhere cuz we have a huge family all across the world luv to the juggalos
    f*** the jh

  48. I dare any JH here in minnesota to speak up. If you do I will give you a gift ^^ Hows my address sound so you can really come and face the Fam? Drop me a line if you want to accept JH: Zipit13@gmail.com

    I’ll be waiting.

  49. juggalos and juggaletts falife

  50. juggalo holocaust members suck each others dicks

  51. the time has come for me to speak on this so-called “juggalo holocaust” bs…now yeah i see juggalos do bad in the world but i see juggalos also do good in the world…but what this shit is here is nothing but a bunch of fucking idiots with nothing better to do than try to impersonate some hitler type shit with a so called holocaust

    hahahahahaha what a bunch of fucking idiots…no wonder the economy is so bad cuz of jobless faggots like these people

    this isn’t just an attack on you…but on everyone around the world who acts like you, your the wrong doings of the world and whatever you say does not matter anymore…this site is a joke and so is all the bitches who run it

    anyone got a problem hit me up

    my time to fix things is now…starting here

    • wow, go vote against us? thats pretty sad homie. whats guna happen to ICP if you vote against them? nothing, thats what. get a life and quit judging us.

  52. ok what fuck we have been here longer then you and you we have more then you do so just fuck off lil bich boy

  53. First of all, chili juggalos reppin diz bitch! Now..honesly I came upon this site tryin 2 find sum neden shots of dem o so sexy lettes..and I found this shit. I was readin a lil bit, thinkin 2 myself hahahahaha. Funny, jh? Really? Now I wasn’t goin 2 even insult da wicked shit by responding 2 ne of this, until I found that ohio jh hatin nutsack,now look I live in ohio, fuckin chili.45601 740 fukboy! Aint no juggalo extermination goin on round dis bitch, now.. I got diz rusty edge wooden handled craftsman here, just waitin 4 ya pal, and yo punk ass “click” ha,bring dat shit our way fukboy, kiss yo ma on da cheek and make yo peace fuckhole, can I getta whoop whoop from all my juggalo homies!

  54. ok…so this juggalo holocaust thing is the most rediculus thing ive ever heard…i got alot of light to shed on u mothafackos…juggalo family isnt about the music…its just what we all hold in common…but know this…we all stick together…we have an army marching in back of us…but the difference beteween us and u is we band together out of love…u band together out of hate…which makes u a bunch of bitch ass haters…no better than nazis them selves…u judge us cuz we paint our faces…but we dont ask u to understand it…we gave u the mainstream…u can have it and we dont step out of our place…so get the fuck out of the underground this is our home…and we will protect it with our lives…and so help me god if i ever meet someone rockin the JH…they gonna learn why they call us wikid

  55. ZigZag the WiCKED CLoWN

    I can’t even believe this shit…really? that’s what you think a Juggalo is all about…wow you seriously have over-looked it all.

  56. wow you fuckin dumb ass pussies need to get a fucking life…the little bitches that did the crimes didnt do it cuz their a juggalo they did it cuz they’re fucked that doesn’t mean shit doesnt mean us juggalos n juggalettes are criminals we’re fucking family n if i see ne fuckin jhs round here they bout to be scared

  57. I keep sein JH bitches talkin about how we’re poor and wew losers in HS…..NO SHIT!!!!!!!! That’s why we stick together. We are the outcasts. That is why we have so much love for each other…no one else would.



  59. whoop whoop ima juggalette and alwayz gunna be a juggalette icp to the day i die baby come try sum shitt like that and i PROMISE ALL MA JUGGALETTES AND JUGGALO’S WILL HURT UR ASSES”


  60. man u dumb fucks if u think ur fuckin with some juggalos ur wrong bitch come to cleveland and see just what kind of family we are u guys aint shit try going to a concert and try that bull shit come on u pussys u aint shit lol just a bunch of dumb fuck red neck fagets runnin around suckin dick . im a juggalo for live bitch im goona be down with the clown til im dead in the ground and to all my juggalo family readin this much love from juggalo joe mmfwcl woop woop

  61. how are all you mother fuckers gonna be hatin on us for gettin violent when you dont even know first off??!!?? second you talk about us being violent and relentless look at this website just becaus we are juggalos doesnt mean we dont have hearts,emotions,and a bigger a family than yall ever will so what makes it right for yall to wanna kill the juggalos or even hurt them?? bitch ass faggots need to get a life and stop hatin be for we start retaliatin

  62. ypu better bring the devil if ypu thinkin of fuckin wit us you pussy ass ‘JH’ faggots

  63. juggalos is ran by a bunch of inbred redneck pig fuckers who spent too much of there life sucking daddys dick. i feel sorry for each and every one of them because they will never feel the love and bond that juggalos have for one another. the only thing the ever got from there family was jizz in the face. im down with the jh till im dead in the ground. MMFWJHL !!!!!!!!!

  64. lol that’s hallarious jh is so pathetic they got to change my post around lol poor little hopless bastards M.M.F.W.C.L.

  65. If any of tha faggots who say they are “JH” come ta my part of tha country and try ta take my family away from me ill take ur family away from u murder them one by one right in front of ur fuckin face maybe ill staple ur eyes open so u cant look away

  66. I am in akron and with a name like mine it wont be hard to find me….I am waiting….

  67. ha ha ha ha the more juggalos and ore juggaletts get killed the more hate we get 4 u and lol U R “HUNTING” US DOWN LIKE DOGS ASK UR SELFS WHO ARE THE TRUE DOGS U OR US…


  69. lol try and find me and if u do and try and take me out ull b full of holes

  70. its funny, because the first artcle i read was about juggalos and how everyone just wants to kill people, but then you talk about killing and rapping them??? it sounds like you beef is really from within. like something happend to you, as if a juggalo or something has. go and get some counsling for your problems and worry about your life cause its sounds emotional

  71. oh and i hope you asses got paid for all this time you invested in this site

  72. Just found this website. This whole thing is funny to me how much both Juggalos/Juggaletes, and anti Juggalo/Juggalete hate each other and how much energy is used in your hatred. Just guessing here but I bet some of the responses didn’t take to much energy. So this is my question to all of you, why are you using so much time and energy defending something that the creators don’t even defend. According to statements made by ICP anybody who commits acts of violence is a “sicko” and they would rather not have them buy there albums or merch. And for the J.H. side why are you using so much time and energy, do you actually think doing this in such a one sided manner is going to produce results. Or are you just trying to antagonize these people. I am personally not a fan of ICP but do have a friend who considers himself a Juggalo and has the hatchet man tat. FYI he is a good person just listens to ICP. I’m sure there are people who commit acts of violence that listen to Lionel Richey, Should we start an anti Lionel Richey site. In conclusion I just wanted to post this to see what kind of answers I would get to the questions. Here’s one for the Anti Juggalo people, how do you feel about straight edgers? That group commits more crime than Juggalos. To answer the question before it is posted I listen to Metal. Mainly Metalcore and Hardcore, and yes I do go to shows and get in pits.

  73. alright. this is malarky.
    if your so pissed cause you think los and lettes are going around killing people…
    why are you killing people?….

    “god will punish the wicked.”

  74. MMFCL♥

  75. JuggalingJuggalette

    so JH hates Juggalos for “killing people” and shit? or because we don’t live what you want us to live? Talk about being a hypocrit!!

    “Oh yea, I’m going to kill all of you because someone who said they were a juggalo killed some guy like four states over”
    ….yea, makes a lot of sence.

  76. forbidden-juggalo


  77. I want to speak on behalf of True Juggalo’s and ‘lette’s. The ones that understand what it is all about …its not about music ..murder …rape crime’s …gangs …all that shitt …flat out what being a Juggalo is about is haveing a family that is always there for you …and you are always there for. Thus im not going to talk shitt about other juggalo’s or how most of the juggalo’s in these “gangs” dont know what their talking about …there fam if they are truly down …back on point, despite what popular opinion is the true meaning of the Dark Karnival is god …and the joker cards and everything was a way to bring people who wouldnt normally come to god, to him. Thats it …flat out if you dont like it …get over it … if you want to intelligently talk about this come to the site, We Promote What it Really Means to be a Juggalo, dont label the whole for the minority, That is not fare to us true Juggalo’s

    • Dearie….I’m atheist and I am a Lette. I don’t like religion being shoved down my throat so there for thats not the reason.

  78. Wow! Murder? Rape? You claim to be better than us? Come kill us! Do it then because you are no better then the people you don’t like. I will laugh when you go to jail.

  79. the juggalo family isn’t as a whole committing crimes so you jh bigots clearly have absoultly nothing better to do with your lives then bitch at us and commit crimes yours selves did you guys forget murder is a bigger crime then doing something like smoke mad pot or anyhting else like seriously grow the fuck up whoop whoop to all my family out there clown love and peace!

  80. So, before I say what I have to say, I need to make one thing clear: I am NOT a fan of ICP. In fact, I loathe their existence. I am also NOT trying to defend ICP or the Juggalos in anyway.


    Are you seriously advocating for the deaths and/or rapes of certain individuals in their so-called “Family”? It seems a little hypocritical to me…You abhor Juggalos for their violent, murderous ways…but then you call for a Juggalo genocide?

    Like I said, just pointing out the hypocrisy of this website.

    Live and let live – that’s what I say.

    • By the way, I had an amazing friend who was a “Juggalette”. She was the most caring, gentle and loyal person I ever knew. Even though she knew that I hated ICP, she still had my back through everything. Words cannot describe how truly wonderful she was. I’m not going to sit idly back while anonymous people hiding behind their computer screens desecrate her memory by characterizing her as a violent miscreant that needs to be exterminated.

      RIP Desirae. I love you!

  81. JokerDaClown

    Tell you faggot ass Juggalo Holocaust bitches what’s up. Let me see you at the Gathering this year. I promise you, you’ll get beat down by one man and one man alone. You’ll never see it coming, and not one Juggalo at that family reuninon will testify against me. I’m the shadow that walks in broad daylight. I will swing my machete with all my might and if that don’t work, promise i’ll be packing my motherfucking steel and you ain’t stoppin’ the .45. You punks will pay for the blood you have spilled.

  82. You know what your JH really is? New Age Nazis and you leader is the same as Hitler. Just trying to kill everything he does not like and leading you all to your deaths like the sheep you are! Well all know how Hitlers little Holocaust ended by they way. He did not win and neater will you!!! MMMFCL To MY fellow JUGGALOS

  83. yo, we got mofukin 50,000+ Juggalos/Juggalettes, and we aint stoppin, how many yall JH faggs got, like maybe 572? that aint shit. i’ll see you pussies at the mo fukin Gathering. bring yo army, we’ll be waiting, with our hatchets.

    WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL to all my Wicked fam out there, peace!!

  84. Juggalo Whoop Whoop

    yo fuck all you and this fuckin juggalo holocaust bull shit you all are fucking wrong about us. we aint no gang were 1 big ass motha fuckin family i got MCL for my fuckin family. we aint ever gonna die this fuckin JH bull shit aint gonna work because WE’LL NEVER DIE ALONE JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST EACH AND EVERYONE OF US so to all you fuckin haters out there FUCK YOU and i dare you to step up and come to Henderson NV near basic high school morel park or just on boulder highway and yell at the top of your lungs you hate juggalos watch what the fuck will happen. My name is Dylan Jensen and im damn proud to be a juggalo. To all my juggalo/lette family out there and i mean everyone even if i dont know you. I love you and i will always have yo back. WHOOP WHOOP MCL MMFWCL J4L

  85. You know what im tiered of hearing this shit about killing it ant cool. I’m a jh but yet the girl i love is a Juggalette. Do i hate her no. do i hate the things she does with other Juggalo friends yes. But ig no matter what ppl say or do there alwas be Juggalos and JH. =(

  86. fuck JH u fuckin hide behind ur computer screens in ur moms basement nd like ur hard, u dnt kno shit u lil bitches im only 14 nd im standin up 2 u

  87. all i Can say is if there is a holocaust bring it on bitches, im in riverside Southern california email me if u want an address cuz im down bitch come and get it, ill take u out one by one gauntlet style homie…N I wont play guns less u do, Ill run a boxing or MMA style gauntlet with all ur best JH members, but u wont cuz u all fake ass internet bitches, living in ur moms bassment at age 30 hating on the sucess and happiness that you can never achieve..
    U aint fuckin with fam, and if u try to i will find u, and i will hurt u….
    Nekro G
    Wikid Funk Records

  88. Let the sunshine

    Some like sunshine some like rain, some like pleasure and some like pain, some like peace and some like
    war, and some don’t even know what there fightin for
    what your fightin for?
    what your fightin for?
    Do you ever really know wutcha fighting for?

    Let the sun shine
    All i wanna do is live this beautiful life, feel free wit my girl, my friends and family, Spread my
    peace and love and truth and unity, tryin to stop all the violence and the wars over sea’s, people come
    people go, I know this lifes a trip but i cant be depressed over someone elses nonsense, theres no
    reason or time for me to be mad or sad, so do you even really know?

    Some like sunshine some like rain, some like pleasure and some like pain, some like peace and some like
    war, and some don’t even know what there fightin for
    what your fightin for?
    what your fightin for?
    Do you ever really know wutcha fighting for?

    Let the sun shine

    You and you’s too im fightin for that to, and I hope all the soldiers come back safe real soon, we got
    peoples being fought on the streets everyday, wile the rich fill there pockets and the po (poor) just pay,
    uhh, im fightin for love and fightin for life, against those doing wrong and for those doing right, yea,
    for my family and my future to come, cause if i dont fight now there just might not be one.

    Some like sunshine some like rain, some like pleasure and some like pain, some like peace and some like
    war, and some don’t even know what there fightin for
    what your fightin for?
    what your fightin for?
    Do you even really know wutcha fighting for? what your fightin for?

    ohhhhh ohhhhh
    let the sunshine

    You see i can see light in the strangest ways, on the darkest nights and the coldest days, and im amazed
    that some how that i can keep smilin, i can hear music in the depths of silence, i can find peace in the
    middle of violence and i can be calm when i should be wild and i can find hope when there is despare and i
    dont feel alone when theres noone there.

    Some like sunshine some like rain, some like pleasure and some like pain, some like peace and some like
    war, and some don’t even know what there fightin for
    what your fightin for?
    what your fightin for?
    Do you ever really know what your fighting for? what your fightin for?

    Let the sunshine
    let the sunshine
    By kmk

    Remember dat yu ignorant jh bastards mcl to da fam whoop whoop

  89. anyone i see wearing jh will get chopped with an axe from me and me alone

  90. Ha! Lil’ pussy ass JH bitches! Bring it the fuck on!
    3950 via real #25
    Carpinteria, CA 93013
    I’ll kill all your asses! woop woop!

  91. /\ surprise! that’s a trailer park!

  92. I want all of us dead.We are nothing but parasites now.If theories of Enochian Magic are true and there are lost keys that once found and used can initiate the destruction of humanity,then I’m going to be the one to get those keys and end all of this bullshit once and for all.

  93. In my city there are hella JH one tried to talk to shit to me I put that faget in the hospital then he got his faget homies to kick my ass and I kicked there asses
    To all JH you cannot get rid of us everywere you go there will be a juggalo

  94. You’re um…. trying to save the world from fat people? So… shouldn’t you be barking up McDonald’s tree? And maybe take a crack at the school system because last I checked they have something to do with peoples intelligence. But of course, its so obvious every juggalo is stupid and illerate. I mean of course It’s obvious since I can only read half of JH’s comments and only a handful of ours are difficult since I’m pretty sure they’re children. Oh well. Thought I’d throw that out there. Resume your shit talking, you horde of bigots. We’re big kids, we can handle it.

  95. Jordan TCJ Boychuk

    The real story behind the foundation of this site is that the founder took too many shrooms and was tripping out when he was tied down to a bed and anally raped by the people he thought were his friends. Past childhood fears of clowns and since he was tripping made him conclude it was juggalos and so he founded this website to hopefully find people to kill us for him. I know it’s pathetic but if you think about coming near me JH illl rape your ass just like your faggot friends! -The Crown Juggalo

  96. Man you jus dun geddit! u dun kno wht iz leik to be a family man! me n mah homiez got eachothers backs all the tiem! i rmember this one time these fagets tried to jump my az but mah homiez saved mah az. man tha mad me n mah homies family man! you just dun geddit! u dun kno what it leik to haz yo homiez always thar fo u! man aftr dat shyte me an mah homiez were so fcking clse that we wuld fuck othy gaiz 2gether. were nevar the same! once some fckers tried to thretn mah daughter but mah homies backtraced dat shyte! they dun goofed! yall fuckers need 2 ged a lyfe! imma tell u right nao! you bunch of lyn no gud punks ! you bette write one mo thing or screw with me again! consequences will never be the same!

  97. All of you piece of shit Juggalo Holocaust pussies didn’t show up to this year’s GOTJ, despite all the shit talking about how you would. You bitches ain’t nothing but a bunch of cowards running around like a bunch of Neo-Nazi’s, doing a faggot-ass goose-step and banging on your chests like a retard seeing worms for the first time. Seriously, you fake ass bitch made motherfuckers ain’t gonna ever make it to the Gathering, and you ain’t gonna ever get shit accomplished. There’s more than a half a million of us out there, you can’t stop those numbers. So stop banging your inbred sister/mother, quit giving Hitler’s statue blowjobs, and quit getting buttfucked by each other, and shut the fuck up already. We all know y’all ain’t nothing but bitches who run your mouth. YOU’RE FAKE! 100% FAKE! JUST LIKE YOUR ORGANIZATION, JUST LIKE YOUR FAMILY, JUST LIKE YOUR LEADERS. YOU’RE ALL FAKE! GET OVER IT! JUGGALO FAMILY NEVER DIES!

    • let em know homie JUGGALOS WILL NEVA DIE but little juggalo holocausters do so best be wearin them vests JUGGALOS 4 LIFE

  98. FUCK JH MAN!!! yall cant break up this worl wide family!! show some love homies! DOWN WIT THE CLOWN TILL IM DEAD IN THE GROUND!!!!

  99. fuckin wont even let me on there forum to fuck with them such cowards. they screen there shit first. using words like social cleansing fuck JH . fuck kaizen killa and fuck pablo AKA dizzy


  100. hahahha couldnt let it go fascist. that was days ago and my juggalo homies already got in. so now idiot I know what your all about. lost children who grab any ism they can. communism , fascism, anti-antisemitism not anti-Zionist anti fuckin Semites. join a skin head gang or something. well except the 50% of you dicks who are vampire kids who miss vampirefreaks.com. now I am comin back so let me in assshole. oh yah I like how the forum people hack pics and screen names to make juggalos look stupid. im gonna try to get back in for a good laugh.

  101. hey, i am a new member of the family ur talking about and u know what not all fuckn juggalos or juggalettes are bad i hang out with them most of my life and if anyone goes after them i will hunt u down. they are more like family to me then anyone else has been there the kindest people on these planet. and i swear if i hear about an other juggalo or juggalette is missing i will find out who the leader of this is and hunt them down myself. u dont mess with the family motha fuckers.

  102. this site is pretty funny. there are only two things worse than a christian: jews and juggalos. actually the guy who made this site is probably my favorite christian in the world, but they’re all pretty bad.

  103. juggalohunter(fuck icp)

    fuck juggalos ive shot and killed 3 and wounde 2 more over the last 9 months so fuck all of this FAMILY bull shit cuz when it comes down to it you all dip out and let your FAMILY die with a bullet in their brain and a hatchet in your back you faggot pussys


  105. this is what we fucking believe in. this is our family. you don’t go to a fucking church and yell they are all liers who just want to belong. the dark carnival is real and clown love will go on forever.

  106. does anyone know any jh members in virginia beach va? i wana punch one in the face and see what they would do lol

  107. Fuck JH! Bring your shit to my door and find out whats going to happen! Punk ass mother fuckers! WHAT! We ain’t scared! Do something or bitch up and get nice!

  108. thats funny how you sit there and say juggalos have no life and are retarted trailer trash because i jus so haapen to own a house nigga and i jus so happen to run a buissness NIGGA! and i jus so happen to have homie nigga and i jus so happen to be goin places in life nigga oh and uh well why dont you jus come down to ohio and see how many of us juggalos will take turns puttin a foot in your ass. i got no problem loosin what i got to kill a fuckin hater so jus test my patients bitch.

  109. check this out all yall juggalo haterz need to keep ya whack ass mouths shut on the real yall just hatin cuz yall aint no real mutha fuckas just a bunch of whack ass e bangin punks meet me on the street or in the studio ill out do u bitches on both whack ass bitches need to learn how to rap b4 yall post some whack ass tracks bout us i stay strong for JRB bitchs and i can tell u bitches this all my ninjas agree when i say u want somethin come do somethin WHOOP WHOOP MMFWACL4LIFE

  110. O and some more shit to i remember my my my 2 brothers stompin the shit out of 10 of yall punx hahaha rite ther in the city of Eugen OR. LMAO yall lmaes man CURB STOMP dat ass FUCK JH

  111. The juggalo holocaust is just a bunch of ignorent low lives that don’t have anything better to do than hate on Juggalos. Members of the jh are usually Nazis, Skinheads, or just some Biggots that hate the fact that Juggalo’s have a stong opinion against predudicy and stand up for everybody being equal and that race doesn’t matter. Refuring to Juggalo’s as a gang is just stupid and shows your lack of knoledge about Our Family and the meaning behind it, because if you knew anything you would know that its all based on the christian religion and is meantt to draw the wicked in and change them, and show them the light of God. The jh however is known for forming groups and raping, injuring, or killing innocent people for standing up in what they beleive in. To all the Family don’t let the jh get to you, they’re just a bunch of dumbass’ that dont have shit to do but hate on us.

  112. everyone of you are retarded. real juggalos wouldnt even bother with this stupid bullshit. its not about attacking people with hatches or spraying faygo on eachother, its about the love of the music and having fun. i remember when people didnt even know what a juggalo was or who icp was for that matter…. yall are taking this shit too far its music man its fucking fun.

    race, color, religion or national origin

    Check this pulled straight off the hypocrites Blog page!!!
    “The Juggalo Holocaust is a representation of the decent, law-abiding citizens that make up the rest of the non-Juggalo world.”
    (please note Law Abiding Citizins)
    Myth: The Juggalo Holocaust hates juggalos because of the music they listen to.
    Response: False. We hate Juggalos because of your lifestyle, hypocrisy and negative social impact. Juggalos tend to do whatever they want, including breaking laws. They then cry persecution when caught. There are some that dislike the music, but it is NOT the primary reason. The fact that you’re all taken in by an elaborate marketing gimmick is enough fodder for us to laugh at, however.
    (please note the usage of the word hypocrisy meaning to possess an attribute or moral that one does not posses)
    No one had put it up, and i wanted to like it so i made a page.
    I immediately recieved death threaths from a juggalo supporter.
    For your health!Also after October 31st I would like to know how many of them you got. My goal is at least 5”
    Pulled from google.
    1964 Federal Civil Rights Law
    The 1964 Federal Civil Rights Law, 18 U.S.C. § 245(b)(2), permits federal prosecution of anyone who “willingly injures, intimidates or interferes with another person, or attempts to do so, by force because of the other person’s race, color, religion or national origin” [1] because of the victim’s attempt to engage in one of six types of federally protected activities, such as attending school, patronizing a public place/facility, applying for employment, acting as a juror in a state court or voting.
    Persons violating the 1969 Federal Hate Crimes Law face a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both. If bodily injury results or if such acts of intimidation involve the use of firearms, explosives or fire, individuals can receive prison terms of up to 10 years, while crimes involving kidnapping, sexual assault, or murder can be punishable by life in prison or the death penalty.[1] U.S. Courts provide for criminal sanctions only. The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 contained a provision at 42 U.S.C. § 13981 which allowed victims of gender-motivated hate crimes to seek “compensatory and punitive damages, injunctive and declaratory relief, and such other relief as a court may deem appropriate”, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Morrison that the provision is unconstitutional.
    Go a head mother fucker punch me and see how bad I fuck you up legally!
    Law abiding my ass!!!
    Not to mention child abuse for all of the under age kids you hit !
    Now don’t you find it hypocritical to call your self “law -abiding citizens “who are willing to go out and physically assault a major population of people (Most of which might i add are under the age of 18) making you child abusers.Even hard core criminals look down on child abuse. Who’s committing the hate crimes now?
    And by the way!!!
    You misspelled the words received and threats and I am also pretty sure you misspelled juggalo on purpose.
    Why don’t you just grow the fuck up pull your head out of your ass !!!

    • dude thank u somone who acually puts them down i love the fam u guys i love all u but we just make ourselfs look worse when we threten them with empty threats this however damages them i want every juggalo to take this and post it everywhere find dirt on these guys dont lie about it theres enough real shit to get these guys on hitler will not win this time eaither ha but homies any of u wanna find me im on facebook as will northcutt find me we need to stick as a fam always

  114. lifs a bitch then u die any??????????

  115. juggalette jessi

    Ya’ll are pathetic. What did we ever do to you? You see a juggalo here and there on the news and all of a sudden it’s all the juggalos are bad. Fuck that shit. They ain’t real juggalos probably, they just wanna do it to give us a bad rep. and quite frankly we couldn’t give a damn. We are who we are. Not all of us go out and murder cuz we know that’s not what the music is about. Yeah we do stupid shit but that’s who we are and we do it damn proudly. We don’t give a fuck what you say about us cuz honestly it just encourages us to do what you hate just to spite you. We’re not all horrible people, I’m probably one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I go out of my way to help anyone with anything, and honestly if you don’t bother us we wont bother you, it’s as simple as that. You’re all just mad cuz Shaggy and Violent J accomplised more in their life time themselves then you ever will in 10 life times. Seriously go back to sucking Justin Bieber’s dick and leave us the fuck alone cuz you’re just waistin your time and life. We call ourselves a family cuz we all fit in with eachother. We’re freaks and weirdos, that’s just how we roll and we understand eachother alot more than people think we do. We don’t fit in with other groups and really I don’t think any of us want to. Before I found the dark carnival all I wanted was to fit in with everyone but then I heard ICP and my outlook changed completely and now I.D.G.A.F cuz I found a family that understands me and I can be myself around and not put on a show for and honestly I’d rather be myself and not be someone I’m not. If you wanna be in the JH good for you but you ain’t gonna scare us away. There’s more and more of us everyday and it’s always gonna be like that even long after ICP is gone so just deal with it and fuck the fuck off. We’re people just like you, we just got a different outlook then you do, so quit your damn crying and go kill yourslef.

    MCL fam ❤ WHOOP WHOOP.

    • Exactly I couldn’t have said it better myself and only true down ass ‘los and ‘lettes understand your statement. I would be lost with out my Juggalo family. MMFWCL Whoop Whoop!!

  116. I could think of hundreds of things to say to try to get yall to understand. But all I can see are bigots. So I will bring out the most honest thing I can think of to say. You don’t like us you can fuck off!

  117. I dont care for ICP and all that family stuff, But I have to say this “JH” crap is even worse.

    Did you guys get your ass beat on the street one day and you felt the need to express your anger? Because thats what this “JH” crap sounds like…


  118. FUCK YOU!! =]

  119. YOUR SO STALE!!!

  120. fuckooffff!!!

    i cant believe you think we r a gang u dumb mutherfucker

    suck a cock ur a close minded dickhole



  121. you think website fucks with us i come here when i feel like a laugh

  122. this is the most absurd site/concept/group of people that I’ve ever seen. I feel like I’m in Spencer Gifts right now.



  125. Naptown Juggalette

    #5: Its people grouping up. Hm, and you fight your battles for yourself?

    You call me uneducated? How about you check yourself.

    Oh, and have facts not Urban Dictionary definitions. If you were educated you would understand.

    Female Juggalo for life ❤


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  127. You guys are to juggalos as the white men were to the black men. You think you’re all high and mighty, but really, you’re just dirt. You’re a bunch of ignorant little children. You guys racist too? You might as well be. Juggalos come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and occupations. How does it feel to have juggalos fighting for this country we live in? Sh*t, for all we know the f*cking president could be a juggalo. Just because you don’t like their music doesn’t mean you should be idiots. I hate rape, does that mean everyone who listens to it should die? Funny, I know, I love ICP, etc., yet I can NOT STAND to listen to rap. Metal is “the music of the devil”, Rap can easily be affiliated with gang members, but does that mean all people who listen to metal worship the devil? Does that mean all people who listen to rap are rapists, murderers, gangbangers? NO! If you don’t like their music, don’t listen, you don’t like their clothes, don’t wear them, you don’t like how they look, STOP LOOKING! I bet you guys are gay bashers too with how f*cking ignorant you are. You can’t stop homosexuality and you can’t stop the juggalos. It’s a way of life, now deal with it. Murder is murder, nothing more, nothing less, there is no justice in it.


    Hate us all you want, talk your talk, but Good Luck Hitler, ’cause we’ll still be around long after, just like the Jewish people.

  128. To me, the music made me feel like I was not alone. To understand what I mean, you must know a bit about me. I’ve always been a loner, I suffer from depression, I’m also bipolar. This means, I’m sad all the time, but for no reason I can become very angry. Well, I had a hard time in school, kids making fun of me and sh*t like that. Well, I started to day dream about slitting throats and bathing in the blood. Yes, I’m a psychotic one. 😛 But did I ever do it? No, lol, why, because I’m not retarded. But all the anger and violent feelings I had made me feel like I was the only person who felt that way. I eventually dropped out of highschool, I fear if I had stayed, I may have been one of those kids who you hear about go on a rampage and shoot up the whole school or some crap. But four years ago I started listening to ICP, and it lets me know I’m not the only one who have those feelings, it’s just best to let them out in better ways such as expressing it through music, or poetry. I could be wrong, but, that’s my thoughts. xP


    MMFWCL. Whoop Whoop!

  129. Yes, I did drop out, but at least I went back and got my GED, and now I’m going to college. Also, I don’t give a f*ck if ICP is homophobic or not, it’s their choice, not everyone cares to see men making out with each other, even I don’t, that sh*t’s for the bedroom, not in public. I might be a crazy b*tch, but I’m far from an idiot. If anyone’s an idiot here, it’s everyone who supports JH. A bunch of nazi talk, that’s what it is.


  130. Let me see some poser fuck wearing JH in conroe or any surrounding area for that matter, find his dead body under the courthouse. Stupid fucks it would take alot more than some fat nerdy bitch with a computer to take down a 20 year movement. How about this.. feb 12… texas night of the axe.. Bet no dumb fuck would sport JH or talk about hatin juggalos there get your shit fucked up. Fuckin PUSSIES. Keep this site up, your ignorance fuels this shit.

  131. Come on really! It’s just music. I love ICP and the rest of the guys. It’s just good old music.

  132. Rest In Piss Juggalo Holocaust! October 25th 2005-August 14th 2011

    You’re still not getting it yet are you? All you had to do was stick to your end of the deal. Just removed videos and websites and move on. Than I would’nt be making funeral arrangements. That’s right. It’s not planning violence you cracker ass hitler motherfuckers! I’m making Funeral Arrangements. If the beatdown don’t finish it. Than I just might have to make sure one of you JH Blone Hair/blue eyed fag’s dies there. Maybe it’ll be Dez. I mean his outlook don’t look so great. He’s overweight, pushing 40, and is a candidate of a Heart Attack from poking fun at people. All you guys had to do was stick to your end of the deal. You say I need to move on. Sorry Esham. I can’t move on. Your fans ruined the internet for me. So putting them in their place will finally motivate ya to finally put a fucking leash on them like you should have the day you left psychopathic to enter the dead career zone. Think about it. All they had to do was just remove some videos, Accept an apology, and move on with their useless lives. They would’ve even found someone new to poke fun at. But nope. They’re like the southern half of the united states during the 2008 presidential election. They’re afraid of change. They don’t want anything new. They want everything the same. That’s why I said fuck an apology. That’s why I want to kick all your asses, And that’s why come August. The Juggalo Holocaust will be dead and buried. Only one group is walking out alive from Cave in Rock E!… And it ain’t your group!

  133. does any 1 here notice that all the responses are from los and lettes? there is no support for you fuckers… maybe if you actully stood for something like the fam, youd have some actual power you pansy ass bitches.


  134. When you guys say shit like “yo, come to my town and I’ll fuck you up with a hatchet” and other retarded shit like that you really sound like a bunch of losers. You’re not gonna do any of that ridiculous nonsense you talk about so shut the fuck up. Some person puts up a website about hating juggalos and it makes you mad enough to wanna kill them? I thought juggalos weren’t supposed to care who hated on them? Your oversensitivity shows how weak and pathetic you juggalos really are. Stop crying and go paint your faces and do whatever other retarded shit you homos like to do. Instead of saying “Juggalo for life” you should say “Faggot for life.” That makes more sense.

  135. Smokey Tha WickedCrip

    fuck all these stupid ass haters on this “Juggalo Holocaust” bullshit. niggas have no fuckin life, thats why they put this on the internet. mothafuckas are sitting in their lil rooms beating off to shit on the internet cuz they cant get no pussy cuz all they do is sit on they asses and update this pointless site. mothafuckas, come to my doorstep n try to do somethin, youll get shot with my p90 ruger BITCH! FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE FAGGOT ASS BITCHES!!!!!!




  137. Joker King Chaos

    Check it out ya’ll. The Juggalo Holocaust is a bunch of losers tryin to re-enact the original holocaust. Just on juggalos. The problem is, JUGGALOS ARE STILL HERE!!! WOW!!! Bet you JH faggots didn’t see that coming. Listen, they make crazy accusations towards us, and talk a lot of shit, but what they don’t realize is that they are doing the very thing that they think they’re fighting against. Think about it. A bunch of people join together to form a gang or cult against us. They think that by doing what they’re doing, they are making an impact and “helping society”. Psh…yea right! Get a grip guys. Juggalos aint going nowhere, and we WILL live FOREVER! BITCHES! WHOOP WHOOP!!! MMFWCL!!! JUGGALO FAMILY FOR LIFE!!!

  138. Most you juggalo fago faggot bitches are ignorant Fuck wads complaining abouyour worthless pathetic lives trying to use the juggalo life as a crutch for your own fucked up mistakes so you do what every scared little kid does and join a gang so you all can be on fucked up little family just cuz you don’t have the fucking balls to tackle it yourself you say your strong but you take every little negative comment up the ass you say your all fam when its clear you don’t know a damn thing about family you call us ignorant your fuckin hatchet man ain’t even carrying a fuckin hatchet its a fuckin cleaver and hope that image trips and severs the head of the head of your so called family

  139. Ok so look, juggalos/letes are not a gang. We are a family. It’s not our fault that your mom doesnt love you enough so you have to go and try and diss on other peoples family. We wont start shit but we won’t take it either. We’re not gonna go out looking for a fight but if someone fucks with us or our family we’re gonna have something to say about it. You need to do your fucking homework before you create a whole fucking website of nothing but sheer ignorance. You have no idea what your talking about. If you had any idea what a juggalo is you would not have created this site out of pure hate for something you just don’t understand. Juggalos are social outcasts that group together. Our family has our backs where your fake ass friends will turn their backs on you first sign of trouble. Friends come and go but family is forever. I am a proud Juggalette. And if you would have done our homework you’d see that gang has nothing to do with the juggalos. yes there have been gangs made out of juggalos and fake bitchez that try and copy the juggalos because they are stupid bitchez that cant think up their own ideas, but the juggalos are not a cult, are not a gang, and is not a mencace to sociaty.Whatever happend to freedom of expression? You can wear your preppy boy holister t shirt, or be a fuckin slut bag and have your tits hangin half way out your shirt, but we cant wear face paint and carry around a fucking hatchet. And another thing, the holocaust was a very life ruining tramatic even. to use the name is fucked up. and we’re the bad ones? right. so kiss my hatchet to all youfuckin stupid ass hatin hypocritical bithcez! IDLE DA CLOWN

  140. OH! and one more thing. WHOOP WHOOP to all my family out there who think this site is complete ignorance and bullshit!!!! these little fuckin fags don have anything better to do then dis on shit they dont know.


  142. Yall all assume that we are dumb, trailer kids, well im pretty smart, smart enough to notice a group of pussies looming and hating on a fam. Im ashamed, you are just like dumb white supremacist nazis. Yall make uneducated guesses that we are a gang, how many of you are in a gang? this Juggalo Holocaust shit is a gang!!! You are probably the imbeciles who dont know your ass from a hole in the ground. I pity you all, because you are the ones looking fo a gang “family”. Hate all you want, cuz we goin to the top! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! MMFWCL 4 EVA!!!

  143. Five grand for ever collects the last JH member’s head.

  144. Five grand for the other jh members head to be collected.

    Really. that just proves our point even more.

  146. hmm u guys know ur idiots right if 1 juggalo kills somebody and it makes all juggalos murders then that also means all black people are murders all white people are murders u idiots obliviously think if 1 person does it the rest does to so in ur guys mind every person on earth are murderers

  147. Twiztid_Martinie

    You claim us as a GANG. But do you not realize that you yourselves could be labeled as a gang too? You wear “JH” on your clothes, shoes and bandanas. We wear ours on hats and mainly shirts and necklaces. So I think that if you try to take us down. You will most likely fall as well.

    We are a society that believes in not being the conformed. You believe in only what you see in the lyrics and what you think you know. You will never know who or what we are truly about until you step in our shoes. For all we know we could be the saviors of this fucking world.

    We could be the only ones saving it. We could be the ones who have the beings with in ourselves to allow the world to prosper into a new beginning. As you will sit and die of infest and hate.

    We don’t let our homies fight our battles. We generally, when getting into a fight, allow a one on one fight. If someone steps in, we all step in. The one thing we have that others don’t is we are their for our homies. We will always have their back no matter what it is.

    You think that running around and killing people will set us off and scare us. But what you don’t realize is, the more and more you feed your bullshit to us, the more and more you play with us, the more and more you criticize us and try to bring us down. The more and more we are going to pull together and rise up.

    We look into our music because it relates to us. We look to each other because we gain the respect and support many of us never had. You label us as “white trash”. But you don’t know where we all originate from. I came from a high middle-class family. That doesn’t make me “white trash”.

    We welcome ourselves to the Dark Carnival. We live our life just as any one would. You pass judgement to us because you are scared of what we could become. Your scared because we could eventually make the world change. Your scared because together we stand as many. Your scared because you know that if you hit us in anyway. We can come back in full force. Just because we are passive people and we don’t hit first doesn’t make us bad. We live in reality. We live in the real world.


  148. screw theses juggalo holocaust fags im from north attleboro and i beat the shit out of one of these so called faggot ass juggalo holocaust assholes there cop callers and fake ass bitches unlike us were true and fight for it whoop whoop mmfwcl go suck a dick u faggot ass holocaust

  149. wickedgurilasilverback

    ok so here’s whats goin down when i was in highschool i used to think somewhat the same i didnt care if you were a juggalo or not i thought it was stupid. But then i met my first ‘lo jaren and he was awesome if you ever needed anything he’d step up and help. Then i met my first lette and she was pimpin i wound up datin her for over a year and to this day i’ma a juggalo. you angry hateful kids wantin juggalos and juggalettes dead are stupid man this country was built on a foundation of tolerance for your neighbors no matter what they were into. free speech free press and free expression the first amendment of the united states constitution. But please i implore you stupid fucks who try to fuck with us the second amendment is THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. call us stupid again jack offs. oh and btw we are not a gang but we dont stand down from a fight neither we dont have our homies fight for us. our nuts hang homeboy we is what we is and you aint gonna scare us. much mother fuckin wicked clown love WOOP WOOP

  150. juggalos and juggalettes this is for the juggalo holocaust

    fuck yall the only reason u diss us is cause ur afraid of us the only reaso ur afraid of us is cause u cant beat us so yall go around living by the moto kill juggalos and rape juggalettes but yall forgot one thing there may be a couple of thousand haters out there but the are millions of juggalos and juggalettes out there and there are hundreds of more pop out of the under ground every fucking day so yall think you can kill us all but you got another thing comeing so yall can stay in your little fantasy world but you’ll come to your sense and realize that juggalos and juggalettes are going to be around forever so yall just need quite hatein on us
    whoop whoop mmfwcl bitch

  151. LOL Juggalos dont have much of a brain, I am on my way to becoming a doctor of physics, and I am a mother fuckin Juggalo 4 lyfe bitches! MMFWCL to all my FAMILY, and as for Juggalo Holocaust, bring it bitches, come and try and shoot us juggalos and rape our juggalettes, I will personally be sure that I take down JH one by one with a hatchet! Be it a real one, or a perhaps a computer hatchet taking down this website! Swing your hatchets proudly Juggalos, if you wanna talk about a gang JH why dont you go pick on a group like Anonymous, I am sure my friends over there would love to take you down!

  152. I’m not seeing much from the JH crew replying to ANY of this…..maybe they have realized that being in the JH makes them a gang? Yes! The JH is actually being investigated. HAVE A NICE DAY JH!

  153. this shit is stupid!imma juggalo and down with the clown but all these comments the fam is making is just wat these dumb bitches want! all of these attempts to explain ourselves,name calling,and flat out ragefull messages just proves that we cant handle what they have done. so i say(just like with a child) we ignore them until they relize WE DONT GIVE A FUCK

  154. oh jh oh jh fuckin faggots are just mad cause they wanna belong to something greater then them. they see the sense of nonconformity and belonging and only wish they only wish they could be “in the action” but their Balls Havent droped yet. they aint figured out that.
    Further more what they are saying is in essence is… if a group of black men commit a crime then we should burn them all… all this is is a motherfuckin KKK cell that got tired of chasing blacks. bunch of bunch of idiots with ahuge case of the Oedipus complex.

  155. JH members can i get somew adresses i wanna have a nice long talk with u mono e mono or come find me pittsfield mass 01201 much love ninjas down with the clown 4 life

  156. isnt funny they JH says they outnumber juggalos. but even at this nothing-of-point point on this blog alone ive been scrolling… and theres got to be thousands of juggalo replies. shits crazy right? MCL

  157. …or not but it sure seems like a shit load…maybe i was over estimating a little. well either way i imagine atleast 97% are juggalos

  158. My family has already said everything. RAISE YOUR HATCHETS!! whoop whoop 🙂

  159. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! so we juggalos hide behind our “homies” huh?BRIT JUGGALO HOLOCAUST BITCHEZ!!!!! any JH member who thinks they can whack dis clown, i beg you to try!!! ill take any JH pussy’s on!! i live in kingsley michigan at 3953 voice road!! BRING IT ASSHOLES HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! then i have the exuse that it was selfdefense, when i slit your throats!!!!!!!

    • fuckyoujuggafags

      Slitting someones throat doesn’t constify as self defense you physcopath. You’ll still go to jail for murder.

      • first of all its psychopath, get it right. and second that is completely false, there are always times and places for everything, quit being so afraid of the law. If someone really does attack you in real life that hesitation will get you killed. Live in your false sense of reality and sing kumbiya, but when someone threatens me ima fight back. educate yourself about a topic before you say anything about it.

  160. SGT. R. Fitzgerald

    I love you you all are quick to talk shit on JH i thought icp said we gives no fuck sure seems like you all are to me… being an ex juggalo who gave up this childish bullshit because guess what fuck nuts… according to the FBI and all local law enforcement officials YOU ARE A GANG and. i love how you are so tough on the internet i would love to see ONE of you say that to ONE of the JH people cause i have to agree not a single one of you will fight alone cause you are weak you have no life u know what 100 percent of thee juggalos in this ton are homeless you know why cause NO ONE WILL HIRE YOU CAUSE YOU ARE ALL LAZY so enough of your bullshit rambling.. i dropped you assholes cause you all need to grow the fuck up… better yet wanna raise your hatchet?? why don’t you go to Iraq and raise it or Afghanistan make use of your lives and serve your country that GAVE you the freedom to say “fuck JH” the freedom to wear that bullshit you wear

    • robert Corneliusen

      Bitch u think i give a fuk about u or any “jh” member in here? Ill kill all u “jh” bitches if u come around my town. Im not scared of u pussies with ur empty threats. Shit u can find me anytime at 17088 s. La canada dr. In az. My name is Robert corneliusen and im a Juggalo for life, come find me and talk ur shit and see what the fuk happens. MMWCL WHOOP WHOOP TO MY JUGGALO FAMILY, I LOVE ALL U MOTHA FACKOS. Say wat u will of me, ill always have Juggalo Family!

    • teddy rager of clearfield, pa

      We can sound tough on the internet an in some bitchass JH supportin mother fuckers face, you fuckin hilter wanna be go kill youself you useless fuck

    • The funny thing Is I would LOVE to talk shit to a JH member in person.. jus one problem where the hell are yall? You so insignificant nobody even knows about your movement except juggalos. ill rep my juggalo tats with pride, i have yet to see some crazed person jump from out a crowd and try to stab me. You guys make me laugh.

  161. i still dont get the point of this website and jh shit. if you all are real then why have i never seen any of you nerds. and just so u know i dont think your lame ass website is really working because i see more and more family everyday. just some advise, maby you should stop investing so much time into this gay little website you got and do something more productive with yourself. there is nothing anyone or anything can do to stop juggalos so i think you all will be happier if you just accept the fact that we are never going to go away and you or anyone else can never change that. MMFWCL

  162. I dont understand why everyone is so mad if ur in the juggalo holocaust u need therapy, why so much hate? I aint gon lie theres a lot of lame juggalos but ur makin it something its not its a fan base of lost alienated young people and u are just mad because u dont understand it, your like the rich kids hangin out at the liquor store on van buren hateful and afraid of what u are unfamiliar with whats around u, hate is ugly and just covers up fear, what are u afraid of? thats up to u to find the answer hater

  163. You didn’t post my comment assholes. Its kinda weird how you guys can control whats posted. like you only let the violent stupid shit get posted. And how come you guys try to make us look evil or something when you guys are trying to be like Hitler calling your shit a Holocaust and having lame ass propaganda everywhere. while your all trying to act like a bunch of butt fucking Nazis; like little wanna be Hitlers, there juggalos doing good shit everywhere like benefits and food drives and shit. not to mention you guys arn’t really getting anywhere with this lame ass shit. fucking stupid man. not to mention how unintelligent you guys are. You all sound like a bunch of retards. at least most juggalos can admit if there stupid. you all just try to act smart but you can tell your not. you just sound like your constantly pissed off cuz u all got a little dick or somethen. and how do you guys call yourself a holocaust when u havent even killed a large amount of us. i dont know why i am writing all this cuz u guys probly wont post my comment on here like little bitches. if you arnt man enough or what ever the fuck u weirdos are to post my shit then shoot me an email and tell me why. if not then your website will just no longer amuse me when im really bord.

  164. I don’t care who the fuck you are or who you think you are, violence isn’t cool from either sides.

    Live your life and not someone else’s.

  165. So much hate, over a type of genre? Fuck that’s funny. Sad, But funny. Coming from the Great Down Under.

  166. I’ve been down since 99, and all this shit talk coming from you narrow minded juggalo’s who are enraged with anger need to chill. your just fueling these dickheads fire. what a joke. And if your really down then you should know what its about. outie!

  167. teddy rager of clearfield, pa


    • teddy rager of clearfield, pa


  168. Juggalos are a gang and they are the biggest group of wussies I’ve ever known. None of them ever fight their own battles. Family my ass, they are a wussified gang!!!

  169. Okay so, I’m a Juggalette and i get A’s in school. I have never done drugs or dank or smoked. I listen to ICP for the music. Now all Juggalo’s are bad people.

  170. Who says Juggalos dont solve our own problems? Yall dont know us in person. all yall that hate just make the love in the family so much more. Keep talkin shit, nomatter how many times u repeat a lie its still a lie, juggalos who paint their kids faces up aint any different than you parents making your baby look like a lil goddam china doll. you try to put fear in us by putting these websites up, you are the terrorists. we dont post websites up saying how better we are than you. quit thinking your so high and mighty.

  171. the only reason you try to pick on juggalos on websites like this is cause we arnt no fucking gang we arnt going to hunt you down for what you say on the internet, we have better things to do and plain just dont care. You wanna make such a great difference in the world talking about the “trageties” that happen from juggalos go fuck with a real gang the crips or the locos or the fucking cartel and see what happens you pussies.

  172. Yall motha fuckas know nothin about us, dont come at us wreckless like that. juggalo pride WOOP WOOP!

  173. normally i hate when people post shit about how much they hate this or that or what the fuck ever but wtf yah il admit there are some ninjas out there that do stupid shit but that doesnt give you a reason to justify with MURDER and RAPE you aint no fucking savoirs or whatever YOUR THE DEVIL and how dare you judge us for our music when we stand for indivuality, free thinking and love for our fellow lo’s and lettes and i dont need to talk about how im gonna kick your ass if i c u in da streets sportin some jh shit kuz it doesnt matter all that matters in THIS LIFE is love straight up and when judgment day comes il be praying for your hater ass because hell exist for people just like you FUCKINCG JUGGALO FROM THE CRADDLE TO THE CASKET AND BEYOND AND PROUD AS FUCK OF WHO I / WE ARE

  174. oh yah one more thing im sik of you posting esham on your jh page he aint got a fucking problem with juggalos he has personal issues with psycopathic (mostly violent j i guess) but its no ones fucking business but theres so get off his fucking dick groupies

  175. Y don’t u all fucking go to hell f*** the Juggalo Holocaust wc for Eva. I will personally kill anyone sporting jh. And I haven’t even officially become a juggalo

  176. Layla The Lette

    Juggalos are here to stay and we anit backing down. WHOOP WHOOP! Mmfwcl

  177. Sarah (Fuck You)

    Not all of us are dumbass trailer trash retards. A little website over the internet isn’t going to make us back down. HATCHET PRIDE MOTHER FUCKERS.

  178. Sarah (Fuck You)

    How are us Juggalos and Lettes the murderers when the JH is going around killing inocent people just for liking a fucking band? Are hatchets hang high and none of us are backing down. Bring your bullshit up to a Juggalos door step and see how far you go. We don’t stand down from a fight.

  179. Juggalo holocaust your all going to hell. Why look at what you have done. Kill rape shoot someone you don’t like your the gang plain and simple. So if your a JH then use you lighter and burn and set on fire yourself something minor 1st then if you can’t do that your a punk killer yourself. Cuz if you can harm yourself then you are a psycho yourself. Oh and get used to that feeling cuz hate drags you to hell. So tah tah JH of the Damned lol.

  180. I got love for everyone. Does that really mean I’m a bad person & a nasty pile of afterbirth…

  181. Ryan Wizowski AKA: your youngest victim you dicks!

    Yea, you JH guys are so much better than us (heavy sarcasm). you preach about how we are to violent and need to be stopped, yet your more violent than us, and im living (luckily) proof. my 16th birthday will be this December, and i wont be able to even get out of my bed for it. during the winter of 2010, two weeks after my b-day, i was walking home from a friends house who lived about 3 blocks away. i still had my facepaint on, cuz we are both juggalos. i was two houses down from his, and a truck drove up behind me and parked with its headlight on. now im a pacifist, and a true juggalo who listens for the message in the music not because its “violent” thats just for fun. anyway, i stopped to see why the car had parked behind me, and before i could turn around i heard doors open and someone yell get the “juggalo bitch” so i ran, but obviously 3 adult men were faster than me. one tackled me from behind, and my head bounced of the sidewalk. they then proceeded to beat me with what i assume to be some kind of wooden bat, a piece of metal, maybe a pipe or something, and the third stomped me. during the assault, one of them yelled “juggalo Holocaust just beat you’re ass” when i didnt come home my parents called my friends house, and both sets of parents went looking for me. my friends parents found me first, and they called my parents who took me to the hospital. the people who had beaten me had broken 3 of my ribs, fractured 2 other, dislocated my shoulder and broke both the bones in my left arm, broke my left leg at the knee, left multiple bruises and gashes, and cracked my skull. the doctors said they did all they could, but i still cant walk, see out of my left eye, or use my left arm or hand. next time you JH people say “we hate them because they break laws” remember, thats only a handful of juggalos. most of us arnt bad, and you guys are the monsters not us you assholes.

  182. Although I myself am not a juggalo, I would put my money on fear mongerers such as this group to be doing more harm than good in your efforts to exploit the few bad apples of this motley crew of music fans. Why not juxtapose the bad with the good and make an informed and rational opinion? Sadly, I don’t think you all are capable of doing so. By the way, you all should learn what the definition of terrorism entails. Using fear as a means to justify the ends is a subtext of that definition.

  183. Fuck the juggalo holocaust u people are a bunch of bitches go fuck ur selfs nd get a life come find me I promise u u will b waking up in the hospital

  184. Im no Juggalo, and never have been a fan of ICP. But whether or not you are a juggalo, or juggalette, rape should not be tolerated. Im already working on a society to change the current system. A society where people can live in peace and harmony regardless of how they look, what they listen to, or their sexual orientation, religious preference. So long as you dont hurt anyone else, and keep yourself under control with respect for others, you can do pretty much anything you like. But once you cross that line, we will find you, and we will punish you accordingly. I read about this “Juggalo Holocaust” and just because you guys are juggalos, or juggalettes, that does not condone rape, or assault for no reason. Worry not, because these types of people will be brought to justice, and pay for their crimes against humanity. Thank you for reading my comment upon this subject matter.

  185. People forget it works bolth ways.wen some one hates another it breeds hate my self i pay no mind to the letters jh see i dont rep juggalo but realy care for the rap thay make a hollacost member i knew was beat with car anttinas untill death dint hear about that hum… sounds like some forget that there are tuff guys all over;) see i knowz im one of them i gess it all depends on who you rush up not on

  186. The music is just bad, always about destruction and violence, I’ve met decent juggalos but most didn’t have direction in life. A lot of drugs are in the scene, but drugs are awesome… Clowns are lame as fuck.. Faygo is a shit soda its just the worst.. most of the people who are juggalos are on the lower end of the genetic pool…I’ve never seen a healthy juggalo..seriously the music just isn’t that good.. .. You are not fucking ninjas that’s a bullshit claim you are just another group of sheep

  187. As a fan(not nesicarily a “juggalo”) I find your hatred a little rediculous, it’s the same kind of stupid hatred of beilbers and directioners, insane clown posse is far more shall we say X-rated than them, in my opinion a lot of modern day African American rap is terrible, justin beiber is a piece of shit, and I have never like nirvana, now before everyone gets on my case, I do listen to Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Five Finger death punch, etc, I will mix in such artists as ICP, or ABK, also original Eminem before he became a mainstream dueche, I also like yung joc, and do appreciate any sir. Mixalot songs, i also like guns and roses, and the Beatles, i do not think you should hate anyone for expressing their music, I do think the media needs to lay off because there are bad apples of every bunch, aren’t I right gun owners? And all this bull shit about “killing” and “raping” juggalos and juggalettes I’ve looked up these claims, I’ve check and searched almost every crime record available to the public, and no such crimes have ever happened, now both sides calm down and please everyone grow up

  188. First off just to say I hate no one for thier music and clothing I mean how lame would that be my only problem w the juggalo family s thier mistreatment and disrespect of me and mine my son a jugg himself has been bullied and hassled constantly si.ce being one mostly hecause he doesnt hate doesn’t like to fight and had no interests in doing what he thought was wrong he lves the music but has a right to make his own choices w out being hassled. Isnt that what all of you want if u desire that you cannot deny it to another then my wife was git on by an old school juggalo named wolf I was warned to stay of him and let him do what he wants fuck that icp probably isn’t aware of crap like this done in thier name I do not blame ICP just SOME of the fans NOT all

  189. I can’t wait till I see one or more of you jh bitches. Raping women? Man, idgaf about the murder, everyone has at least thought about it at the very least once in their lives, but rape is just something that can’t be tolerated. Even a lot of serial killers are very against rape. If one or more of your pathetic asses try to jump me and/or rape my girl, I will personally rip your Adams apples out with my bare fucking hands on the spot.

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